The Temple of Azuth

Greetings and welcome to the Temple of Azuth.
I am Lady Amoura Nightbird, Magistrati of Azuth and Squire to the Keepers of the Mystic Flame.

Please, feel free to look around the temple, we have opened our doors just for you. Where would you like to begin?

Attention!! I am slowly moving my website over to my new account, thats right new, and best of pop up windows!!! :)

Lady Amoura
Our Vaults?
Or perhaps you would like to visit my friends?
Please, if you are a clergy member of our lord the High One, please register here
Perhaps you would like to see our list of the faithful?

I am now accepting recomendations for Firsts of Specilty Wizard Schools and the Mystran Advisor. If you believe you are qualified, please enter.

If you wish to contact me, please send a messenger to
me with your letter, tell him to ask for Amoura Nightbird

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