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    The Misis Mission is to allow humans know the truth out there, we are not alone in the universe, God send us help for the next millennium. The Stargate is  an instrument to prepare people who will arrive at the planet Misis once they go truough. These persons will  prepare themselves  for some years at Misis,but  those years will only  be minutes in the Earth.

    Only a selected few humans of clean heart and soul, will be able to  go through the gate, if you are not, you will be desintegred at the instant. God will open the gate at the right time, nobody can open it except him. You should remember that if you are one of the 293,911 people that will be able to go through the stargate you will be informed at the apropiate time to go to Finland with the others and to be ready,  there is not much time left since the gate must open before the year 2000.


Extraterrestrial Message

Interview with MARLUX and ERTREX

A scientific explanation to the Stargate phenomenon

Tridimentional gate map

Finland Phenomenon

Stargate Code


Key to Open the Stargate

Nostradamus and the next Event in 1999

Biblic Evangelics related to  Misis


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