Ninjutsu-The Authentic Art

Ninjutsu-The Authentic Story

"Darkness is one of the ninja's most formidable weapons."

Most people think of ninjas from the common stereotype as seen in theater. Actually, They're are not very far off. The majority actually know that ninjas are associated with Martial Arts; That's correct. The people who think of ninjas as brutal, heartless, assassins who just kill either out of cold blood or because they're hired to are far from reality. Ninja are practitioners of the most deadly martial art, "Ninjutsu;""Nin,"meaning Perserverance, and "Jutsu,"meaning art or way of. This word originated from the word Ninpo."Po,"meaning Philosophy. The ninja aren't brutal assassins who go around killing people for game;They're merely practitioners of an art, directed towards the path of enlightenment.

The first ninja were members of a clan in feudal Japan in the 16th. Century. They thought it be necessary to train under Martial Arts, sabotage, assassination, and espionage for security and protection of themselves and their family. To become a ninja, they had to dedicate their whole lives to the art of Ninjutsu(or in it's higher-power state, "Ninpo").They weren't even aloud to reveal their name. To secure their identity, they wore a black uniform which originated partly from Martial Arts and the idea of the traditional outfit of being black originated from theater. The prop changers wore all black in order not to be seen when changing props in the midst of a play. The(Shinobi Shozoku) uniform consisted of a trousers that double-tied at the waist, knees and ankles, jacket with overlapping lappels that tucked into the trousers consisting of a hidden shuriken pocket, split-toed tabi boots, mask & hood to cover the face, Fore-arm and hand gauntlets, and a black belt. The ninja favored the flat pointy edged throwing star called the "Hira Shuriken."
The ninja were outlawed by the Tokugawa Shogunate in the 17th. Century, but has revived since the early 1950's.

Concealment:Ninja Houses

The ninja had to conceal or disguise his house in order for no one to know that he was a ninja. These disguised houses are referred to as Ninja Houses. These houses had special security systems to alert the owner on case of an itruder. There would be storaging for weapons, written messages, secret passageways,and ladders or tunnels to escape from an intruder or to get from room to room. These were built secretly and so cleverly that the house would be mistaken for an ordinary farm house. The ninja could create illusions that hid entire rooms or doorways. The ninja house was built to be the extreme sanctuary.

Taijutsu:Ninja Art of Unarmed Combat

Unarmed combat is one of the first things a ninja must learn before entering the stage of weaponry.
Taijutsu is the Japanese expression for unarmed combat. Taijutsu means,"Tai:"body, and "Jutsu:"skill or technique. There are two main aspects to real fighting, striking and grappling.

The Fists of a Ninja:
Shikan-ken(Extend knuckle fist) This fist is used against hard, brad surfaces of bone structure. The longest fingers are straightened and bent at the middle knuckle with the tip of the fingers curling under and the thumb extended forward.
Fudo-ken(clenched fist) This fist can be used from many different angles. It is used against a variety of targets but is especially effective against areas of the body in which the edges of the bone structure are accessible.
Boshi-ken(Thumb drive fist) This fist is used against semisoft targets mostly muscle covered bone structure. It is good for attacking nerve centers with precision.
Shuto(Sword-hand) This isn't really a fist but is a very important striking weapon. The lower outside edge of the palm can be used for striking at the neck, joints, or limbs. The planes of the palm & phalanges (fingers) are formed at a 45 degree angle, the thumb is clamped at the base of the forefinger.

The Phantom Steps-This subject will deal with the mystical stealth walk/step performed by the ninja. They were mostly known for being able to do anything without being heard. Please visit my site later when I may have completed my section on The Phantom Steps.
Today, Ninjutsu is stil the most deadliest martial art in the entire world. Japan has isolated the rest of the world from this authentic art until the early 1980's. The movie industry has pursued the concept of ninjutsu and in many ways, twisted the truth and traditions of Ninjutsu.
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