Sunny McKay Pornstar - Chapter 4, "A Knotty Problem" by Kim and Ginny

PREVIOUSLY: After winning the audience vote in the "sexfight", PJ Sparxx told Sunny, "Keep your bony ass on the floor," while she exited. PJ left, then Sunny ran after her. There was a scream, then a crash . . .


The crowd was on their feet peering into the wings when all of a sudden, a bare bottom popped out between the curtains and Sunny backed out onto the stage dragging PJ Sparxx' limp body. PJ was flat on her back and Sunny was using PJ's trademark mane of wild, blonde hair as her handle.

Sunny dropped PJ's body on the stage and kicked her in the ass. Her tight body jerked, then she rolled over holding her head and rocked back and forth, moaning. Her fans cheered Sunny's reappearance and she pranced proudly around PJ's prostrate body, hands thrust over her head in a victorious gesture. She ignored PJ, who got to her knees and looked around, her eyes glazed and her expression looked as if she didn't know where she was or how she got there. Finally, as PJ bent from the waist and pushed herself to her feet, the crowd could see a purple lump on her forehead and a tiny trickle of blood from her hairline.

Sunny strutted over and posed in front of PJ, back to the audience, with her long. sinewy legs spread wide and her butt clenched to give her panting fans a spectacular view of her "assets" while she confronted her tormentor. Then she slapped PJ so hard the dazed blonde staggered. PJ rocked back on her heels as tears welled. Her hand went to her cheek and she blinked as she gazed on Sunny with a stunned expression. Sunny jabbed her between the breasts, backing her up a step. Sunny stepped with her.

"You bitch!" Sunny screamed. "First, you come out and ruin my act, then you do THAT . . " she pointed dramatically at the vibrator a lucky customer was brandishing, ". . . to me? ME!! The star of this crummy show. I won't stand for it."

Sunny slapped the groggy blonde a second time and PJ bent her knees and raised her hands defensively in front of her face. Sunny took a breath and a tight smile creased her lipstick smeared lips.

"Now," Sunny hissed, "I'm going to teach you a lesson about interfering with a performer when she's on stage in the middle of her act. This is gonna be a night you won't forget!"

Sunny grabbed PJ's long, tousled hair and whirled her around as PJ yelled, "Noooooooooo..... AAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEE!!"

She tossed PJ across the stage and she slid across the polished wood on her unprotected bottom. She came to rest against the far side curtain with her feet against the wall. She rolled over and just got to one knee before Sunny dove through the air and landed on her. They tumbled to the floor with Sunny on top, screaming in outrage as she cuffed and slapped PJ who protected her beautiful face from the enraged blonde with both hands as she flailed her legs and struggled against the weight on her chest. PJ eventually realized it was impossible to unseat Sunny without exposing her face so, reluctantly, she reached up and grabbed a handful of Sunny's long blonde hair and used it to roll her off of her.

PJ shook her head as she got to her feet, trying to clear her head from the aftereffects of the backstage sneak attack where Sunny had smashed a CD-player the girls used for their music over her skull. Sunny was panting hard, her naked body slick with sweat and PJ's bare chest rose and fell with every breath. Sunny raised her fists and moved toward PJ, jabbing her left into the surprised fuckstar's face.


Sunny's fist mashed PJ's nose and sent the bigger blonde reeling back on her heels. PJ scampered away touching her nose to check for blood and looking into the darkness for Jeanna and Zara, hoping one of them would come to save her from Sunny's wrath. Jeanna was alone at her table, shoulders hunched forward as she studied the action on the stage. Zara was nowhere in sight. PJ's heart sank as she realized Jeanna had no intention of stepping in to save her. She was at Sunny's mercy unless she could do something to stop . . .

"Now," Sunny gasped between gulps of much-needed air, "I want you down on YOUR belly while the real star of the show, ME, makes my exit. Or do you want some more?"

PJ looked at Sunny's face, then down at the clenched fists at her hips. She knew if Sunny started punching her again, she was in trouble. She bowed her head and mumbled something under her breath.

"I'm sorry dear," Sunny said leaning over and sneering in PJ's ear. "I couldn't hear you. Did you say, "Yes Ma'am'?"

PJ suddenly snapped her head upward. Her forehead just grazed Sunny's chin and she stumbled back with PJ pursuing, trying to get her arms around Sunny so she couldn't use her fists again. PJ got her arms around Sunny but the slender blonde had one hand free and thumped PJ a couple of times in the side as they struggled belly-to-belly. Then, Sunny hooked her foot behind PJ's and tripped her. They dropped to the floor, rolled over twice and ended up teetering precariously halfway off the front edge of the stage. Only the people at the ringside tables reaching up to catch them kept them from rolling off the stage onto the floor.

PJ was on top and used the position to bounce up and down on Sunny's chest and belly. Sunny was breathing hard and hearing her grunt each time her hard body slammed down on Sunny's made PJ feel better about the situation she was in. Just as she was thinking what to do next, she felt someone' hands on her hips and shoulders pushing her. She and Sunny went rolling across the stage again.

Sunny stopped the rolling when she was on top by spreading her legs. PJ lost her grip on Sunny's hair but raked her nails down her back as she repositioned her hands. Sunny's torso arched upward, her head thrown back and her mouth open in a silent scream as PJ furrowed her soft, white skin from her shoulders to the small of her back. PJ took advantage of Sunny's legs being spread to jerk her knee up between Sunny's thighs. She felt her knee hit bone and the jolt in Sunny's body at impact. PJ smiled at the satisfying thump, the grunt and the moan that followed.

"OH Gawd!" Sunny gasped as her body sagged and collapsed on PJ whose face ended up wedged between Sunny's perky breasts.

For just a second, PJ considered biting but rejected it - for the time being. Instead. she pushed Sunny off and both women got to their feet. PJ's hair was disheveled while Sunny was red-faced and panting. It suddenly dawned on PJ why Sunny looked spent. Not only was she at the end of a long, hard day, having doing three stage shows followed by a wrestling match that climaxed in multiple orgasms, but now she was in another fight. She, on the other hand, had spent the afternoon at leisure and got to the theater rested and fresh just as Sunny was going on for her last show. PJ smiled as she moved forward; hands up, fingers spread, offering to test her strength against Sunny's.

Sunny wiped the sweat from her eyes and studied PJ who looked far more confident than she felt at the moment. She glanced across the footlights to where Jeanna sat, hoping the manager was going to stop the fight. But she was leaning back in her chair, hands in her lap and a serene smile on her full lips. Sunny looked back at PJ who was, at this point, only a few feet away, reaching out toward her with her hands. After hesitating, Sunny took a deep breath and locked hands.

"Now you're gonna learn your lesson," Sunny hissed as she took her grip. That's when PJ's expression changed. As Sunny tried to force PJ to her knees, PJ suddenly swung her hands up, circled them and wrenched Sunny's arms up behind her back. Their slick bodies slapped together belly-to-belly and breast-to-breast, hard nipples dueling. With her lips pursed, PJ forced Sunny's arms up behind her back until Sunny gasped in pain as her arms were forced into a double front hammerlock.

PJ smiled as their bodies locked, heaving bosoms grinding, round bellies heaving, thighs rubbing. Their breath came in short, hard, rapid bursts. Sunny closed her eyes, steeling herself for the next move. Again she tried to hook her foot behind PJ to trip her. She wanted to drop PJ on her back and free her hands but PJ was ready for it and twisted as they fell. Sunny found herself crashing to the stage flat on her back with both arms beneath her and PJ's full weight on her chest and stomach. The air went out of her and, briefly, everything went black!

When Sunny opened her eyes PJ was no longer on top of her. Sunny rolled on her side gasping for air and saw PJ on her knees beside her. PJ grinned as she grabbed a handful of Sunny's hair and pulled her forward on her knees, then lifted her head up by the hair. Sunny's feet scrambled, desperate to get her feet under her to ease the burning in her scalp. But just as she got her right foot under her and started to rise, PJ's knee snapped up and exploded deep in the pit of her stomach.

Sunny's tight, well-toned abs couldn't withstand the power in PJ's legs, not after all she'd been through during the long, exhausting night. She folded over double, hands clutching her belly. PJ used her hair to push Sunny back against the side of the stage where she pinned her against the proscenium arch, once more bodying up to her.

PJ's face was pressed to Sunny's pale cheek as she whispered through sneering lips, "You want this to get rough, eh? Well, awright then. I'll show you what a real bitch I can be when necessary."

PJ stepped back, grabbed Sunny's wrist, pulled her away from the wall and swung her around in a circle. Sunny let out a little "whooooooooooo" sound as she was whipped around and crashed face and chest first back against the wall. She might have bounced off and fallen but PJ had thrown her body in right behind Sunny, her bare breasts against Sunny's naked shoulderblades and her hips thrust up under Sunny's tight bare bottom. PJ kept Sunny pinned against the wall as she slowly ran her hands up Sunny's sides, her fingernails leaving angry red marks on the dancer's flushed skin.

"Get ready to hurt, you Aussie tart," PJ hissed.

PJ shoved her arms under Sunny's armpits, curled them in front her shoulders and clasped her hands together behind Sunny's neck - using a good handful of Sunny's wild long blonde hair to lock the hold in place. PJ turned and held Sunny up in front of her with the perfectly applied full nelson. Sunny's arms stuck out from her shoulders, her hands elevated slightly because of the upward pressure of PJ's arms under her shoulders.

PJ shook Sunny, jiggling her bosom and drawing whistles and jeers from the crowd who leaned forward in their seats to watch with perverse delight, eager to see the next indignity Sunny would endure at the hands of her hated rival. They didn't have to wait long. PJ spread her feet a little more than shoulder-width apart, dipped her knees and lifted, forcing Sunny up on her toes to ease the pain in her shoulders.

Then PJ really started to apply pressure!

Using Sunny's own weight against her, PJ tightened the full nelson; wedging Sunny's arms upward while bending her head and neck forward. Sunny's chin was pressed down against her chest, constricting her windpipe and making breathing more difficult. That she had just been kicked in the stomach only made it harder for her to get a breath. In desperation, Sunny reached back with her hands and pawed at PJ's forearms, but it was in vain. PJ just ratcheted up the pressure further, leaning back and pulling Sunny's back against her chest, lifting Sunny's feet off the floor. Sunny's face turned scarlet from lack of air as her feet wiggled trying, in vain, to touch the floor with her toes.

PJ couldn't hold Sunny's full weight like that for long, but by the time she straightened up and Sunny could reach the floor again, the damage had been done. Sunny's legs were like rubber and her hands flapped weakly when PJ gave her a shake to tighten her hold a little more. Sunny's head was bent forward until her chin was pressed tightly to her breastbone, her cheeks were ruddy and she could barely look up to see past the first few rows of tables. Whenever PJ tightened her grip, however briefly, Sunny would 'gray out' as the blood flow to her brain was slowed.

Trying to fight back, perhaps even break free, Sunny spread her legs, planted her feet and tried to lift her head against the power of PJ's arms. The tight-bodied blond quivered as she strained against the strength of her hated rival. The men in the front of the audience leaned on the edge of the stage, eyes wide, licking their lips hungrily at the sight of the moist, pink flesh between Sunny's swollen and stretched labia. She had discarded any pretense of modesty in her struggle for freedom and now, or so it appeared at the moment, when this night ended she'd be left with neither modesty nor freedom.

Sunny's body tensed, her legs slipped even wider, her fingers curled in fists, her arms and sinewy thighs strained against PJ's power and strength. PJ gritted her teeth, the perspiration coating their bodies made it hard to hold on. Every so often, Sunny's legs shivered as she tried to push - up, back or sideways; anything to escape the awful pain in her shoulders and neck. Slowly, however, her lean, firm, tightly muscled legs began to wilt from the strain. PJ was winning the unequal contest by dint of superior position, greater size and of Sunny being exhausted after a full day of work and draining multiple orgasms.

"Oooooohhhhh," Sunny sighed as she felt her knees buckle.

Trying to avoid doing a 'split' that could injure her, Sunny picked up her feet which nearly toppled them both when her full weight was supported by PJ's arms. But Sunny got her feet down to support herself and resumed the struggle. That's when PJ started to lean on Sunny's back, forcing her to bend from the waist. It briefly relieved the pain in her shoulders, but it returned almost instantly. Even worse, she was having additional trouble breathing since her diaphragm was being collapsed while her windpipe was still partially closed.

Sunny could hear PJ cackle as her legs trembled and started to buckle once more. Sunny strained, willing her body not to shut down and surrender in the uneven struggle. But no matter what her brain told it, her body had been beaten into submission. Slowly, her legs folded as PJ's power, strength of will and, most importantly, her weight, forced Sunny to her knees.

Tears of frustration mixed with the beads of sweat from her brow as they poured down Sunny's pink cheeks. They met a the point of her chin where they dropped prettily onto her chest and split into twin streams which rolled down her perky breasts to her hard, jutting nipples. There, they hung until PJ shook her, sending the moisture flying in all directions, including into the drinks and on the faces of the crowd pressed against the stage to see the conclusion of the struggle up close and (with their view of Sunny's body) personal.

Sunny's body shuddered and she made a strangled noise deep in her throat. PJ gave her another shake, delighting the fans who were showered with Sunny's sweat, tears and whatever other moisture came off her limp body. PJ put one foot back and pushed Sunny's chest forward, forcing her face down on the stage. With her arms immobilized by the full nelson, her legs folded beneath her and her head held by PJ's iron grip on her hair, Sunny was powerless to break the fall. She hit hard, first on her stomach, then her soft little boobs were smashed against the stage, flattening out under the combined weight of the two women. Lastly, her chin cracked into the wood floor. She saw stars!

Sunny lay face down, unmoving, as PJ released the hold and stood; her curvaceous legs straddling Sunny's torso as she ran her hands through her hair, pushing it back from her face. PJ's head came up slowly as she pushed the hair out of her eyes, a small smile curled her cruel lips as her chest rose and fell steadily with her breathing. It was a magnificent tableau - 'Warrior Goddess Straddles Fallen Foe' - a scene worthy of the great masters, one that deserved a large canvas hung proudly in the Louve or some National Museum.

As she stood over Sunny, PJ pleasured herself as she played to the crowd and taunted Sunny who tried to rise, pulling her left knee up even with her waist. It only raised her heart-shaped rump slightly, a very provocative (and highly vulnerable) position. PJ didn't disappoint her new fans, rearing back and giving Sunny's upraised bottom a loud "CRACK" with her palm. Sunny's head jerked up and she let out a little yelp that only encouraged PJ to smack her again.

Sunny's hips bucked under the impact, then her legs splayed and she sprawled back down on her belly at PJ's feet. Smiling, PJ dropped to her knees beside Sunny and yanked her head up by the hair so everyone could see her beaten and teary face when she asked her the question.

"Do you give up now Sunny? Ready to admit I'm the better woman?" PJ sneered.

She didn't wait for Sunny's answer, however, she just threw Sunny's face down to the stage. The loud "THUNK" it made sent a shiver of dread down the spine of many in the audience while for others the shiver was one of excitement. They were devotees of Amsterdam's seamier nightspots, places where that sort of treatment is just considered "mild" discipline. Now that she's sure she has Sunny's attention, PJ hauls back on her hair again, twisting her torso back as she lifts Sunny's head up and yells in her ear.

"Hey, you 'outback bitch' I asked you a question? Are you ready to give up and admit I'm the top bitch around here now?"

Sunny's eyes were staring vacantly and, instead of answering, she just gagged and sobbed incoherently, mumbling, "Y... ye... ye..."

Before Sunny could form a coherent sentence, PJ screamed, "SO, you won't give up yet, eh?" and slammed her face down on the stage again. Sunny's feet jerked up as her face banged into the wooden floor with a hollow thud. PJ lifted Sunny's head for the third time, but it was obvious from the blood trickling from her nose and her lidded eyes that she was semi-conscious at best - incapable of answering questions no matter what her response may have been. Even as PJ considered her next move, Jeanna Fine elbowed her way through the crowd at the edge of the stage and shook her finger at PJ Sparxx.

"Hey, take it easy. No matter what you say about who's the baddest bitch here, she's got to fulfill her contract and I'm not going to get people to pay to come in here if she's got black eyes and a busted beak. You want to work her out that's fine, but I need her looking passable fair for tomorrow night's show. Now take it easy on her, K?"

PJ glared at Jeanna and then looked down at Sunny's face. She smiled and stood up, dropping Sunny so that her head thunked off the stage yet another time.

"I guess she knows know, doesn't she? OK, Jeanna," PJ sighed, "Hand me up a chair and I'll stop bouncing your girls 'million dollar face' on the floor so's I don't ruin your business. Come on, pass it up here to me. I'll get at this problem from another angle."

As Sunny lay face down on the floor, her body shaking, Jeanna handed PJ a chair. She twirled it around facing the audience and then went over to Sunny and nudged her in the ribs with her toe. When Sunny didn't respond, PJ kicked her a little harder. Sunny grunted and started to crawl toward the exit, stage right. PJ shook her head sadly as she stepped over, grabed Sunny by the hair at the back of her neck and dragged her over to the chair. PJ picked up the little gold lasso that Sunny used in her act and sat down facing the audience. She used Sunny's hair and one arm to help her up and pull her across her lap.

Sunny lay on her tummy with her head and feet hanging down on either side of PJ's lap just off the floor. Her round, pale, bare bottom right under PJ's nose. The audience rose to their feet as one, unable to restrain their eagerness to see what PJ would do next.

"Put one hand behind your back," PJ snapped brusquely.

Surprisingly, Sunny meekly raised the arm nearest PJ and put it behind her back without hesitation or a demurrer. PJ made a loop in Sunny's lasso and dropped it over her wrist.

"Now the other hand. Come on, be a good girl and I won't have to hurt you again."

Sunny put her other hand up behind her back and allowed PJ to tie her wrists together with her own show prop lasso. PJ threw her other leg over Sunny's nearest leg and used her heel against the inside of Sunny's knee to push her legs apart. Sunny shivered but found some solace in the fact that her wild hair hanging down over her head shielded her face from the crowd and made her unable to see their reaction to her pending debasement. She squirmed and writhed as the audience laughed and giggled at her predicament but there was much more to come before her nightmare night would be over.

PJ raised her right hand, smiled knowingly at the audience and then brought it down hard on Sunny's heart-shaped and up-thrust bottom with a loud, "CRACK!"

Sunny's head snapped up and she let out a yelp of pain and protest. Her legs flailed as she shook her head from side-to-side; her wild blonde hair flying. PJ swung again, her rough palm landing flush with a loud report. It left a pink hand-print on Sunny's flesh and made her cry out in pain, anger and frustration. Her bottom was still tender from her earlier spanking, so this one was raising her temperature faster than usual.




Sunny squirmed and wagged her feet but PJ held her securely by the waist as she used her hand to "warm" Sunny's bottom for what was to come. The tensing, relaxing and squeezing of Sunny's thighs and gluteus had a strangely erotic and arousing effect on the blonde pornstar. That her pelvis was grinding and sliding against PJ's knee and thigh only increased the sensation. Within minutes, her sobs and cries of pain were replaced by throaty panting and moaning as her sensitive body responded to the stimulus and she became sexually aroused by the paddling.

PJ looked up at the audience and winked as she thrust her open hand up between Sunny's open legs and gave her swollen labia a couple of quick, sharp slaps. Each landed with a wet sound and was instantly followed by Sunny's head and shoulders lifting, her back arching and her hard tipped breasts jiggling prettily as the crowd "oooh'd" and "aaah'd" at the sight of this proud young headliner reduced to a whimpering, sexually-aroused, lust-driven pawn simply by the power of PJ Sparxx' right hand. Everyone in the room noticed that Sunny hadn't made an effort to close her legs when PJ began slapping her mons.

Sunny's firm body quivered as another powerful climax ripped through her. PJ kept her across her lap until it subsided, then pushed her off onto the floor where she used her foot to flip the panting blonde over on her back. Sunny lay with her knees drawn up in a pathetically protective pose. Her eyes were closed and her head was turned away from the audience, as if looking at them would somehow increase her shame at 'getting off' under the demanding touch of the big, tough blonde - a woman Sunny had tried, and failed badly, to tame.

PJ rose and faced the spectators who until now had been watching in stunned, rapt, silence. One woman began to clap, then a man, then a few more. Soon, the entire audience was on their feet applauding at the way PJ had, "taken Sunny in hand" and straightened out her "star attitude."

PJ blushed as she accepted the applause of the audience who, until a few moments before, had been Sunny's fans. While PJ enjoyed the spotlight, Sunny rolled over and struggled to get to her feet, something made difficult since her hands were still securely bound behind her back. She looked broken, dispirited and forlorn. Her head hung down, her disheveled hair hiding her face from the gawking crowd. She got to her knees and as she raised her right leg the spotlight twinkled off droplets of moisture clinging to the matted hair around her swollen pussy. Unable to summon the strength to rise, she collapsed and fell over on her side. Self-consciously, she closed her eyes so she wouldn't have to see the expression on the faces of her 'fans' as she squeezed her thighs together, pulled her knees up and lay at PJ's feet in a fetal position.

"Hey you!" PJ snapped as she jabbed Sunny's firm little bottom with her toe.

Sunny opened her eyes and peered up at PJ who had drawn herself up to her full height, her chest thrust out proudly. While PJ had seemed to grow in stature with her victory, Sunny was diminished by her defeat. She shook her head as if begging PJ not to humiliate her any further but PJ smiled and crooked her finger, ordering Sunny to get to her knees and crawl to her. Sunny hesitated, then complied. She shuffled toward PJ on her knees, head hanging, hands still tightly tied with her own rope, shoulders bent. She could have been the poster girl for beaten women!

"Serve me!" PJ said, pointing dramatically at the dark "V" between her thighs as she opened her legs.

Sunny looked at PJ incredulously, then - after a moment of hesitation - shook her head. Then she shook it again, vehemently.

"I won't...I won't do that! Not for you, not for anybody. Not now, not ever, not like this. If that's what you want, you can go to hell."

Sunny started to crawl off stage on her hands and knees. It was the final humiliation for the proud star - forced to abandon 'her' stage to her fiercest rival - and on her knees no less! But that wasn't enough to satisfy PJ, she wanted Sunny humiliated further. She reached out, grabbed Sunny's hair and jerked her backward. Sunny let out a pained cry as she crashed to the stage flat on her back, landing on her elbows.

"I told you before you little slut," PJ cackled. "You stay on the floor while the 'star' makes her exit. Once I've left, you can crawl off and, if you're lucky, maybe one of the girls backstage will untie your hands."

The audience was awed by PJ's dominant display and, in their enthusiasm, they swarmed the stage, picked her up and hoisted her onto their shoulders. They paraded around the club carrying PJ as they chanted her name over and over. PJ couldn't contain her excitement and laughed the whole time. The crowd got carried away and in their excitement, they marched out the front door, spilling into the streets of Amsterdam still carrying the near-nude PJ on their shoulders. Despite Jeanna Fine's best efforts to keep them inside the club spending money, the entire crowd marched out, sweeping Jeanna right along with them!

As the crowd spilled out into the street carrying PJ, Sunny lay alone on the stage, flat on her back with her body still tingling from the erotic spanking and the climax that soon followed. She struggled to roll over onto her stomach and had just gotten to her knees when she heard the 'click-clack' of a woman's heels on the wooden stage.

Looking back her over her shoulder, Sunny's heart sank at the sight of her enemy Zara Whites approaching. Zara picked up PJ's leather whip and cracked it ominously just inches from Sunny's pale, quivering bottom. Reflexively, Sunny sprawled forward on her belly, her hips hugging the floor to keep her "heart-shaped" derriere as low as possible as Zara slashed the whip back and forth over her quivering body.

"Well, well," Zara chuckled. "Lookit what I found here, my favorite bottom all warmed up and ready for some fun. Looks like all I have is this cheap lil' whip to tend to you, but it'll do just fine. Say you're glad to see your old friend Zara. You are, aren't you Sunshine? Remember all the fun we had last time I had you in that position?"

She cracked the whip again, striking the floor between Sunny's thighs. Sunny looked around desperately, hoping there was someone, anyone, to stop Zara from doing whatever she had planned. Sunny knew whatever it was, she wouldn't like it. She shivered as she saw the club was empty except for Zara and herself. She started to crawl toward the edge of the stage, planning to swing her legs down and run before Zara hit her with the whip. But she was too slow or Zara was too quick.

Sunny had only crawled a few feet before Zara jumped on the back of her legs as she slithered across the stage. Zara looped the whip over her shoulders so she'd have both hands free and dug her nails into Sunny's red and tingling bottom. Sunny reacted with a loud cry and tensed. She looked back over her shoulder and Zara saw fear in her eyes. It was enough to make Zara laugh as she massaged Sunny's nether cheeks.

"Dammit Zara! Get off and stop groping my bottom," Sunny gasped, but Zara just shook her head and kept squeezing Sunny's ass.

"Oh, no way Sunshine. You know how long I waited to get your ass in this position again? You're so funny when you get something stuck in your bum, as you call it. I remember the last time, you were floppin' 'round like a fish outta water. Let's see if you remember everything I taught you."

Zara took the whip from her shoulder, spit on the handle and started to work it into the crack of Sunny's ass. The bound blonde squirmed and even yelled a little bit as Zara leaned on the odious object, twisting the leather-wrapped handle as she slowly wedged it between Sunny's tightly clenched cheeks. Sunny grunted as her sphincter started to yield to Zara's pressure.

Zara laughed as she chided Sunny, "Relax and enjoy it, you slut. I remember you had a lotta fun the last time I did this. Jeanna had to hold you down you were jumpin' around so much. I don't know why you don't like it, you really got off on it."

Just as Sunny resigned herself to being violated by Zara again, she heard someone yell Zara's name. Looking up through misty eyes, she saw Jeanna Fine striding resolutely across the dance floor toward the stage. From the look on her face, Sunny knew she wasn't happy to discover her lover "putting the whip" to her star headliner. Sunny hoped Jeanna's wrath was directed at Zara rather than her. She was about to find out.

"What the hell are you up to, Zara?" Jeanna screamed, her voice quivering with rage. "Get off her right this minute or I swear, you'll be sorry!"

Zara stood up, leaving the handle of the whip stuck in Sunny's bottom, it's length between her trembling legs. Jeanna walked up on the stage and confronted her whip-happy girlfriend over the prostrate body of her tightly bound headliner. Zara put her foot on Sunny's ass and her hands on her hips. She looked every bit the domme with her black dress, black hair and black lipstick. The "Goth" look suited Zara for her moods were as dark as her wardrobe on occasion. Zara leaned forward, her foot pressed on Sunny, flattening the rosy globes of her butt beneath her weight.

"You alright Sunny?" Jeanna asked, not even glancing down to check on the condition of her "star."

"Ohhhhhhh," Sunny moaned. "I hurt all over Jeanna. Now this bitch is reaming out my . . ."

"Shut up," Zara hissed as she jabbed Sunny's bottom with her heel. "She don't want to hear you whining about how PJ whipped you into a froth like a cuppa cappuccino. What's up Jeanna? Why'd you come back so soon? I thought you were out celebrating with your customers and the other overblown bimbo, PJ Sparxx?"

Jeanna shifted her weight from one foot to the other and back, then cleared her throat and said, "I missed you out there. I thought you might not have seen everyone leave so I came back to find you. Come on, come out and join us. We're having a party out in the street. Some of the customers from next door have joined in."

Zara threw back her head and laughed.

"You think I believe that? I know damn well why you came back. You thought sugarlips here would be alone and you could get out of her what PJ didn't - that pink tongue. You're so transparent Jeanna, really. I know you too well my darling, I can read you like a book, a *cheap* paperback in this case."

Zara kicked Sunny's ass as she said "cheap" so there was no doubt how she felt about her. Jeanna crooked her finger at Zara as she glared sternly at her lover.

"OK, that's enough," Jeanna sighed. "You run along outside and enjoy the celebration. I need to take care of things here. I don't want any problems between you and the 'star' of the show."

"That's BS Jeanna," Zara said. "I know damn well what you got in mind for this cupcake and it's not gonna happen. I'm gonna make sure she understands you and me don't want her around here. I'm not leaving you two alone, there's no telling what kind of trouble blondie might cause."

Jeanna shook her head, "No, I want to talk to her in private. You're just going to make things worse with that damn whip and your insane jealousy. Now you get out there and leave us alone. I won't let little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes here turn my head with that luscious body of hers you seem to be so intent on impaling with that damn whip handle. If you don't want trouble with me Zara, you'll do as your told. This isn't a negotiation. Remember your place and run along like the good little subbie you are."

Frowning, Zara stepped on Sunny's ass as she walked over her body, hopped down off the stage and started for the exit. Halfway, she stopped and turned around, shaking her finger at Jeanna and Sunny in a parting warning for them about what she'd do to Sunny if she betrayed her. Jeanna waited until the door closed behind Zara before she knelt and released Sunny's hands. Sunny pulled the whip from her bottom, stood up and rubbed her wrists as she faced Jeanna.

"I'm not going to let PJ get away with what she did," Sunny snapped. "There's no excuse for her behavior. That was unprofessional. I want her banned from the club for the rest of my run, understand?"

Jeanna nodded as she tried to take Sunny's arm to lead her toward her dressing room. Sunny brusquely pulled her arm away and stepped back shaking her head.

"You keep away from me. I know damn well you had a part in PJ's 'unexpected' appearance tonight. Nothing happens here without you playing a part, either in person or behind the scenes. I'm no dummy, I know you better than you know yourself, Jeanna."

Jeanna's eyes flashed angrily but she quickly got her emotions under control and appeared calm as she took Sunny by the elbow and pulled her toward her office.

"You're in no position to be making accusations and certainly not about banning other performers from the club. In fact, I was just talking to PJ about joining you and doing a double for the next two weeks. Now, get your ass in my office, keep your mouth shut and listen or I'll call PJ and Zara back here and they'll *make* you listen to what I have to say."

Sunny trembled at Jeanna's threat to allow both Zara and PJ Sparxx to have their way with her at the same time. She bit her tongue and meekly allowed Jeanna to take her to her office and close the door behind them. Alone with Jeanna, Sunny was able to take a moment to catch her breath and collect herself as the boss lady walked around her desk and sat down. She pointed to a chair and Sunny quickly sat, crossing her long legs to shield her nudity from Jeanna's lecherous leer as she spoke.

Sunny McKay Pornstar will continue in Ch. 5, "What Jeanna Wants!" (coming mid-2001?) 1