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Last updated: Sunday, 2 June 2002

Anglican Resources

My parish, Christ the King Anglican Church, is part of the Anglican Mission in America, which is sponsored by the province Rwanda, which in turn is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Quite perfectly hierarchical, isn't it? :-)

I document my ongoing struggle with the church of my baptism (ECUSA) on my Anglican wiki page. And while we're on that subject, anglican.swiki.net itself is a wiki web for all things Anglican. (Wiki webs are so cool!)

Read about how my own faith has been nurtured by my church.

Here are my personal contributions to my own denomination.

Grace Before Meals

I collect prayers said before meals. The initial list was compiled from responses sent to me from members of the Anglican Mailing List. Since then, I have been adding prayers from various Web surfers who have taken the time to send them to me. (Please be patient -- I don't update the collection every month.)

My Religion Bookmarks

Includes commentaries about other places on the Web.

Unofficial Web for The Anglican Digest

The Anglican Digest (TAD) is "an Episcopal miscellany reflecting the ministry of the faithful throughout the Anglican Communion." It is somewhat like The Readers' Digest for Anglicans.

TAD also has an official Web site: http://www.speakinc.org/tad/index.html.

Also visit SPEAK directly at www.speakinc.org.

My Notes from the 1994 Anglican Conference 

I attended this in Colorado Springs, Colorado October 26-29.

Archives of the Anglican Mailing List

This isn't my original resource, but the Anglican Mailing List was one of which I was once fond. It changed in the middle of 1998, and I didn't follow.

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