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I use the term "inspiration" instead of philosophical reflection, because people tend to develop a personal philosophy to suit their feelings, circumstances, and wishes.
Some emphasize the intellect to explain everything mechanistically, and sometimes miss the human spirit.

Those of a more emotional psychology will rationalize almost anything if it makes them "feel good about themselves." It's wiser to just accept what inspires you, and stop trying to explain it to others as if it were a logical philosophical system.

Mountains represent many things to different people. To the ancient civilizations, they were the homes of the gods. To native peoples, they are sacred places for vision quests. To monks, they are places for spiritual concentration. We in the industrialized part of the world, also feel the tug on our spirits that emanates from the snowy peaks. They beckon to us mysteriously.

Mountains can be serene and welcoming...

Namjagbarwa Feng mountain area, China
Source: China News Digest site,
and scenery pictures: from The Land of Beauty series by G. Cheng of UK.

Or mountains can be angry and hostile...

Mount Everest

Sometimes mountains lose their cool and blow up...

Mt. St. Helens, May 1980

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