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For those 2 frequent visitors sorry it took me so long to update. Things got a little hectic in my life. I almost had Lino's update ready when things started to go wrong and I had to focus on other matters. But things are a little smoother now (more like I've accepted that at this time there's not a lot I can do about it). Right now things look pretty bleak but I'll try and work on the webpage as much as I can.
Hi, welcome to my homepage. I'm a member of ORComx APA (Amateur Press Association) and a comic book creator. I'm working with a couple of artists who want to work on my projects, they're both real busy but I hope to have something published soon. I asked my fellow APA members if I could put their stuff on a website. This is what I've done for the ones I've gotten permission from so far.

My Geoguide is now working again (that black box at the top that appearently nobody clicks), that is where my guestbook, and a few other things are.

Anyone find problems with my page email me and if I don't know about it I'll try and fix it.

Finally the man who started it all Rick Olney's Ball of Fire new UPDATED 8/22

Click for Lino Raposo's NEWer Fusion AND Tarn page. Reconstructed 7/12.

Click here, for Zonal Vision another great zine in our APA. updated 6/7

If you like good stories you must click this link updated 5/30

Check out the former Presidents page it's a riot. updated 5/18

"Comics on the Brain" a zine by John Simcoe with Joe Fuhr. updated 4/17

"Red Between the Lines" my own zine with a small press review. UPDATED 2/15 .

The long awaited ORComx Constitution .

John Simcoe, creator of "Comics on the Brain" and "Joe Fuhr", now has his own website it's still under construction but is welcoming visitors. So click here to go there .
I got a poll for my website, because I'd like to know what you websurfers think. Since nobody emails me or signs my guestbook I really don't know. So just take the poll already and I'll shut up.
Now I wish people would sign my guestbook or e-mail me for greater reason than before, because I'd like to know why so many of you voted for me.
To get to the poll click this link.

Don't forget to bookmark my site, and rank my site with Geocities and with starting point on the bottom. Coming soon the ORComx APA FAQ and Mission statement, as well as the redrafted constitution.

Let me tell you about ORCA (Organized Readers of Comics). ORCA is a comic book club designed to help fans in many ways: Send messages to publishers, find small press and independant published comics, associate with other fans, and even get free comics sometimes.
Visit ORCA's website at www.reocities.com/SoHo/Coffeehouse/2324 Or for the official word you can snail mail them at:
PO Box 1743
Utica, New York 13503 -1743

Or you can just email me. It'll probably take longer though.

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My homepage is getting to big so I moved most of my external links to their own page. For the links click here

Please send any questions or comments on anything on my page to fullsun@reocities.com

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