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Last Update : 04/18/00

For all the regular visitors, sorry about the new advertisement on the site, but that's how we keep PhlegmGem free, you know! Thanks for understanding ... -management

Those jerky snakes at Webjump took my site down, so there aren't any more NES ROMS. I've kind of lost interest in NES ROMS anyway, so I probably won't be making any more ROM sites.

One new thing to the site is a "Make Money on the Internet" page I added (aren't I a jerk). You really can make quite a bit of easy, free money on the internet. I've made probably over $100 in a few months (not tons of money, but for free ...). Check out the page below for two companies that pay you for being on the internet.

I recently added The TRL Syndicate to my page. Check it out if you think TRL and MTV is a bunch of crap. The TRL Syndicate WILL get your videos played on MTV.. that's a promise! Check it out here...

The only thing I'm adding to now is Marmaduke Sucks. I had a lot of other goodies on my new site, but Webjump is stupid. There's still some MIDI's and bass tabs here, and whatever else I haven't taken down.

I'll probably be making a CD-R site sometime, as that is on the top of my interests right now.

To go to The TRL Syndicate page, and help overthrow MTV and TRL, click here

To learn how to make legitimate money on the internet (really), click here

To go to my music page, with midis, bass tabs and other stuff, click here

To go to my games page, with my KNP games, click here

To go to my 'Marmaduke Sucks' page, which has some of the lamest marmaduke comics i've ever seen, click here

This used to be a link to my really cool site on Webjump, but they took it down. Did I mention that you can make free money on the internet? Click here

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