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Finished Updating the Games Section
[7-10-2001 03:40 PM]

I am exhausted! I have finally finished updating my advice columns for all the games. I just hope someone takes advantage of my strategies and tactics. I had fun playing every game I have a column for and recommend them all, because if I don't like a game I won't take the time to finish it... Final Fantasy 8 comes to mind.

4 Stories
[7-09-2001 11:10 PM]

I received an email from my aunt Anne today. She was impressed with my work and my site and asked me to draw her band, 4 Stories, as superheros. I had some fun with it and liked the result. Fits great as wallpaper.

4 Stories is a rock band that plays a variety. I have only heard a few of their songs, but what I have heard is very high quality. If you want to find out more about the band go to the 4 Stories website.

Playing Classic Nintendo Games on Computer
[7-08-2001 01:10 AM]

You can download an emulator from Nesticle that plays old Nintendo games, referred to as ROMs. ROMs can be downloaded here. The programs usually come zipped. After unzipping them make sure you put the ROMs in the same folder as Nesticle. To run the games, open Nesticle and select Load ROM.

I recently played Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy again on the emulator. Dragon Warrior was especially fun because I never got to defeat it on Nintendo because my brother had deleted my game right before I was about to enter Dragonlord's castle. Also, I updated the sections on Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy and Icewind Dale so make sure to check them.

Welcome to my Site!
[7-05-2001 10:30 PM]

This site is a collection of some of my drawings plus strategies on many roleplaying games. The artwork spans from my junior high/early high school drawings, influenced mainly by comic books, to some of the more recent fantasy drawings inspired by the novels I have read and the roleplaying games I have played.

The games listed are all games I have beaten, except Everquest to which their isn't an ending. Instead of giving complete walkthroughs and cheat downloads, I listed some good links to sites to find them. What I plan to add when I get more time is my take on these games and the unique strategies I developed for them.

Please feel free to email me, at thunder_dawg79@yahoo.com, if you have any questions or comments.