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June 26 2009

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Music - Fair Margaret and Sweet William, 17th century

Ashland New Hampshire

Town of Ashland, in the fall.

  • I shot this graphic Sunday evening, July 15th. 2001, this young man was taking in the view. We spoke but I didn't get his name. It was about 8PM, a great summer's evening with cool dry air. This was on the banks of Squam River, Riverside Drive, next to the “Vintage Fret Shop”.

  • Photograph and History Album

    Ashland's History & Historians
    Ashland's Historic Schools
    Ashland Whipple House Museum
    Ashland Scribner Library
    Ashland's Historic Churches
    Ashland's Town Hall.... Ashland's Monuments
    Ashland's Covered Bridge.
    Ashland's Lodging.
    Ashland's Historic Streets & Celebrations.
    Ashland's Historic Restaurants
    Ashland's Train Depot.... Ashland's Houses
    Ashland's Squam River.... Ashland's Cemeteries

    Ashland Resources

    If you have any reference material on Ashland and would like to volunteer
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    Robert Hicks

  • Personal records and books
  • Ashland Cemetery records, including seven abandoned sites.
  • Book, New Holderness in the Revolution,1976 Doris Tatham, and James Rollins.
  • Genealogy records of many Ashland families.(Doris Tatham, Marge Pease, & others.
  • Holderness by George Hodges 1907.
  • Hicks family history 1970 R.B.Hicks.
  • Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire 1928 Noyes.
  • Photographs of Ashland,s older houses. (photographs by Robert Hicks)
  • Bob & Claire Hicks

    Write or e-mail to the Ashland, Genealogy Society P.O.Box 1163

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    Ashland's 4th of July parade!

    Robert Hicks Photograph 7/4/2000

    Ashland's 4th of July parade 1913!

    Ashland's new welcome sign!

  • New Holderness 1771 Ashland 1868


    Mary Ann Hicks 1780.................Dr. Stephen Hicks 1792
    Mary Ann Hicks & Dr. Stephen Hicks were born on Hicks Hill Rd. In New Holderness, now Ashland. Children of Joseph and Susannah (Brown) Hicks.

    Ashland Links

    Ashland NH Genealogy Society

    Ashland Genealogy Society

    Files are kept at the Ashland Town Library, located in the Scribner Memorial Building. Write to the Ashland Genealogy Society P.O.Box 1163 c/o Robert Hicks Director.

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    New Hampshire Historical Society
    Ashland New Hampshire, Local Government
    Save the Ashland Old School
    New Hampshire Old Graveyard Association
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    Holdernes New Hampshire
    Welcome to Ashland New Hampshire .

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