My Mythology Page
Has Irish, Celtic, Norse, Roman, Greek, Welsh, Druidic, and Brittish Mythology

My Gargoyle Page
All you ever want to know about Disney's Gargoyles.

My Star Trek Page
Star Trek Pics and a STCCG Have/Want List Page

My Star Wars Page
Star Wars Pics and a SWCCG Have/Want List Page

My Highlander Page
Highlander Pics and Links

My Metallica Page
Album Covers, Song Lists, Song Meanings, and Links

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Starcraft Cheats and Pics

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Macguyver Pics and Info

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Please come back soon and visit me. I am always updating and adding to this page, if you have any suggestions, please e-mail me, my e-mail is link is at the bottom of the page.
More Pictures
Star Trek and Star Wars Links Page So You Can Visit My Favorite Pages
Starcraft Maps and Desktop Pictures

Any mp3 that is not written by me that you download off my web site must be deleted after 24 hours of downloading or you must purchase the cd with that song on it.
It is not fair to the band, company and whoever else get's money from the sale of the cd for you to get the songs for free. So please, by not deleting or not buying the cd, you are ripping people off, so please buy the cd or delete the file.
If I am asked to remove the mp3s from my page by a legal voice, I will do so without question and as soon as possible.

I Have An MP3 To Give Out That Really Fits My Page

Metallica's Version Of The Imperial March From Star Wars

My MP3 Page

Here are some MP3's I wrote, played and recorded myself

Predator and Prey

A short riff that I made up as I recorded it

And here's an MP3 I was asked to put up

Megadeth- Angry Again

Here's A Winamp Skin That Fits My Page Well

Vaderamp Skin

My Winamp Page

A Link To My Arts Page

My Arts Page Includes Drawings, Photography, Poetry and Short Stories Of Mine

My Arts Page

A Link To My Page Dedicated To The Wonderful Works Of Thomas Kinkade

My Thomas Kinkade Page
This page isn't finished, but there is some stuff there, so go ahead and take a look

If You Like The Midi That's Playing, Here It Is

Last Carress Midi

Here are links to my good friends pages.

Ivor's Page
Tenchi's Page
Deltarain's Page
Sacbest Web Design

Here Is A Picture Of Me And My Friends At Grad Night

(I Am The One In The Middle)


My ICQ# is:8524983


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