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If the thought of sticking your head into blenders and peeling layers of skin off by the handful makes you sick, I don't recommend entering this room. The following site contains offensive words such as the infamous 'F' word, it also has the following "Crikey", "By Gosh" and "Gee Whizz". There are also pictures that may offend, the graphic nature of them will make your head spin. There's this one with a girl and she has her hand on my.......wait you haven't entered yet. Anyway, to enter this room you must be of legal age in your state to view R18 stuff. So if you live in most countries the age is 16 or so. There is also a links page to send you to other similar and not so similar sites, all are completely free. If you feel that the page is not graphic enough for your liking feel free to go somewhere else. If you decide to go into this site I ask all of you to keep either both hands on the keyboard or one on the mouse.......the last thing I want is an old stainy site. Finally by pushing the Enter button $5 will be automatically transferred from your account to mine, don't worry it only happens the first time. Have fun, and don't forget, kids, ask your parents first.

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You may be wondering why you cant click on exit. Well basically because I didn't want to link it anywhere. Just type in another address you lazy sod. All information has been inserted by Reagan Morris. Anything stolen or copied will be followed up by a severe beating and a nasty e-mail inquiring as to why someone would steal from a crap site. I mean what kind of moron would steal from a site that depicts dead furry animals and naked females doing provocative things with certain parts of their anatomies which sometime look like the dead furry animals........ummm........Copyright 1999.