Have you been to a Greek festival yet?
Greek festivals are a lot of fun.
This is a portal to many Greek festivals around the United States to help you find a Greek festival near you. Have fun!

At Greek Festivals you will typically find:

Additionally, and depending on local arrangements there are raffles and shopping for Greek jewelry, books, music, spices, etc.  Many places also organize running races and other outdoor activities.  A greek Festival is an event that you should not miss!  And do not worry, even if you can't dance syrtaki or hasapiko you will still feel at home!

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Greek Festivals in August 1999:

Holy Transfiguration, Anchorage,  Alaska.   August 20th to 22nd, 1999

St. Constantine&Hellen, Cleveland, OH.    August 20th to 22nd, 1999

St. Anthony, Reno, NV.    August 20th to 22nd, 1999

St. Demetrios, Chicago, IL.   August 20th to 22, 1999

Holy Trinity, Canton, OH.   August 20th to 22nd, 1999

St. George, Fresno, CA.   August 27th to 29th, 1999

Greek Festivals in September 1999:

Sts. Constantine and Helen, Newport News, VA.   September 2-5, 1999

Holly Cross, Belmont CA Labor Day Weekend, September 4-6, 1999

St. George, Bakersfield, CA.   September 10 to 11, 1999

Holy Trinity, Indianapolis, IN.   September 10 to 11, 1999

St. Nicholas, Bethlehem, PA.   September 15 to 18, 1999

Annunciation, Modesto, CA.    September 18 to 19, 1999

St. Anthony, Pasadena, CA.   September 18 to 19, 1999

Annunciation, San Francisco, CA.   September 24 to 26, 1999

St. Sophia Cathedral, Los Angeles, CA. September 25 & 26, 1999

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