This used to be an old website. Then I changed it. Then I got bored of the changes. So I changed it again. Then I made it into a funny parody site making fun of someone I know. But due to lack of interest, I changed it again.

So yeah, now I have no idea what this site is going to be. I'm aiming for a "personal" page about myself, things I like, and things I hate. There will be many rants, such as bashing of Parasite Eve II, and praising of the Final Fantasy series. Except you, 8. Yes, I am not a fan of Mr. Leonheart. More on that when I get this site developed, though.

Thinking on it, though, I'll probably make this site dedicated to characters in games that have interested me. Or have pissed me off. Eh, either way. Basically, though, I'm going to go into the depths of these characters and explain why I like them, or why I don't. Quick list off the top off my head of characters that may appear:

Shadow ... of Final Fantasy VI
Cloud Strife ... of Final Fantasy VII
Vincent Valentine ... of Final Fantasy VII
Aeris Gainsborough ... of Final Fantasy VII
Barret Wallace ... of Final Fantasy VII
Squall Leonheart .. of Final Fantasy VIII
Seifer Alamasy ... of Final Fantasy VIII
Amarant Coral ... of Final Fantasy IX
Aya Brea ... of Parasite Eve 1 & 2

I will also have a Top Ten section outlining some of my favourite things. That in itself is an old page that needs to be cleaned up and redone. Ah well. I'll get to work on my shit soon, though. 1