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...Dunt, Dunt, Dunt, Dunt...Another one bites the dust...Dunt,Dunt, Dunt, Dunt...Another one bites the dust...and another one's gone, and another one's gone...Another one bites the dust, hey...Hey, we're gonna get you too...Another one bites the dust...

To all my loyal internet friends out there in the cyber world I regret to inform you that my pages will not be available temporarily. They are undergoing construction which I suspect could take several months....years even...haha. But until then I'd like to wish you a merry christmas in my own cute style.*smile* Can we say trendy boys and girls.haha Check out this link to my Christmas page.

The pages I've built over the years were sadly outdated. So, this past weekend I went on a delete key spree. (smiling as I type this) Hmmm, can you guess what mp3 I was listening to while enjoying my deleting spree?  (hoping the mp3 will load in record time...shhyeah right)  You guessed it. Queen "Another one bites the dust" The deleting spree was fun. You should try it. It's just as much fun as the moment you decide to format your C drive. With a knowing smile whilst nodding my head, "You know what I'm talking about." 
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I have kept the basic outline from my most popular pages. I shall rebuild them first and foremost.  Only those I feel are worthy shall prevail. Those pages will include: Lady Valarian's Quest, Dedication to Lord Mailstorm, Picture Pages, and the Psychedelic Page.  My sense of humor would not allow me to trash the psychedelic page. I'm thinking it will contain links to all that I find funny on the net. So, you can look forward to reliving my old site through this new one. I'm hoping to come up with my own original designs too. We shall see. h 

The hardest part about my deleting spree was coming to the realization that there was so little worth salvaging. Of those fifteen and some odd pages I designed over the years I saved maybe 10% of the graphics and information. Then I hit an all time personal low. I have no purpose. My site was crap. I'm laughing uncontrollably as I type this. So now what? I have no clue what to make a site about. Mine shall be just another useless waste of space like most personal websites. But hey, it's my waste of space. I'm hoping it will at least help develop my web design skills. h 

Now for the true dilemma, what shall I call my new site? In the past, I named it Vanillafire's Fantasy World. I thought that suited what my site well. I had planned to put everything related to fantasy on my site. To be very specific, so there are no misunderstandings, I planned to include information on Fantasy Art (by Boris), Novels (by Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, etc.), Games (Diablo, Heroes), Sci-fi (Star Wars, Star Trek). As time went on I found web viewers thought this meant a different kind of fantasy. And when I said I was into role-playing games, you can just imagine what they thought I meant.*laughing* So, you tell me what shall I name my page? h 

You will discover that there are several links on this page that lead to nowhere. I decided to go ahead and put up the navigation bar for future reference. I'll leave this design up until I come up with a web design of my own. Maybe, I'll add some Flash to my pages. Who knows. For now I'll slowly build each page. So, come back often to see what's new. h 

My deepest heartfelt Thank You to all my web viewers out there. Let me know what you want to see on my site. All suggestions welcome. Top of Page