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Sarcastic SG-1 Complaint Department
Warning. Senses of humour vary.

You have chocolate in my peanut butter.

You have peanut butter in my chocolate.

Together they taste like crap.

Yes, that's right. I changed it! You're a creature of habit, you say? You don't like change? Well, deal!

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Just a quick note, to make sure everyone is now accessing the website from the address http://www.reocities.com/steph6450, instead of /area51/dunes/6791/index.html. The reason? Well, the latter seems to have a lot of errors, for no apparent reason. And I can't figure out how to fix them. Geocities obviously wants us all to switch to the former, as it's now been made our default page. So there you go.

You can click here to get the new Best of Season 1 Soundtrack for SG-1. If I put this on my website I get a free copy of it. So, yes, I have succumbed to shameless self-interest and greed.

This is what pathetically passes as my fan fic section

Fan Fiction

These are a few little SG-1 odds and ends.

Odds and Ends


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Second Season Episodes
Third Season Episodes
Fourth Season Episodes
Fifth Season Episodes

Hey you! Yeah, you. No, not *you*, YOU. Yeah, that's right. Congratulations! Since November 27th, 1998, you are the (drum roll please) person to visit my site. Do you feel special? That's nice.

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And on the lighter sides of things, Thanks to everyone else.

Yaaay! I got my webring to work (Thanks Rialiee). It's not quite in the usual format (unless I screwed up...*again*), but hey! That's okay. IT WORKS!!! YAAAAY!

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