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Well friends, looks like after 8 years, Disco Ron's Disco Hut may finally be coming to a close. Why is that? Well, the site you see here is just the main page for the Hut. Clicking on any link below would take you to where all the files actually are, from a different account. Well, that account has been deleted, even though I actually signed into it and even uploaded a DOOM midi back around March, while I can't even remember the last time I did anything with this account. So that means all the links below are dead, and 8 years of work are gone. This is the most disappointing thing to ever happen to Disco Ron since WZAZ in Chicago was destroyed by Ted Stryker's faulty Airplane! landing. I'll leave the rest of this page alone as a memento, but do check out what may be the final ever Disco Ron's Thing of The Month. Ladies and Gentleman, Disco Ron has left the building.

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