Chicken's Poultry Farm

puk KAK! Welcome to my GeoCities Home Page. I would like to apologize in advance to those of you who are looking for anything related to that horrible, horrible Chicken Dance song (no offense), but it is not here. Otherwise, feel free to look around.

History of the name Chicken

I didn't get the name Chicken from any cartoon character. And, I didn't get the
name Chicken from any weird sexual reference. Chicken is my gaming name. It
refers to cowardice. In other words, if any of the games I play actually took
place in real life, I would be too "chicken" to participate. Get it? Chicken?
Well, it may not be funny or clever, but there it you know (even though
you never actually asked).

Other Pages on the Farm
My Free Movie Rental Page (Not useful if you don't know me personally)
Jokes & other funny stories (coming soon)
Sci-Fi pics and links (coming soon)
Juggler's Corner (coming soon)
My Quake III Arena Chicken Model (if I ever get one)
Friends Home Pages (Sorry, not many friends with home pages)

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Last Updated: 3/25/2000