Cerridwenn's Secret Stones

Forget making your own little world, I've made my own universe, packed with the things I love. Come, enter my lovelies. Within shall you find the stuff that dreams are made of ...

As in any universe, chaos dictates that unforeseen problems develop.
Should anything in my universe not work, be kind enough to
tell me and I'll set to fixing it right away. I did make up this universe, after all, so I should be able to remedy anything that goes wrong. (Famous last words...)

What You'll Find Here:

Celtic Collection - Designs, Mythology, Archaeology, and other relevant information.

Dragons - One of my many fascinations. My own stuff, and links.

My New Baby! - The best thing that ever happened to me.

Unicorns - I know, they're mortal enemies and it's cruel of me to put them side-by-side. *Tee Hee! * Again, my own stuff and links, including The Last Unicorn and Legend.

Labyrinth - One of my favorite movies. For the benefit of people like Alia who harbor a deathly fear of David Bowie, you have to follow this link to actually see any Laby stuff.

Quality Diversions - The things I like. Some people say it's an odd assortment, but then it would be, wouldn't it?

Assorted Oddities - If you should want to know more about me, check it out here. Until I can get some photos scanned, the drawing to the above left (found at Clip Art Castle)shall serve as your image of myself. It is actually very similar to what I look like anyway.

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My first love, ever and always and yes, I do still believe that they exist. So it stands to reason that two of my favorite movies are The Last Unicorn and Legend.

Unicorns have been used as the opposing force to Dragons since the early Middle Ages, often representing the Power of Good. (Angels) Contrary to popular belief, the devil's opposite is not Christ, but any of the Archangels, as Lucifer was an Archangel before he rebelled and not a member of the trinity. I have scrounged up some of my unicorn drawings, as well as some other sites for you here. My favorite version of the Unicorn is not the traditional one (resembling a large goat or antelope) but the equine version, due to my love of horses (I literally rode before I could walk).

A World of Fantasy - much more than just unicorns and very beautifully presented.

Geoff's Horse and Unicorn Meadow - lots of gorgeous Unicorn and horse related things to be found here.

The Unicorn Meadows - Another lovely and well-researched site.

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