Jowangs VBA skins

Ok here is a collection of skins i've made for the visual boy advance feel free to take them apart and learn. The first few ar very basic. I will be posting more every day. Email me here if you have suggestions questions or you would like me to make you a skin.
Splinter Cell - By Jowang
           This is my first attempt to make a vba skin I've seen some other skins on the net and they all seem to big so i tried for as small as possible and still have some looks sorry if it didn't come out how i planned it. :P grab it
Cypher - By Jowang
          Ok this is yet another attempt to make a small but functional skin. I felt like i needed a more artistic feel than a game. I came up with this little gem in about 3 hours. Has Buttons YAH!!
Grab It HERE
X2C - by Jowang1
        This is my third skin i've been moving up to attempting this It HAS MENUS yah dances. Ok the interface is ruff i know and the color is not great but im working on it im going to release one thats in black and white with the full control option. up down left right a b start select r and l but that'll take me a while
Heres the Link
XtoC continue - by Jowang
Ah at last heres a melding of everything i learned this is XtoC Continued it has menus buttons and a full joypad plus it looks kinda artistic i think. im still stuck in bland color no special looking pics or anything. Feel free to take this one apart and learn from it .
Grab it here
Xto3 preview pic

This is the next in the X series as you've seen the previous two i've changed the controlls abit and started with a new graphic viewer i hope you people like em.
Each skin is in zip format archived with winrar for max compression inside each zip is a little info file i hope you enjoy and happy gaming.