14-5-01: Well, Thursday is the last day of my High School Career. I guess I'm supposed to be glad, but it just means that I have to work for my dad this summer sooner. So, I'm really tied between being happy and not being happy. Oh well. So, news of interest: There is none. Not right now at least. So I'll just go on a rant.
Trolls: You know who you are. You greasy idiots who like posting flamitory material on forums. Geez, I wish you guys'd just shut your ugly pie-holes. I mean, why do you get a rise off of being a jerk and acting like you're three years old? Wait, no, I've seen more mature three-year-olds than that. The problem is, I know people like you who are actually dumb enough not to hide behind anonymity. They'd be dumb enough to walk into a church at the part of teh sermon when everyone is actually listening and say something like: "Hail Satan" or something equally imbecilic. Well, I can't say, though, that you don't have help. Most ordinary people are too dumb to realize your immaturity, and so they feed it. It's like Pavlov's dogs. You post something, people respond, and then you post again, and people respond, and you learn that you get rewarded for your immaturity. Freaking imbeciles. And there, I don't know exactly who i'm talking about.

1-5-01: I am working on a "real" web-page in Computer Apps at my school. I really don't want to. I mean, If I'm too lazy to learn html (like I should,) why am I learning Dreamweaver? Anyway, I should be working right now, but am feeling rather unispired to work. Pathetic, aren't I? (*just nod and smile... nod and smile...*) Well, Someday, I will learn html, and then This won't look like some big block of text. What a happy day that would be.
Want something of substance? Fine, here's a review: (www.angelfire.com/weird/jamtorkberg/home.html) This is Jam Torkberg's site: The main parts of the site are: The Knowledge Filter,(A Conversatron spin-off) and A Whole Lot of Nothing, (his web-strip.) The Knowledge Filter is, to be blunt, hilarious. Most of the time, it just strikes my fancy and I can't help but laughing. I especally like how there are only a dozen or so askees, (or in the case of TKF: "Filters" as I call them.) That allows for a good mix and still gvies good "relationships" between them. The emotions are the most unique part. As is the ongoing, *a-hem,* storyline. The only things I can find wrong about TKF is that it is erraticlly updated in the best of times, and there is no re-respond option to a thread of yours that were posted, (as was the case at the Conversatron.) All-in-all, TKF gets a good 9.3.
As for AWLoN, it's also pretty dang funny. Not as funny on the level that Dilbert, The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes are/were funny, but it is a lot better than most syndicated comics out there. Again, like TKF, something about the strips just hit my funny-mark. Although I can show others the strip, and they don't get it. Muy strange. But, to each thier own; no? AWLoN gets a good solid 9.11. (With points taken off for its pro-Napster approach.) The rest of the page is fairly bland with the usual vital stats page and rants page. Overall the site gets an even 9.2. (excellent site Jam!)(ratings given out of a scale of 0.00-10.00.)

If you have any questions, just mail me. (I don't know why you'd have questions, but hey, its an obligatory e-mail address.)Cpt. Sqweky.