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Yikes! It's been ages since I've last updated. Truth is I'm becoming dissatisfied with the quality of the x-files (gasp!). The arguments and bashing between NoRoMos and Shippers and the flames being thrown between fanfic critic and fanfic writer. Out of this and my lack of time due to new obsessions (no, not Star Wars) and volinteer jobs and also out of consideration that in the next school year I will be doing the IB program, I've decided no longer to regularly update this site. Today, in about 3 or 4 hours time, i plan to do some major updating- with this page since I'm taking the day off from volinteering and seeing a movie this afternoon, I will work my ass off this morning to give my webpage a more rounded look and then set it to rest for a couple of months. I may be able to update it 3 or 4 times this summer just to give it a look that finished look. I will continue to run Scully Clones so never fear, keep sending your applications away!

Here are the things I will continue to update after the summer on a somewhatidy regular basis (once a month), Scully Clones and Fan fiction. Sorry folks, nothing else! I'll also be removing all the coming soon notices since those things will probably never appear ever and also the updated annoying flashing things. I will list all updates here.

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Fallen Angel (A Page for Nick Lea and Alex Krycek)

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Features Special Stuff plus webrings and awards and an X-Phile's Bible and Mulder's Page.

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