Dusk Underwood

Race: Elf of mixed Heritage High/Sylvan                            
Armor Class: -10                                                             Class: Ranger
Hit points: 90                                                                    Kit: Swashbuckler
Height: 5'5"                                                             Alignment: Neutral Good
Weight: 130lbs.                                                                 Level: 10th
Eyes: Emerald  Green                                                         Religion: Meilikki
Hair: Raven Black
Age: 122

  Dusk is a small elf, weighing in at 130 pounds and standing 5'5" tall. He is very attractive with his deep emerald colored eyes and raven hair.
  Dusk dresses in the fine clothing of a Swashbuckler. He wears fine boots, black trousers, a silk shirt of red or green with balloon sleeves covered by an embroidered vest,  sometimes covering all  in a dark cloak and other times wearing a leather duster. He is always immaculately clean and smelling fresh. He is rarely seen without blades somewhere upon his person.. most often a long sword, short sword, and a silver dagger. he is Known to carry and use Bows and Bolos as his missile weapon of choice. Around his waist are several small bags from which he has been known to pull "friends". Dusk is thought of by many of his companions to be violent.. but in reality is not. He prefers Subdual to outright killing, usually only moving to lethal combat in times of great need or when it is apparent no other force will suffice.

  Dusk has a home within the city where he keeps several animal friends. Among them are... a polar bear, four fog dogs, two jaguar war cats, a raven, a rat, an owl, a ferret, and three horses including a beautyful Zakarian mare. These animals almost never are seen traveling with him when he is on adventures. being tended to during these times by friends and Ms. Greenbough his hired housekeeper and nanny to Jen his adopted Halfling daughter.

Weapon Proficiencies:
Rapier, Sabre, Main Gauche, Stiletto, Long Sword, Short sword, Dagger, Longbow, Bolo

Non weapon Proficiencies: Survival (woodland), Religion (Faerun), Hunting, Animal Lore, Plant Lore, Riding (horse), Rope Use, Speak Common, Speak Elven, , Read/Write Common, Read/Write Elven, Tracking, Observation, Swimming, Spellcraft, Dancing, and Local History.

Foes/Enemies: Dusk has intense hatred for were creatures. tracing it back to his early adventuring days where he lost his entire party of companions to Werewolves and boars.

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