Hi! I, Toygar, am a 27 years-old guy living in Istanbul, Turkey. I prepared this page to introduce myself, and meet people that I can talk about my interests. Please send me your comments and anything you want to say to my e-mail at the bottom of the page.


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Below, you can find my hot topics and entertainments. I hope those give you a little information about who I am, and what I like.

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I have played Role Playing Games since 1993. My favorites are Dragonlance of AD&D, Mage, and Call of Cthulhu.You can find information about my adventurer background, new Dragonlance campaign, and cool links at RPG Page. My dragons will escort you there.

I have been still researching the staff. I read about shaman, tarot, stones, herbs, psychic abilities, runes, Aleister Crowley and etc. I have no experience of using magick and I am not so sure that I can. But magick is in my point of view now.


Future telling is also attracted me. I began with the Chinese astrology and have studied tarot, numerology. Nowadays I have been looking up sky much more than past.

I have practiced T'ai Chi and Aikido for two years. These two martial arts have deep philosophical thought about man and universe. Below, you can find two good links to get any information you want.



I like dancing very much. My bests are Tango and Rhumba. Actually, I like practicing all the dance styles from 20's to space century :)


I am a PhD. student of computer engineering at Istanbul Technical University. I have been working at TUBITAK-MAM as a senior researcher since 1996. My previous research field was Document Image Analysis and Recognition.

We have made a Document Processing Machine using ANSI C. I have coded its Graphical User Interface using JAVA.


My new research field is Virtual Reality

You can find good references about virtual reality in below site.


And the OSCAR goes to ...

May the spots shine on you!

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I have fighted in The Site Fights with Darksbane Dragons .



Are there anyone around there who believes that one day technology will reach to the movie MATRIX level?

Can we materialize human thoughts?


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