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I installed Oni and it didn't work, so I found this patch and it works fine now.

A printable Diablo 2 runewords list is here.
Here is a downloadable zip of printable Diablo 2, hcube blood, hitpower and saftey recipes.

Below are my Diablo 2 single player characters.
To use my Diablo 2 characters unzip the file to your Diablo 2 save folder.

lvl68 paladin YulinX.

By the way. Having trouble importing mp3s into Windows Movie Maker? The mp3's tag probably needs to be deleted. Go here for a tag editor that will let you delete them.

I couldn't stop laughing when I read this review of Kill Switch:

Author: qormi from United States

"This could possibly be the worst Seagal flick ever. Where do I begin? The fight scenes are laughably phony and are a throwback to the "Dolemite" movies of the 70's. Yes, that bad and then some. Seagal's face is shown close up while a stuntman does all the work. It's comical to see the ill-fitting wig on the back of the stuntman. The fight sequences constantly use instant replay and this adds to the hilarity.

Seagal himself looks like he is literally dying from some undisclosed illness. His skin is red as raw meat and just as slimy. His face is full of weird pockmarks and it shines from the sweat. The man looks like he should be on some sort of life support. It's funny to see the actresses in the film have to pretend they want to jump his bones every time they look at him. Seagal once again uses his fake southern drawl as he's done in the last three films.

The gunfight was awful - he kept punching in clip after clip and must have shot off 40 rounds without hitting anything. Ditto the three bad guys. After that, my brain disengaged and I fell asleep."