Wizards, Dragons, and Sci-Fi Authors, Oh My!

"Don't meddle in the affairs of dragons, cuz, like, you're crunchy and taste good with ketchup."
"Don't meddle in the affairs of wizards. If I told you why, I'd have to turn you into a toad."
"Don't meddle in the affairs of sci-fi authors, or so the Germans would have you believe."

Ever feel like the Web had too much junk on it? Me2. Everytime I found a site on subjects I was interested in, it never had exactly everything I wanted on it. So rather than create fancy pages that I'm probably the only person interested in, I want your help thinking of fun/useful features for the categories below. Send me your ideas!

Trivia Question of the Week*

Hopefully this one won't remain on the page as long as the last question, but no promises:

What Slurpee flavor has the highest caffeine content?

Stop! Who answereth the Trivia Question of the Week* must answer me these questions three, else the Gorge of Eternal Peril he see. Those who qualify for the DNRC will be listed on this page later*.

WHAT... is your name?
WHAT... is your quest?
WHAT... is your favorite color?
WHAT... is the answer?

Check out old Trivia Questions of the Weak and their survivors!

Planned Site Features

Please keep in mind that these are just the ideas I've come up with. I really want to get your suggestions (within reason) for what this site needs! Whether it's for a specific section, adding a section, or for the entire site, let me know!

Main Page: Trivia Question will probably be moved to another site. Definite possibility of Dragon/Wizard of the Month* (although I'm willing to consider any proposed categories).


Lowest Price Computer Parts: I just built a computer (which hopefully will actually work by next week), and even though I used a "low-cost wholesaler," it still bit my pocket pretty deeply. So what I want to do is to list as many pieces of hardware as possible, and what company offers the lowest price available. I am not trying to sell anything, just help all of us find the lowest prices. I'll do some research to start it off, but I'll depend on reports from visitors to update the list. Could be really helpful.

Wizards: Listings/descriptions of some of the best wizards available in fiction: Gandalf, Raistlin (Fistandantilus?), Pug, Zed, Fizban/Zifnab (if he counts), Belgarath, Allanon, Rand, etc. Anyone can submit additional wizards/descriptions/comments for the list. Ongoing vote, possible chat site for discussion of which wizard/artifact/spell is the greatest.

Dragons ("Smaug Made Me Do It"): Same as wizards for Smaug, Khirsah, Ice, Pyrite, etc. (OK, this is kind of heavily Dragonlance, but what do you expect in a category of dragons?)

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books ("Reiki For the Soul"): Lists of good books, especially epic series (Tolkien, Jordan, Eddings, Brooks, Lewis, etc.). Average ratings from site visitors on each book/series. Might split these up if there's enough interest in sci-fi.

Other Books ("Reiki For the Mind"): I love books of almost any genre (except romance), so I don't want to leave most of the books ever written out just because they didn't have the good fortune to be fantasy/sci-fi. Same reviews as above, as well as any suggested lists.

McGonigal Search Site ("We Are Family!"): There seem to be very few McGonigals in the world, as I've only met a handful. If you're out there, I want to know who you are and where you live (generally, that is; no mailing lists involved!). No corruptions of the name (-gle, Mac-, etc.)!

Slurpee Shrine ("Reiki For the Throat"): There are very few things left that the Web "needs," but I think a shrine to the world's most perfect beverage is in order. Coke flavor only, of course. Learn what cities to boycott for not having 7-11's!

Links: What would a Web site be without a page of mostly random links? Links to the above topics will be listed on each page as appropriate, so this might include a summary, but will be more for my personal stuff, like the University of Texas, my friends' Web pages, etc., etc.

Last Updated January 25, 1999
(OK, so this was barely updated. A for effort, right?)
*Because words describing time have never been copyrighted, I reserve the right to use words like "week" and "month" to describe whatever dynamic time periods I choose without confining myself to the static and, let's face it, boring applications of the words in the Julian calendar.

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