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Hello, and welcome to the Center for the Hackneyed Cliché. By now if you're a regular viewer (yeah, sure you are) you know that the Center has moved from being devoted purely to clichés to being a site to express my bizarre world view. We've got the clichés if you want them, but we also have religion, because I am a fully authorized POPE! That's right folks, I am infallible. As a consequence, a largish portion of the site is devoted to me speaking ex cathedra on matters of grave importance, canonizing people, and generally blowing old John Paul out of the water like fish with a bazooka!

The Online Cathedral of Greater Enlightenment and Stuff

And for those of you who doubt my infallibility, here is my certification. And if your browser doesn't support JavaScript, you have more of a life than I do and I hate you.

Oh, and by the way, I also have a Horde. Just as an added bonus for you to sign up, and all that.

The Horde of No Return



And they're not even being civilized. However...


They can stuff it because I've got a proxy filter. It's not perfect and it makes some things look kind of crappy, but it does GET RID OF GEOCITIES ADS! Huzzah. Rush out and get one yourselves. NOW!


The Cathedral has a new confessional. It's not much, just some silliness, but maybe it will make you feel better about yourself. Maybe not.

The Center Declares Victory!

I'm done playing around with those normals at the DPRE, so I'm going to do the only thing I can think of to win my battle against them: I'm going to declare myself victorious. Woohoo! Medals all around. Check back for more details of the Horde's stunning victory.

Stance on Matters of Great Importance

For everyone who wants to know, I've composed a short list of my stances on various topics of discussion. If you want to know my opinion, it's either there, or if the opinion you find makes you want to kill me, I was joking, haha.

For those who wonder:

Yes, the color has changed again again. I'm bored, plus I like people to look at ugly things. So if anyone comes calling trying to make me into an awful link of the day or anything, they should keep in mind that I'm basically doing this to annoy them. These colors are less annoying than the previous set, but rest assured I'm still trying to annoy you somehow.

And I also (a long long time ago) felt that this opening page was getting too big, so I combined all of the "archived" updates into another page. Yes, I know, that's a cliché, and hypocritical, because I really sort of did archive them, but don't trouble me with triviality. As a matter of fact, the update about the archive should be archived, but then who would know about the archive to which this update had been archived? And by updating the archive update, how would I affect this? Weighty questions with no real answers. However, since I feel the need to preserve this update on the opening page, don't expect me to answer them.

Previous Archived Updates (as if I really archived them):

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Good God, a counter! What a miserable cliché! And I bet people haven't actually visited the site! I could set this counter to anything I want! I control your perceptions of reality! How could I get more idiotic than that. That is a cliché and a half.

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