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My name is Ben, and I am YodasGhost. I am a Star Wars fanatic, and i enjoy every facet of the Universe that has dominated my destiny for many years.
I live in San Diego, where I spend time with my daughter, Kyrie, and working as a machinist, and playing cards with freinds, or watching the latest movies, or doing nothing.
I lead a very normal, uncomplicated life, and enjoy my time with my freinds, or playing a round of golf, or just traveling.
I enjoy reading, sci-fi, mysteries, techno thrillers, and anything dealing with Star Wars, of course.
I enjoy music, classic 70s as well as some 90s things, like Counting Crows, and The Wallflowers, but i try to stay with Jackson Browne, or Corey Hart, two of my favorites.
Well, if you have a trivia stumper, send it my way, and I'll respond in kind.
Thanks for stopping by, I will be updating regularly, and adding some original stories and other types of cool stuff.

The Ghost and the K monster

My one true love, TJ

Page 2: The Poems

Page 3: An Original Essay-Soda:Freind or Foe

Page4 The Photos

Page 4.5: The Story

Page 5: The Test

Page 6:THE EMPTY QUARTER: Poems of the Road

Page 7:My Star Wars Collectables

Page 8:The Adventures of CHROMIUM MAN

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