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Site ESTABLISHED, August 18, 1998

Do you want to see a new face on the Century winner. Tired of all those boneheads on there you never heard of. (of course, if you haven't heard of them you are, well........ a moron with no social background)

Well why not get a New face that all us gamers know and LOVE.


Want this to happen. Don't know how? Think it is impossible? Then you definitely don't get out much. You can vote for who ever you want!!!!! Even Lara Croft. NOW GO DO IT..


Now you can vote her in. And keep on voting!!! Vote as many times as you want!!!!! . She was in !7th last time I checked. I will update this site telling her place when it changes. I want you all to remember that it was 17th when this site went up .Hopefully It will be up to number one!! (fingers crossed)


(updated whenever it changes)

Here are the guys that are in the Lead!!!!

Jesus Christ: 1 place

Adolf Hitler: 2 place!!! I don't even want to know why he has gotten this far!!!!!!

Eric Cartman: 3 place!!!!! Cartman!!!!! Get him outta here!!!!

These are going to be the hardest to beat. Unless you want them to be Person of the Century... Please go for Lara. I am a religious person, but why should Jesus be it. It is time for a New and fresh face everyone has heard of and knows.........LARA CROFT!!!!!!

Update section:

Lara Croft is Currently: 17

current standings: I update this everyday!!!!!!

These are the current standings as of 8/23/98 at about 8:15 p.m. eastern...



# Person % Tally
1 Jesus Christ 32.06 321551
2 Adolf Hitler 17.23 172819
3 Eric Cartman 16.03 160804
4 Ric Flair 8.56 85874
5 Mohandas Gandhi 3.72 37316
6 John Flansburgh 2.87 28858
7 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 2.49 25036
8 Raven 1.79 18033
9 Billy Graham 1.56 15735
10 Pope John Paul II 1.19 12023
11 Ronald Reagan 1.10 11094
12 Sarah McLachlan 1.01 10137
13 Dr. William L. Pierce 0.89 8939
14 Ryan Aurori 0.76 7630
15 Winston Churchill 0.58 5842
16 Albert Einstein 0.57 5763
17 Lara Croft 0.45 4539
18 Serdar Gokhan 0.34 3488
19 Trey Anastasio 0.31 3187
20 Bill Gates 0.29 2937

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