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This is dedicated to all the friends I have
made over the net. I hope to make many
more. I am here to tell you the story of
Caer Ibormeith in my own words. This is
where I chose my nickname.

This painting (entitled "Swanmay" is by artist
Dennis Constantino! I do have his permission
to use it. If you love his artwork please click on
"Swanmay"to view much more!! You will see
where I think she fits in Caer's story.

The story takes place in the days when the Tuatha De'Danann
ruled within Ireland's hollow hills....love has touched a prince
of that fairy race. Prince Angus was the son of Dagda, High
King of the Tuatha! Angus' plight was the concern of everyone.
One night while sleeping he heard the rustle of silk and the
scent of apple blossoms filled the air. He saw a light shining
in the shadows which transformed into a beautiful maiden.
The maiden called Angus by his name and played a tune that
seemed to make Angus' heart pause. When the song was
through she faded away leaving Angus bereft except for the
scent of apple blossoms. This went every night for a year while
Angus grew weaker and withdrawn from his fellows. He was
dying from his longing for this breathtaking apparition! When
the King learned of Angus' plight he commanded that all of
Ireland be searched for the maiden Angus was haunted by!
The search went on for months by the armies of Tuatha, Finally leading them to a place in the Galty Mountains by a lake called :
Lake of the Dragon's Mouth. Peace and beauty reigned there.
The lake was still and mirrored the sailing clouds above framed
with green reeds. Before long Angus had spotted a crowd of
silent women clothed in draperies as white as apple blossoms.
They were walking in pairs linked together by a silver chain.
Among them one walked taller than the others wearing a gold
chain. She smiled at Angus not saying a word."This is the woman."
said the Prince."She is Caer Ibormeith , daughter of King Ethal
Anubal host of Connacht." said one of the kings of Tuatha. "It is he we must go ask of her and it will be hard." Ethal Anubal had refused to speak to them,and in the end, the Dagda and his armies stormed
Ethal's palace. A fierce battle followed the armies of the Dagda
killing sixty warriors making the King Ethal their captive.
For his freedom, the Dagda demanded Ethal's daughter for
Angus. Ethal would not give her for Caer was not of his giving
because her power was far greater than his. She lived with the maidens one year as in human form the next year in swan's form.
Her nature was such that she would receive a man only in swan's form. "And when will Caer become a swan again?" asked one
of Ethal's captors. Ethal told them what to do Angus must go
to the Lake of the Dragon's Mouth at the next Samain-that is-Allhallows-and ask for her hand while she is in swan's form.
The time had come as Angus journeyed back to the Lake of the Dragon's Mouth. He saw instead of women-pairs of swans linked
by a silver chain and one swam alone wearing a golden chain
around her neck. Angus spoke from the shore to Caer. "Who calls me?" asked the swan. "Angus calls," the Prince replied. "I will come to
you if you swear on your honor that I will always may return
to my lake." stated Princess Caer. Prince Angus swore on his honor that she would always be able to return. Caer swam over to where Angus stood at the verge of the lake . While the Dagda and all his attendants were watching they no longer saw Prince Angus but the spreading of huge wings of another beautiful swan! The two swans one -Angus the other Caer-swam around the lake three times then took flight. Flying together on the wind and across the green hills of Ireland. The swans came to Angus' palace singing with such enchanting tenderness that profound peace spread through out the palace putting everyone and everything to rest for three days. Caer
stayed with Angus for the rest of her life: sometimes both were in human form and other times flying free as swans.

I hope you enjoyed my story. May you always find Happiness!

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