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Welcome to Fantasma Ops, central website for the Starsiege writers' organization Ghosts of the Antipode. Our stories cover the entire range of the Starsiege timeline, from the Devastation to the Tribes Era, and we explore this universe in a unique way.

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/ Night’s darkness lit by ghostly light
/ Scorched by deadly firefight
/ Build a universe with our words
/ Speak a whisper someday heard
/ Destroy a star to save a rose
/ Bring to life the world below
/ Stand strong beneath a searing sun
/ Know our work is never done
/ From darkest tunnels under stone
/ Where lost spirits cry for home
/ To the galaxy’s brightest light
/ The universe is the paper
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News 09 Nov 2000

HitsThe new site, very IE friendly, is now up. I made an error that resulted in the deletion of the last paradigm of this site, and threw this together instead. Feedback on the new site would be great, and this may be done on the Deep End forum.

ShatteredStar and Grailen have joined the Ghosts, Steel Fire seems interested. The beginning stages of the Project are underway. We're still looking for a few people from other squads to join up, which can be done on the Workshop General forum.