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"The eye that looks ahead to the safe course is closed forever."
(Dune 476)

"Images of Enlightenment"


It seems nearly a century since the time
that I felt the warmth of existence.
The full moons remember my stary climb.
No tears remember the essence,
and I carried nought but a dream-clouded thought
from a vision left with reluctance.

On went the vision (a day-dream in moonlight)
delusions were wrought by the presence
of sense-filled commotion in senseless motion
needing the echoing essence,
and life-thoughts dared on that restless night
with a misconstrued burst of exuberance.

Spice shattered darkness that smiled through the distance
(caught in the flight of existence).
A picture now beckoned me on through the blackness
seeing no thing but this essence,
and neither the noise, nor the fear, nor the closeness
could end my soul-felt persistence.
Then with intense, burning, terrified light,
Truth enclosed and snuffed my resistance.


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