Many players use the Cadet Training Handbook as a tool to train new players to Star Fleet Battles.  Perhaps some of you, like myself, have been a bit frustrated by the way the cadet SSDs and EAF form are in such difficult to use locations.  For this purpose, I have created one sheet SSDs of the Cadet Ships which include a Cadet EAF form on them.  This way, you can print out one sheet and be able to hand to a player all the paperwork he or she needs.

    You will note that I have added a Damage Control line to the Cadet EAF.  This was done for a variety of reasons.  First of all, the original Cadet SSD's displayed the ships DamCon rating, which often led to questions.  Also, due to the unique power curves of the Cadet Cruisers, some of them often have excess power that they cannot use.  So, I have added Damage Control to the EAFs so that players can use the Damage Control rules in their Cadet games.  This will serve many positive purposes.  Besides the aforementioned ability to use all of your power, it allows the repair of damaged and down shields without having to teach Shield Reinforcement too early (the over allocation of which is a common mistake for novice players).  Most importantly, though, it actually creates some EAF decisions that rarely exist in the current Cadet game.  Without DamCon, most players will merely arm all their weapons and put the rest into movement.  With the addition of the Damage Control rules, the players now factor in shield repair with weapons and movement, resulting in a minor similitude of the difficult EAF decisions we SFB players face on a regular basis.

Federation Cadet Cruiser

Klingon Cadet Cruiser

Romulan Cadet Cruiser

Romulan KR Cadet Battlecruiser

Gorn Cadet Cruiser

Kzinti Cadet Cruiser

Orion Cadet Cruiser

Hydran Cadet Cruiser

Lyran Cadet Cruiser

ISC Cadet Cruiser

    I have also created some additional Cadet Cruisers.  These are UNOFFICIAL, as noted on their SSDs, but I have noted my reasons for including them.

    I hope that these aid in your training.  Enjoy.

Andy Palmer

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