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Hi Ya'll!
Todays update (12/01/04)

Many changes in my life this time around. Ok here goes;

Jammy and I have been together for one and a half years since June, 2003. Sarah will be a year old January 11, 2005. We now are living together and it is sometimes a rocky road, but we keep trying because we have love. My little old farm house is my work shop for projects and not much has changed there. I now have four radio control airplanes. Yes,, I am still tinkering with computers in my spare time.

The 2002 VW Jetta TDI has had fewer problems this year. The power windows seem to be improved with only one failure this summer. The power window switch is failing again, as is the driver's side rear view mirror heater. I am also rebuilding a Bronco II that I traded for and a Ranger Supercab that I bought out of my neighbor's field. Neither runs yet, but at least one will by Winter I hope.
That's all for today's update.

Here are some cool links to good friends of mine that have far out web pages. Thank you to
Leslie and Steve for giving me all kinds of positive motivation and tips to make this web page. If you need business cards or graphic design work of any kind, E-mail Leslie.  Go to Steve's page to see the fire demon at Heaven Hill Distillery! You'll freak out!!

Last, but never least, thanks to the Lord for guiding us through the rough times!

Thanks for visiting!