Kerton Twp. Cemetery's

Linebaugh Cemetery

Kerton Twp. Sec. 19

This Cemetery is located on property that belonged to A.R. Linebaugh at one time. It is necessary to walk through a field and back into the woods. Permission must be granted to visit this cemetery. Recorded in 1974 by Mrs. Lyle Smith, Mrs. Irvina Mahan, and Mr. & Mrs. Seth Leeds. revisited in 1996 by George & Phoebe Ann (Leary) Drumm

James,-- Infant of Gene James & Wife no dates

Linebaugh,-- James-- b. May 16,1870 --d. 3. Nov.1951 s/o John W. & Rebecca (Butler) ----Aged 81 years (married) James is buried in the Price Cemetery Schuyler County Il. both his parents are buried here.

Linebaugh,-- John W.--- b. Apr.7,1820 Rockingham County Va. ---d. 1898 h/o Rebecca (b.Md) m. June 25,1857 s/oJames (b.Md.) & Susan (Wise) (b.Va)

Linebaugh,-- Rebecca (Butler)--- b. 1835 Ohio ----d.1909 ---w/o John W.

Linebaugh,-- Verna -----no Dates

Linebaugh,-- William ----b. 1828 Ohio ----d. _______

Orr,-- Infant Son ---d. Sept.1871 ---aged 9 mo's & ? ds. s/oJames L. & Josephine C. (Ralston) Orr

Ralstun,-- Alta Cora ---b. July 15, 1880 --aged 4 mo's & 25 ds. d/o Andrew E. & Sarah M. (Wright) Ralstun

Ralstun,-- Andrew J. ---b. Sept.8, 1819 Ohio ---d. Jan. 19, 1875 aged 55 yrs. 4mo. 11da.-- h/o#1 Nancy J. (Ogden) #2 Mrs. Ann Beaty m. Oct. 12,1867 ref. 1860-1870 census of Fulton County Il. Kerton Twp.

Ralstun,-- Christopher---b. ca. 1856 ----d. after 1870 s/o Andrew J. & Nancy J. (Ogden) Ralstun ref. 1860-1870 census Fulton County IL. Kerton Twp.

Ralstun,-- Nancy J.----b. Jan. 27,1823 Ohio---- d. Apr.9, 1865 --aged 42 yrs. 2mo. & 12 ds. --w/o Andrew J.

Ralstun,-- Ossian (Male) ---b. ca.1862 ----d. aft 1870 s/ Andrew J. & Nancy J. (Ogden) Ralstun


James Orr married Josephine C. Ralstun Jan.29,1873 vol. D page 210 Lic. # 28 Fulton County Il. Marriages

NOTE Christopher & Ossian Ralstin/Ralstun were sons of Andrew J. & Nancy J. (Ogden) Ralstun 1870 census of Fulton County Il. Kerton Twp.


Alta Cora d/o Andrew E. & Sarah M. (Wright) Ralstun m. May 30, 1875



Seehorn Cemetery

Kerton Twp. Sec. 5.

Located on the bluff one mile South of Enion Cemetery is on the property of John & Cheri Koster. Cannot be seen from highway, one must obtain permission to visit this Cemetery. Recored in 1974 by Kennith Gibboney and Seth W. Leeds

Blair,-- Winthrop ---d. Sept.13,1853 --aged 9 mo. & 14 ds. ---s/o J. & J. C. Blair

Holmes,-- Infant ----d. July 14, 1853 --aged 5 mo.& 28ds. --s/o J.M. & M. Holmes

Holmes,-- Mary ---d. Feb.24,1853 --aged 19 yrs. 9mo. & 22ds. w/o J. M. Holmes

Markley,-- D. P. ---d. July 25, 1856 --aged 1day s/o A. & M.J. Markley

Markley,-- Infant ---d. Aug.22,1860 ---aged 4 yrs 5mo.& 8 ds. d/o A. & M. Markley

Markley,-- William ---aged 8 years ref. Chapmans History of Fulton County IL.

Seehorn, --Alexander (Memorial, Buried in the Gulf of Mexico, aged 21 yrs. & 12 ds.) s/o Thomas & Fanny Seehorn

Seehorn,-- Isabell ---b. Nov. 2,1838 ---d. May 1, 1850 --aged 12 yrs. d/o Thomas & Fanny Seehorn

Seehorn,--Thomas ---b. Penn ----d. May 2, 1852 ---aged 47 yrs. 11 mo. & 6 ds. h/o Fanny

Stotts,-- Molinda ----d. Sept.21, 1853 ---aged 9 mo. & 19 ds. d/o W. & N.J. Stotts

Stotts, --William F. ----d. Mar. 24, 1855 ---aged 23 yrs. 7 mo. & 22 ds.

Tippey,-- Nancy -----d. Dec. 22, 1852 ----aged 40 yrs. 8 mo. & 13 ds. w/o Elijah Tippey both born Tenn.

Kerton Cemetery

Kerton Twp. Sec. 19.

The following information was taken from the 1974 cemetery book, in part.

A cemetery named Kerton being the burial place of John Kerton and his Wife Nancy.

located along Kerton Creek, a short distance West of State Route 100 Kerton Twp. was named for this pioneer settler who came here in 1835. He is listed in the 1840-1850and 1860 census of this county. Also in this household was a free colored female under the age of 10 years of age. It is known there was a Cemetery here with Kerton burials but no trace remains. The following listings are for record only.

Kerton,-- John ---b. ca. 1783 Eng. ----d. between 1860 and 1870 --h/o Nancy (Jones) m. Jan. 6, 1844 Fulton County Il. h/o #2 Marge K. (Gustine) m. Mar. 7, 1858.

Kerton,-- Nancy (Jones) ---b. ca. 1793 Tenn ----d, ca. 1857

First Minister to Kerton Twp. was Deacon Abraham Brown of Schuyler County Il. who came to preach the funeral of Mrs. John Kerton. ( from the Chapman History of Fulton County Il. 1879)

Morningstar Cemetery

Kerton Twp. Sec. 31

The Morningstar Cemetery is on land that at one time was the home place of David Welker, who is buried here. In 1996 one can drive along a field to this cemetery, it is about 400 yards from the road, just inside the woods. There are Civil war veterans buried here. Recorded by Mrs.Lyle Smith and Mrs Frances Walton. Revisited in 1996 by George and Phoebe Ann (Leary) Deumm.

Anderson, --Daniel W. ----d. Dec.23,1844 ---aged 19. days --s/o G. & H. J. Anderson

Anderson,-- Deborah ---d. Jan.22,1843 ---aged 35 yrs. & 2 mo. --w/o G. Anderson

Anderson,-- Louisa ----d. Nov.25,1853 ----aged 2 yrs. & 2 ds. --d/o G. & H. J. Anderson

Bassett, --- Nathaniel -- d. Oct.6,1854---aged 23 yrs. 4 mo. & 4 ds.

Brown, --- Ina/Nina --b.1872---d. 1895

Brown, ---Musetta J. (Butler) --b. July 22, 1876 --d. June 8, 1902 --aged 25 yrs. 10 mo.& 16 ds. --w/o William Brown d.c. reads" Musie" ---aged 25-10-17 and Anderson Cem

Butler, -- Felista A. -----d. June 2, 1865 ---aged 5 mo. --d/o J. & S. Butler

Butler,-- James W. ----d. Aug.30,1884----aged 2 yrs.6 mo. & 11 ds. --s/o J. & S.J. Butler

Butler, -- Nancy "Mother" -- b. May 6, 1813 ----d. Apr.23,1901 buried by Thomas J. Butler

Butler, -- Nancy M. ---d. Oct.18,1872 ----aged 1 yrs. 7 mo.& 27 ds.

Butler, --Thomas J. -"Father"--b. Dec.12,1808----d. Feb. 6,1856---aged 48 yrs. 1mo. & 25 ds. h/o Nancy

France, --Eddy ----b. Sept. 15,1888-----d. Sept. 17, 1888

Gould,---Austin --b. Jan. 3,1878---d. Jan.18,1896

Gould,--Bessie M. ---b. June 23,1887---d.Oct. 30,1897

Gould,--Flora B. ---d. Apr. 11, 1882 --aged 1. yr.--d/o D. L. & A. S. Gould

Gould, --Jessie B. ---d. Mar. 2,1896 --14 yrs. 7mo. & 3 ds. --s/o D. L. & M. E. Gould

Gould, --Samuel J. --d. Aug. 28, 1873 --aged 1 yr.5 mo.& 2 ds. --s/o T. W. & G. S. Gould

Griggs, --Maria V. -- d. Dec. 23,1862 --aged 49 yrs. 4 mo. & 29 ds.

Griggs, -- Valencourt -- d. Aug. 12,1861 --aged 58 yrs. 3 mo. & 9 ds.

Kennedy, --Ann J. ---d. 1855 ? hard to read w/o J, ( buried beside John F. Kennedy )

Kennedy,--John Francis --b. Aug. 14,1828 --d. Oct. 5/6, 1911 --aged 83 yrs. 1 mo. & 22 ds. b. Brown County Ohio (Married) --Vet. records show d. Nov. 6, 1911 --D.C. shows --d. Nov. 5, 1911---Vet 85th Ill. Vol.

Kennedy,--Sara Jane (Woodruff) --b. Mar. 26,1839---d. May 9, 1880 buried by John F. Kennedy

Markley, -- Adam ---b. Sept. 27,1833--d. Aug. 31,1860

Markley,-- Adam H. ---d. Feb.20,1862--aged 1 yr. "Son"

Markley,--David ---d. Jan. 4,1846--aged 45yr.

Markley,--Infant---d. July 24,1845--aged 16 ds.--d/o A. & M.J. Markley

Markley,--Infants two stones no dates sons of A. & M.J. Markley

Markley, --John ---d. Sept. 28,1851 --aged 5 mo. --s/o M. & M. Markley ---ref. 1974 cem. book. no stone found in 1996

Markley, -- Martin ---d. Mar. 23,1866

Markley,-- Rebecca (Butler) --d. July 11,1879---aged 78 yrs. & 10 ds.---w/o David Markley

Markley,-- William McDonald----d. July 27,1854--aged 4 yrs. 3 mo. & 2 ds. --s/o A. & M.J. Markley

Morningstar, --Albert J. --d. Sept. 13,1872 --aged 4 yrs. 6 mo. & 16 ds. --s/o A.W. & S.J. Morningstar

Morningstar,--Infant --d. Feb. 23,1876--aged 1 day --s/o A.W. & S. J. Morningstar

Morningstar,--Infant--d. Feb. 2,1878--aged 8 days --s/o A.W. & S.J. Morningstar

Morningstar,--Lewis A. ---d. Aug.31,1875 --aged 11 mo. & 29 ds. ---s/o A.W. & S.J. Morningstar

Morningstar,-- Philander E. ---d. Nov.5,1870--aged 21 yrs. & 2 ds.

Settles,---Ruth ---d. Sept. 2,1854 (stone erected by her son G.R. Settles) w/o William

Smith,--Elizabeth--d. Feb. 6,1847--aged 50 yrs.--w/o James Smith

Smith,--George W. --d. Mar.29,1862--aged 7 yrs. & 7mo.--s/o W.R. & S. G. Smith

Smith,--James--d. Oct.28,1846--aged 19 yrs.1 mo.& 4 ds.--s/o J. & E. Smith

Smith,--James --d. Nov. 4,1847--aged 63 yrs. & 11 mo.

Smith,--Louisa C.--d. Sept. 3,1862--aged 7 mo. & 3 ds.--d/o W.R. & S. G. Smith

Smith,--Nellie Bly --b. Jan. 30, 1899--d. Sept. 1,1899 ---d/o Eugene M. & Sarah Ellen (Gould) Smith no stone --ref Betty Gibboney, Lewistown Il.

Smith,--Thomas --d. Apr. 6,1849--aged 18 yrs. 4 mo. & 23 ds. --s/o J. & E. Smith

Smith,--William R. ---d. Oct. 8,1865--aged 41 yrs. 4 mo.& 11 ds. --Vet records show Nov. 8. --Vet. Sgt. Co. G. 85th Ill. Vol.

Thompson,--Harry D. ---b. Apr. 1, 1897---d. Sept. 21,1897 --s/o F.M. & C.M. Thompson

Thompson,--Infant --d. Sept. 15, 1847--s/o J. & R.A. Thompson

Thompson,--Infant--d. or b. ? Aug. 5,1867

Thompson,--John --b. Aug. 26,1802--d. Apr. 24, 1892

Thompson,--Kenneth Eugene --b.&d. Oct.29,1929--s/o Hardy & Violet (Cable) Thompson no stone found in 1996

Thompson,--Kisiah ---b. Oct. 6,1821--d. Dec.13,1906--w/o John --ref 1974 cem. book reads "nee"" Herel"

Turpin.--Ida Sofronia---d. Sept.14,1863--aged 1 yr.* 3 ds.--d/o M. & MA. Turpin

Turpin,--Mathew --d. Feb. 3,1863--aged 1 yr. no stone found in 1996

Turpin,--Merit---d. Apr. 3, 1865--aged 25 yrs. & 2 mo.

Turpin,--Merit W. --d. Aug. 23,1861 --aged 1 yr. &11 mo. --ref. 1974 cem book no stone found in 1996

Watkins,--James S. --b. Feb. 29,1824--d. Oct.26,1892 --Vet. Sgt. Co. F 4 Ill. Vols. Mexican Border

Watkins,--James T. --d. Mar. 4,1866 --aged 6 yrs. -- s/o J. & W. Watkins

Watkins,-- Winifred---d. Apr. 1, 1866---aged 41 yrs.9 mo. 9 ds. --w/o James Watkins

Welker,-- Charles D. --d. Nov. 4,1864 --aged 1 yr. & 6 mo. --s/o D. & R. Welker

Welker,--Charles H. --d. Sept. 12,1870 --aged 7 ds. -- s/o L. & G.E. Welker

Welker,--David --d. May 22,1863 --aged 52 yrs. 11 mo. & 22 ds.

Welker,--Eda L. --d. Sept.17,1864 --aged 4 yrs. 10 mo. & 2 ds. --d/o D. & R. Welker

Welker,--Emma -- d. Apr. 19,1862 --aged 11 mo.& 8 ds. -- d/o D. & R. Welker

Welker,-- Infants (Six) no dates on stone -- ref. 1974 cem. book-- book reads Children of Lemuel & Caroline ( ------) Welker ( Lemuel was buried here but Caroline reburied him at Mt. Zion Cem. Woodland Twp. Fulton County Il.)

Welker,--Lilburn --d. Nov. 29,1864 --aged 26 yrs. 9 mo. & 27 ds.

Welker,-- Lilburn--b. Apr. 3,1880---d. Apr. 3, 1888--s/o W.M. & E.J. Welker

Welker,--Linner W. --d. Oct. 10,1869 ---s/oL. & G.E. Welker

Welker,--Margaret (Darling) --d. Mar. 26,1856--aged 45 yrs. --w/o David Welker

Welker,-- Orien-- b. Feb.11,1872--d. Sept.1, 1872 --on lot with children of C. & L. Welker --ref. see reference on Welker Infants.

Welker,-- Rachel M. (Riley) Morningstar. --b. Dec.23,1820---d. Nov.15,1891--m #1 David Morningstar--m#2 David Welker, --ref. Marriage info from 1974 cem. book.

Welker,-- Sarah --d. Jan.15,1857--aged 11 yrs. 3 mo. & 9 ds. ---d/o D. & M. Welker

Severn Cemetery

Kerton Twp.Sec. 19

This Cemetery is very difficult to locate, and is very difficult to reach. Take route 100 South toward Anderson Lake, between Marbletown and the lake, there is a white barn on the right side of the highway, there is a road that winds up thru the woods to the top of the hill, then walk to the right for about 1/4 mile along a field. Permission must be obtained to visit this Cemetery. there are Vet. burials here, no roads

Brown,--Mary E. ---d. Dec.6,1880 ---aged 37 yrs.11 mo. & 18ds --w/o J.V. Brown

Carlock,--William J, --b. Oct.1823 Springfield Il. --d. Apr. 3,1911 (Widower) s/o Abraham Carlock --inf. A.G.Severns --ref.1974 cem. book no stone 1996 --ref. Chapman History of Fulton County IL. 1879

Edwards,--D. Fern --b. 1902 --d. 1905

Edwards,-- Dorothy Mildred --d. Sept. 27,1912---aged 6 yrs.7 mo. & 14 ds. --d/o Sherman & Lura (McCausland) Edwards

Edwards,--Jessie Ann -- b.&d. Mar.20,1936--d/o James & Mable (Keller) Edwards no stone found in 1996

Edwards,-- Lura (McCausland) --b. Jan. 9, 1883--d. July 1,1941--w/o Sherman Edwards --d/o James & Hannah (Carlock) McCausland no stone found in 1996 --ref D.C.

Edwards,--Ruth Nellie--d. Apr. 8,1904--aged 41/2 mo. ref d.c.

De Groot,--Jessie Fay (Edwards) --b. Aug. 19,1900/1899--d. Jan. 10,1931/1930 --w/o Joachem DeGroot --d/o Sherman & Laura (McCausland) --stone reads b. 1899--d.1930

DeGroot,--Lila --b. Mar.23, 1922 --d. Apr. 3,1922--d/o Joachim H. & Jessie Fay (Edwards) DeGroot no stone found in 1996. --ref D.C.

DeGroot,--Lyle --b. May 23, 1922 --d. Apr. 5,1922 ---s/o Joachim H. & Jessie Fay (Edwards) DeGroot --no stone in 1996. --ref D.C

Hibbs,--Margaret Mae--b.& d. Nov. 1,1924 --d/o Miles Hibbs (b. Clay County Il.) & Dorothy (Meyers) --no stone in 1996 --ref D. C.

Hibbs,--Marshall Lee --b. Jan.15,1926--d. Mar.24,1926--s/o Miles Henry & Dorothy M. (Meyers) --no stone found in 1996

Jones,--Barbara Alice--d. Jan.1,1870--aged 18 yrs 4 mo. & 2ds.---d/o Simon Jones

Jones,--Infant --d. Mar.15.1869 --s/o S. & B.A. Jones

Moore,--John H. --Vet. Co. E. 53rd Ill. Inf.

Moore,--Joseph E. --b. Aug.23,1843--d. Apr. 14, 1985--aged 52 yrs. 11 mo. 21ds. (married) --b. Mo. Vet Co. I 85th Ill. Inf. (D.C. = d. Apr. 4,

Moore,-- Infant -- b. Apr. 28,1881---d. May 1, 1881

Moore,-- Martha --b. May 9, 1871?-- d. Aug. 29, 1873 or 1893 -- w/o Joseph Moore

Moore,-- William --b. July 26,1847-- d. May 17, 1911-- aged 64 yrs. 9 mo. 21 ds. --b. Mo. (Married) --s/o William (b Pa.) & ______ (Mosslander) ( b. N.J.) ref. D.C.

McCausland,-- Hannah -- b. 1864--d.___ --w/o James W. McCausland

McCausland,--James W. -- b. 1851 --d. 1915-- h/o Hannah (Carlock)

McKee,-- Edward ---no dates

McKee,--P.H.---no dates

O'Donnel,--Daniel---d. Dec.16,1863--aged 18 days-- s/o T.&L.O'Donnel

O'Donnel,--Louisa---d. Dec. 9,1863-- aged 17 yrs. 10 mo. 21 ds. --w/o T. O'Donnel

Richardson,-- Infant--d. 1859--aged 1 day

Richardson,--Lee---d. Feb.12,1867--aged 11 mo. & 20 ds. --s/o C.O. & E. Richardson

Richardson,-- Otis A. -- no dates --ref. 1974 cem. book --no stone found in 1996

Severns,--Barbara --d. Feb.11,1871-- aged 60 yrs.11 mo. 4 ds.--w/o Daniel Severns

Severns,--Caroline--d. June 26,1851--aged 1 yr. 8 mo. 19 ds.--d/o D. & B. Severns

Severns,--Daniel-- d. Sept. 10,1875-- aged 65 yrs. 6 mo. 14 ds. -- h/o Barbara Severns

Severns,-- Hannah--d. Jan. 16,1846--aged 4 yrs. 11 mo. 7 ds. -- d/o D. & B. Severns

Severns,--Infant-- d. Dec. 27, 1870-- d/o J. & M.F. Severns-- ref. 1974 cem. book. --no stone found in 1996

Severns,--John -- d. Dec. 22, 1856--aged 6 mo. 4 ds. --s/o J. & M.M. Severns

Severns,-- Leander B. --d. Oct.12,1860--aged 1 yr.--s/o J. & M.M. Severns-- ref. 1974 cem. book. --no stone found in 1996

Severns,--Mahala F. (Wallace)--d. Dec. 27,1871? --aged 22 yrs. 3 mo. 21 ds. --w/o Jacab Severns--m. Apr.22,1869--ref. Chapmans History of Fulton County Il. biography of Jacob Severns

Severns,--Martha M. --d. Nov.6,1873--aged 1 yr. 5mo. 3ds. --d/o David & Lucinda Severns

Severns,-- Mary M. (Williams) --d. May 11, 1868-- aged 32 yrs. 1mo. & 2 ds. -- w/o #1 Jacob Severns (m.1854) ref. Chapmans History of Fulton County IL. 1879--Bio of Jocob Severns --pg. 755

Severns,--Molissa E. --d. July 23, 1864--aged 6 yrs. & 11 ds. --d/o A. & P. Severns

Severns,--Nancy --d. Sept. 28,1862--aged 2 mo.--d/o A.A. & P. Severns

Severns,--Percilla -- d. Dec.15,1874--aged 28 yrs. 8 mo. & 12ds.

Severns,-- Samuel--d. Sept. 13,1844 --aged 8 mo. & 26 ds. --s/o D. & B. Severns

Severns,--Samuel A. --d. Feb. 26,1855--aged 2 yrs.--s/o J. & M.M. Severns

Severns,-- William L. --d. Oct.17,1862--aged 2 yrs.& 5mo.--s/o A.A. & P. Severns

Severns,--William R. --d. July 6,1851--aged 3 yrs. 9mo. 22 ds.-- s/o D. & B. Severns

Hickory Cemetery

Kerton Twp. Sec. 7

Hickory Cemetery is a well kept cemetery and is located along County Route # 10 Follow route 100 south fo Enion comming to County road #10 which goes to the right. Continue for about 2 miles and the Cemetery is on the left side of the road. The Kerton Town Hall sits infront of the Cemetery. Recorded in 1974 by Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Smith, revisited and updated in 1996 by George & Phoebe (Leary) Drumm.

Alfred,--Gordon --d. Feb. 22,1863--aged 72 yrs.---ref 1974 cem. book. -- the data were buried in cement in 1996

Alfred,--Helen---d. Apr. 16,1861--aged 35 yrs. 11 mo. & 4ds. --d/o G. & M. Alfred

Alfred,-- Miram--d. Feb.24,1875--aged 82 yrs.---w/o Gordon Alfred

Atwater,--Harvey Loren--b. Jan. 30,1869/92---d. Nov. 27,1957--s/o John W. & Margaret (Thompson) Atwater --stone reads b. 1872--d.c. reads b. 1869

Atwater,-- John Wesley --b. Aug.12,1834/33 --d. Nov. 11,1919 (married)--s/o Lyman Atwater (b.Ohio) & Jane (Rockwell)(b.Ill.)--d.c. reads b.1833--d.c. reads "buried at Hickory schoolhouse" --Vet. Co. E 53rd Ill. Inf. 1862-1865

Atwater,--Margaret (Thompson) --b. Feb.11,1843 Ohio--d. Dec. 11,1932--w/o John Wesley Atwater--d/o Sam Thompson(b.Ohio)

Austin,--Morton--d. 185__ (unable to read)

Barker,--Blanche--b. Nov. 11,1920--d. Nov. 21,1920---d/o Homer & M. (Schappaugh) Barker--no stone in 1996

Barker,--Howard Lester--d. Oct. 23,1918--Vet. W.W.I Pvt. Army ( Co. 161 Dep.Brig.

Bassett,--Margaret---d. Jan. 15,1864--aged 3 yrs. 2mo. & 28 ds. --d/o A. & M. Bassett

Baughman,--Engbert--b. Jan. 31,1879--d. Feb. 14,1965--h/o Minnie (Carlock) --s/o Underhill & Margaret (Wagner) Baughman--no stone in 1996

Baughman,--Minnie (Carlock)--b. Dec.1,1886--d.June 23,1965 (Widow) --d/o John E.& Caroline (Bassett) Carlock-- no stone found in 1996 --ref d.c.

Baumgartner,--Bernice--d. June. 9,1908--aged 1 mo. & 8 ds.--no stone found in 1996

Beaty,--Andrew J. --d. May 24,1894 Woodland Twp.---aged 29 yrs. (married) --stone reads 38 yrs. 9 mo. & 16 ds. --ref d.c.

Beaty,-- Barbara O. (Ogden)--b. June 19,1860--d. June 29,1927--w/o Hiram Beaty--d/o Andrew & Mary (Curless) Ogden both parents -b. Ohio.

Beaty,-- Claton--d. Sept. 3,1876--aged 7 mo. & 18 ds.--s/o D.C. & M. E. Beaty

Beaty,--Daniel Conner--b. May 15,1846/47 Ohio---d. Mar.14,1920 (married) --s/o Isaac & Ester (Connor) Beaty--Inf; Frank Beaty --stone reads b. 1847

Beaty,--Donna-- Mar.17,1940


Beaty,--Eddie R. --d. Nov. 29,1897--aged 10 yrs. 6 mo. & 18 ds. --s/o D.C. & M.E. Beaty

Beaty,--Emma F. --B. Sept. 13,1863--d. Sept. 30,1900--w/o I.E. Beaty

Beaty,--Ester (Connor)--d. Sept. 18,1903--aged 88 yrs. 2 mo. & 2 ds.--b. Ohio --w/o Isaac Beaty--d/o Daniel Connor of Va. ---ref. Chapman History of Fulton County Il. 1879

Beaty,--Fanny --d. Nov.17,1867--aged 50 yrs. 5 mo. & 25 ds.--w/o Robert Beaty

Beaty,--Hilpy--b. Apr. 1,1851---d. June 15,1907--w/o Hiram Beaty

Beaty,--Hiram--b. Aug. 6,1844---d. Oct. 18,1911--aged 67 yrs. 2 mo. & 12 ds.--s/o Isaac (b. Ohio) & Ester (Connor) (b. Ohio) --d.c. reads Beatty (inf; R.L. Beaty)

Beaty,--Infant--d. Mar.13,1889--aged 1 yr. 9 mo. & 7 ds.

Beaty,--Isaac --b. 1815--d. Apr. 16,1895--born Newcastle Twp. Coshocton County Ohio.--married Ester (Connor) ca. 1835--ref Chapman History of Fulton County IL. 1879--s/o Levi & Sarah (Meredith) --aged 80 yrs. 2 mo. & 15 ds.

Beaty, Isaac L. --d. Dec. 16,1876--aged 11 mo. & 10 ds.--s/o P. & L. Beaty

Beaty,--Lovina (Mimmer)--b. Apr. 11,1844 Ohio--d. Nov. 23,1917--w/o Peter Beaty --d/o Jessie Mimmer (b. Ohio) & Catherine (Linebaugh) (b. Ohio) --inf Miss Katie Beaty--d.c. reads Beatty avina

Beaty,--Mareen--b.Mar.18,1847---d.Aug.31,1923 (single) d/o Robert (b.w.Va.) & Fannie (Alfred) (b. Conn.) no stone 1996 --Inf. Dorcus Camp Astoeia IL.

Beaty--Mary A. (Farris)--b. 1888--d. 1920--w/o Melvin R. Beaty

Beaty--Mary Eugena (Ralston)--b. Feb.2,1851--d. Oct.16,1927--w/o Daniel C. Beaty--d/o Andrew J. Ralston--ref. d.c.

Beaty--Mary Lucille--b.Dec.2,1913--d.Sept.16,1921--d/o Melvin & Mary (Ferris) Beaty--No stone found in 1996--ref. d.c.

Beaty--Melvin R.--b.1886--d.1964

Beaty--Nelly--d.June 25,1889--aged 5yrs. & 2 mo's-- d/o P. & L. Beaty--ref. d.c.

Beaty--Peter--b.Nov.8,1838--Ohio--d.July31,1917--(Married)--s/o Isaac & Esther (Conner) Beaty--Parents both b.Ohio--Inf: Kate Beaty--d.c.=Beatty--ref. d.c.

Beaty--Rebecca L.-- d.Sept.3,1861--aged 3 yrs. & 3mo's.--d/o I. & E. Beaty

Beaty--Robert--b. Va.--d.Feb.19/20,1888--aged 78yrs. 3mo's & 15ds.--(Widower)--d.c. reads d. Feb.20,--aged 78yrs.& 4 mo's-- ref. d.c.

Beaty--Sarah Catherine--b.May18,1871--d. May 23, 1957-- d/o Peter & Lovina (Minner)--d.c. reads "Never Married"--ref. d.c.

Beaty--Stella--d. Nov.4,1897--aged 9yrs. 6mo's & 9ds.--d/o I.E. & E.F. Beaty

Beaty--Stephen--d. Apr.19,1967-- aged 39yrs. 3mo's & 8ds.

Beaty--Stephen T.-- b. 1876--d. July12,1929--h/o Lenora--s/o Ebenezer & Alice (Fike) Beaty--no stone found in 1996--ref. d.c.

Beer--Betsy--d.Aug.1,1889--(Havana, Ill. Undertaker & Summum, Ill. Dr.)--ref. d.c.

Behymer-- Ada "Addie"--b.Mar.15,1870--d.Oct.26,1887--aged 16 years-- d.c. reads "Behymer" stone reads "Addie"--ref. d.c.

Behymer--Aaron--b. Oct.14,1813--d.Mar.15,1890

Behymer--Calvin--d.sept.7,1887--aged 19yrs. 8 mo's & 2 ds.--s/o M. & M. Behymer



Behymer--Irl--b.Mar.30,1889--d.July30,1890--s/o O. & J.E. Behymer-- d.c. reads "Earl" --- ref. d.c.

Behymer--Levi--b. Apr.9,1840--d. June19,1876--aged 36 yrs. 2 mo's & 10 ds.--two stones

Behymer--Mabel--b.Oct.9,1893--d.Feb.19,1897--d/o O. & J.E. Behymer

Behymer--Malinda J.--b.Dec.11,1848--d.Dec. 19,1889

Blydenburgh--Frances L.--b.Oct.6,1835--d.Aug.9,1901

Boggs--Bessie Maude (Markley)--b.Oct.27,1887--d.Aug.5,1937--w/o Maynard Boggs--d/o Frank & Agnes (Brown) Markley--ref. d.c.

Bonney-- ______--d.June12,1890--aged 3 years-- lived in Kerton Twp.-- ref. d.c.

Brown--Beccie--d.Dec.13,1893--aged 28 years--w/o Ellis Brown

Brown-- Ellen--d.Dec.7,1919--ref: Ill. Vet. records--Co. C5th Ill. Inf. Spanish American War

Brown--George W.-- d.Mar.11,1864--s/o C.G. & E. Brown

Brown--Kathryn (Markley)--b.Sept.26,1901--d.Dec.5,1966

Brown--William--d. ca. Mar.14,1900--ref. "Fulton Democrate" Mar.14,1900 N.S.

Butler--Della J.--b.1885--d.1927--w/o Squire H. Butler

Butler--Squire H.--b.1876--d.1906

Butler--Willard Lyle--b.June17,1906--d.Mar.1,1974-- h/o Ruby (Wilson)-- s/o Ernest L. & Pearl (Siever) Butler--ref. d.c.

Cameron--Marth (Blanden)--b.Feb.19,1832--d.Oct.23,1868-- w/o J. Cameron

Carlock--Caroline--b. July4,1856-- d.Dec.17,1900

Carlock--Clyde--b. Aug.11,1902--d. July 3,1903

Carlock-- Jesse--b.1890--d.1918

Carlock-- John Edward-- b.Nov.22,1846--d.June13,1929-- h/o Caroline (Bassett)-- s/o William & Hannah (Parr or Pass)--ref. d.c.

Carlock--Oscar--b.Mar.21,1875-- d.Nov.14,1966

Church--Elvira (Curless) --b. Dec.13,1857--d.Jun.29,1940--w/o Lewis--d/o James (b.Ohio) & Caroline (Leonard) Curless ref. d.c.

Church--Fanny--b. Apr.16,1893--d. Feb.29,1988

Church--Jessie R.--b. Jan.23,1886--d. Sep.9,1891

Church--Lewis--b. Mar.5,1858--d. Mar.4,1925--h/o Elvira--s/o Reason & Mariah (Wherley) Church

Clark--Daisy (Jones) --d/o George & Maria (Goodwin) Jones --inf; George Jones--no stone

Clark--Donald E. --b.1930--d.1981

Clark--F. Leonard Jr.--b.Mar.21,1927--d.____

Clark-- Mary M. --b.1938--d. ___--w/o Donald E. Clark

Clark--Vera E. (Morris)--b. Jun.19,1930--d.___ --w/o F. Leonard Clark--m. Nov.19,1948--Children of F. Leonard and Vera are F.-- Leonard III b.Nov.18,1945,-- Joseph D. b. Feb.5,1956--Eugene A. b. Dec.15,1956--Rebecca A. b. Aug.12,1958--James B. b. Aug.26,1959--John I. b. Nov.19,1962

Conner--Emeline (Shores)--b.Aug.13,1861--d.Feb.22,1902-- aged 40yrs.6mo's.&9ds.--w/o Robert Conner-- ref: George N. Drumm, Canton, Ill..-- ref. d.c.

Conner--James Sylverster--b.1834, Ohio--d.Mar.26,1865--aged 34yrs. 5 mo's & 2ds.-- h/oLucinda-- ref.George N. Drumm, Canton, Ill.

Conner--Lovina C.--d.Oct.6,1862-- aged 1 year--d/o J. & L. Conner-- ref.; 1974 cem. book

Conner--Lucinda-- b.1831-- d.Aug.11,1879-- aged 49years-- widow of James S. -- ref; Geo. Drumm, Canton, Ill.--ref. d.c.

Conner--Robert-- b.Aug.11,1858-- d. Aug.10,1929-- h/o Emiline (Shores)-- s/o James (b.Ohio) & Lucy (____)(b.Ohio) Conner-- ref. d.c.

Conner--Sylvester--- No Status

Curless-- Mary-- d.June17,1929

Curless-- Irma-- b. & d.Dec.7,1930-- d/o Glen W. & Lena (Tippy) Curless-- ref. d.c.

Curless-- James Elmer-- b.Dec.17, 1864-- d. Oct.18,1930-- h/o Winnie-- s/o James R. & Nancy (Tippy) Curless-- ref. d.c.

Curless-- James R. -- d.Sept.25,1886-- aged 66 years--(Married)-- b. Ohio-- no stone found in 1996-- ref. d.c.

Curless-- Johnathan J.-- d.Aug.25,1892--(Married)-- no stone in 1996-- ref. d.c.

Curless--Luke-- b.Jan.19,1855-- d.Aug.8,1937--(Single)-- s/o James & Caroline (Leonard)-- no stone in 1996-- ref. d.c.

Curless--Martha-- d. Feb.4,1868-- aged 13yrs. 11mo's & 14ds.-- d/o E. & M. Curless

Curless-- Maxine-- d.June17,1929

Curless-- Nancy-- d.Dec.25,1902-- aged 68yrs. 7mo's & 20ds.-- no stone in 1996-- ref. d.c.

Curless--Samuel H.-- b.Sept.9,1838-- Ohio-- d.Aug.2,1916-- s/o John & Phoebe (Rennery) Curless-- both parents b. Ohio-- vet. Co. I 48th Ohio Inf.-- ref. d.c.

Curless--Wilbur Dean-- b.Oct.3,1927-- d.Sept.10,1928-- s/o Jannie Curless-- ref. d.c.

Danner--Betty Louise-- b.Jan.25,1931-- d.July1,1934-- d/o Carl & Jannie (Curless) Danner-- no stone found in 1996-- ref. d.c.

Danner--Henry-- b.Feb.14,1930-- d.Feb.16, 1930-- s/o Carl & Jannie (Curless) Danner-- no stone found in 1996

Danner--Jannie (Curless)--b.Aug.19,1907-- d.July12,1942 Pekin Ill.-- w/o Carl Danner-- d/o F.? E. & Minnie (Carlock) Curless-- ref; H.F.H.

Darling--Adam E.-- b.Mar.5,1876-- d.Sept.25,1927-- h/o Stella (Cluney)-- s/o Reason & Annie (Ray)-- no stone found in 1996-- ref. d.c.

Davis-- Susan-- d.Jan.7,1867-- aged 30 yrs. 4 mo's & 8 ds.-- w/o Ralston Davis

Dobson-- Fred-- b.May 12,1879-- d.____

Dobson-- George-- b.July 23, 1845-- d.Aug.22, 1911-- aged 66 yrs. & 29 ds.-- h/o Mary (Brown)-- s/o Joseph (b.Ky.) & _____(___) (b.Ind.) Co. K 16th Ill. Inf. -- ref; Chapmans Hist. of Fulton Co. Ill.-- ref. d.c.

Dobson--Mary E. (Brown)-- b.June 17,1855-- d. Feb.8, 1937-- w/o George W. Dobson-- married 1874-- d/o Jacob Brown -- ref; Chapman Hist. of Fulton Co. Ill.

Dobson--Mary J.--b. Feb.27,1882--d. Jul.20,1908--aged 26 yrs.4 mo.& 23 ds.--w/o Fred Dobson--ref d.c.

Doyle--Biddis A. --b. Apr.13,1873--d. Sep.21,1901--aged 27 yrs. 5 mo. & 8 ds. --d/o Dennis & Frances Doyle

Doyle--Dennis --d. Oct.22,1890--aged 64 yrs. 8 mo. & 16 ds.-- h/o Frances

Edlen--Freddy--b. May 27,1884--d. May 25,1896

Edlen--John N.--b.Apr.25,1878--d. Jul.25,1879

Edlen--Margaret--b. Oct.7,1810--d.Jul.26,1897

Edlen--Mary E. (Leonard)--d. May 16,1912--aged 56 yrs. 6 mo. & 13 ds.--d/oJohn & Jane (Tippy) Leonard.-- inf. Thomas Edlen--no stone 1996--d.c.

Edlen--Richard --b. Feb.8,1804--d. May.17,1883

Edlen--Thomas --b. Oct.16,1845 Hardin County Ky.--d. Feb.2,1924 (widower)--s/o John & Hester (Farmer) Edlen--no stone found in 1996--d.c.

Edlin-- Charles R. --b. 1866--d. 1904

Edlin--Ellen-- b. 1845--d. 1909--w/o James R. Edlin

Edlin-- James R.--b. 1841--d.1919

Edlin--Jonas--b. Nov.16,1859 Elizabeth Iowa--d. Mar.13,1936--h/o Ida--s/o John & Elizabeth ( ) Edlin--no stone in 1996--d.c.

Edlin-- Marion L.--b.1872--d.1895

Flowers--Lillian --b. Dec.3,1926--d. Dec.5,1926--d/o Raymond (b. Pike Twp. Mo.) & Flossie (Cluney) Flowers--no stone found in 1996--d.c.

Foutch--Infant--d. Nov.19,1888 --s/o C. & M.M. Foutch

Freeman-- Grover Dexter--b. Sep.16,1886--d. Dec.23,1968--h/o Ethel (McCausland) --s/o dexter & Mary Ann (Lockard) Freeman--d.c.

Freeman--Joseph Marshall-- b&d. Nov.27,1922--s/o Grover D. & Marie A. (Shields) Freeman--d.c

Freeman--Marie Antoinette (Shields)--b. Jun.26,1887--d. Feb. 4,1956--w/o Grover Dexter Freeman--d/o Ellis & Joanna Mary (Hughes) Shields--d.c.

Garrett--George W.--d. Oct.15,1902-1903--aged 63 yrs.7 mo. & 14 ds. (married) --b. Il.--stone reads d. 1903--no cem. given on d.c.

Garrett-- Mary M. --b. 1842--d. 1919--w/o George W. Garrett

Garrett--Sarah--d. Nov.4,1902--aged 23 yrs.8 mo. & 28 ds. (married)--no stone found in 1996

Gore--Eldora (Wrestler)--b.Apr.30,1921___ --w/o Robert Orville Gore--m.Jun.8,1940,their children --Sherry S. b.Jul.8,1941--Robert L. b. Aug.30,1942

Gore--Robert Orville --b. Jun.18,1913--d. May.8,1990

Gott--Edward T.--b.1910--d. 1985

Gott--Mary Della--b.Aug.3,1936--d.Aug.4,1936

Gott--Musie (Butler)--b. 1910--d.___--w/o edward T.

Gouker--Evelyn Luella--b.Feb.8,1914--d. Mar.12,1915--aged 1yr. 1 mo. & 4 ds.--d/o John (b.Pa.) & Evelyn (Thomas) (b. Il.) --no stone 1996---d.c.

Gould--Jesse--d. Mar.2,1896--aged 11 yrs. --no stone in 1996--d.c.

Hayward--George S.--b.1854--d. 1901

Hayward--Mary E.--b. 1858--d.1930--w/o George Hayward

Hicks--Ed.--d. Sep.15,1914--aged 64 yrs.--b. N.Y.--inf Robert Cleer--no stone found in 1996--d.c.

Howe--Alta Mae--d. May 12,1891--aged 1 mo. & 11 ds.--d/o S. & N.E. Howe

Howe--Amos Edward--b. Nov.2,1872--d. Aug.1,1940--h/o Minnie Bell (Martin)--s/o James & Amanda (Kinzer) Howe--d.c.

Howe--Harold C.--b. Jun.5,1909--d.Jun.10,1965--h/o Mae--s/o Amos & Minnie Bell (Martin) Howe--d.c.

Howe--Mae (Foutch)--b. May.3,1909--d. Dec.20,1987--w/o Harold C. Howe--married Jul.14,1945--d/o Jesse & Blanch (Pascal) Foutch.--d.c.

Howe--Maxy--b.Jun.13,1876--d. Feb.13,1897--s/o James & Amanda (Kinzer) Howe

Howe--Minnie Bell (Martin)--b. Jan.30,1881--d.Feb.26,1955--d/o Manning & Catherine (Porter) Martin--d.c.

Howe--Nannie F. (Brown)--b.1858--d.1944


Howe--Stanley Martin--b.Feb.15,1916--d. Mar.3,1942-- Ill. Flying Cadet Air corps 8 Sq. Fl. D. Coleman, Texas-- ref; Ill. Vet Records

Johnson-- Tabitha-- d.Oct.29,1862-- aged 5 yrs. 2mo's & 29ds.-- d/o H. & S. Johnson

Jones--George-- b.1840 Ill.-- d.May26,1920-- (Widower) -- no stone -- ref. d.c.

Kearney-- Phoebe A.-- d.Dec.8,1871-- aged 23yrs. & 7ds.-- w/o Thomas Kearney

Kingery-- Delafayetta-- d.Sept.10,1884-- aged 24yrs. 1 mo., & 26 ds.-- s/o J.F. & M.C. Kingery

Kingery--mary Catherine (Newberry)-- b.Mar.17,1839 Ind.-- d.June18,1915-- (Widow)-- d/o J.W. Newberry -- Inf; Clayton Kingery-- stone reads d. June19-- ref. d.c.

Kingery--John F.-- b.Jan.13,1838-- d.Nov. 15,1903-- d.c.=aged 65yrs. 10mo's & 2ds.-- d.c.=d.Nov.5-- Vet. Civil War Pvt.-- ref; Ill. Vet records read= Kingory--- ref. d.c.

Kinzer--Alfred-- b.Sept.26,1837-- d.Sept.30,1893

Kinzer--Mary L.-- d. Sept 26,1858-- aged 1yr. 11mo's. & 20ds.-- d/o A. & M.E. Kinzer

Lalicker--Ella-- b.Feb.7,1869-- d.June23,1902-- w/o C.W. Lalicker

LeMasters--David M.-- b.1850-- d.1924

LeMasters--Infant-- d.Jan16,1880-- aged 2 years-- ref; 1974 cem. book reads "LeMasters" d.c. reads "Lancaster"?? same dates-- no stone in 1996-- ref. d.c.

LeMasters-- Sadie L.-- b.1882-- d.1900

LeMasters--Willie E.-- b.1878-- d.1880

Leonard--Abram-- b.July10,1841-- d.Apr.26,1913

Leonard--Elizabeth-- d.Oct.7,1902-- aged 81 yrs. 1mo. & 13ds.-- b. Ohio-- w/o James R. Leonard (Widow)-- ref. d.c.

Leonard--Elva-- b.Feb.2,1875-- d.Oct.27,1905-- aged 30yrs. 8mo's & 25ds.-- (Married)--- ref. d.c.

Leonard--Infant Male-- b.&d.Apr.27,1910-- s/o Lewis& Eva or Iva (Raridon) Leonard-- no stone found in 1996-- ref. d.c.

Leonard--Iva (Raridid)-- b.July16,1884-- Ill.-- d.Aug.12,1920-- w/o Lewis C. Leonard-- d/o William A. 7 mary E. (Young)Raridid-- ref. d.c.

Leonard--James R.-- no status

Leonard-- Jane (Tippey)-- b.May5,1834-- d.Apr.20,1925-- w/o John Leonard-- d/o James & Jane (___) Tippey-- (Widow)-- Inf; William Leonard (no stone 1996)-- ref. d.c.

Leonard--John-- d.Aug.13,1902-- aged 73yrs. 9mo's-- b. Georgetown, Ohio-- (Married)-- no stone in 1996-- ref. d.c.

Leonard--John S.-- b.Mar.28,1867-- d.Mar.10,1939-- h/o Lena (Harns) -- no stone found in 1996-- ref. d.c.

Leonard--Lewis C.-- b. 1847-- d.1965-- h/o Iva (Raridon)

Leonard-- Malindea-- b.Oct.4,1836-- d.Aug.11,1901-- w/o Abram Leonard

Leonard-- Oscar-- d.Aug.19,1874--aged 1 year 6 mo's & 19ds. -- s/o L. & T. Leonard

Leonard-- Rachel-- no stats-- d/o J.R. & E. Leonard

Leonard--Tena (Hard)-- b.Nov.18,1887-- d.Oct.8,1992-- aged 104 years-- d/o Reason & Martha (McNeil) Hard-- (Widow)-- Inf. Elsie Beaird, Dau. -- ref. d.c.

Leonard--William-- b.June14,1857-- d.June1,1943-- (Single)-- s/o John & Jane (Tippey) Leonard-- no stone found in 1996-- ref. d.c.

Lockard-- Elizabeth (Conner)-- b.Apr.3,1819 Ohio-- d.Nov. 29,1903-- w/o Jacob Lockard-- ref; George Drumm, Canton, Ill.-- ref. d.c.

Lockard-- Goldie-- b.Apr.24,1922-- d.Apr.28,1922-- d/o John & Lily (Slaight)-- ref. d.c.

Lockard--Isaac-- d.Oct.8,1883-- aged 26years. 10mo's & 6 ds.-- s/o J. & E. Lockard

Lockard-- Jacob-- b.May21,1820,--Ohio-- d.Dec.5,1908-- aged 88 yrs. 6mo's & 14 ds.-- h/o Elizabeth (Conner)-- ref. d.c.

Lockard-- James L.-- d.Dec.8,1881-- aged 27yrs. & 20ds.

Lockard-- Rossie-- b.Aug.6,1889--d.Mar.7,1890

Malone-- Della-- b.Oct.18,1889-- d.Apr.19,1917

Marble-- Amy-- d.Oct.14,1864-- aged 9mo's & 20 ds. -- d/o A. & L. Marble

Marble-- Jennie-- d.Sept.11,1863-- aged 1 year & 22 ds.-- d/o A. & L. Marble

Marble--John N.--d.June 14,1860-- aged 17yrs. 2mo's & 20ds.-- s/o Hiram & Rosanna H. Marble

Marble-- Leona-- d.Mar.9,1865-- w/o Andrew Marble

Markley--Agnes E.--b.1870--d.1949--nee Brown--w/o William Frank Markley

Markley--Alice --b.Aug.19,1881--d.___--w/o Alva Markley

Markley--Alva Clayton--b.Aug.15,1882--d.Oct.10,1907--aged 26 yrs.& 2 mo.--h/o Alice

Markley--Elsa--d. Aug.20,1888--aged 9 mo.& 9 ds.--d/o J.S. & L.J. Markley--d.c. reads Elsay

Markley--Harvey Otis--b.1896--d.1928

Markley-- Infant Son--d. 1899--on stone with Maggie & Rosana Markley

Markley-- John N.--b. 1860--d. 1949--h/o Zadie (Tippey)

Markley--Lillyan Geneva--b. Jul.7,1904--d. Nov.28,1904--aged 4 mo. & 20 ds.--d/o W.F. & A.E. Markley--d.c. reads Nov.17,1904

Markley--Lovina (Masters)(LeMasters)--b. Mar.5,1832--Feb.28,1899--w/o William Markley--m.1838--ref Chapmans History of Fulton County Il. 1879

Markley--Maggie--b. Jul.21,1902--d.Nov.1,1902--aged 3 mo. & 30 ds.--d.c

Markley--Paul J.--b. Feb.2,1896--d.Oct.6,1918--Vet. Cpl. 7 Co. CAC W.W.I --"Died in the service of his country"

Markley--Rosana Jane--b. May 17,1867--d. Nov.21,1902--aged 35 yr.6 mo. &4 ds. (married)

Markley--William--b. Sep.15,1830 Coshocton Co. Ohio--d. Dec.8,1908--aged 78yr.2mo.& 23 ds.--h/o Lavina (Masters-LeMasters)--s/o David & Rebecca(--) Markley--ref Chapmans History of Fulton County IL. 1879--Co. I. 85th IL.Inf.--d.c

Markley--William Frank--b. Feb.10,1862--d. May 14,1937--h/o Agnes E. (Brown)--s/o William & Lavina (Linebaugh)--parents b. Ohio--d.c.

Markley--Zadie (Tippey)--d. Feb.10,1890--aged 28 yr. 6 mo.& 21 da.--w/o J.N. Markley

Martin--Anna--b. May 3,1875--d.__--w/o Sylvester Martin

Martin--Diana V. (Beaman)--b. Feb.13,1831--d. Jul.13,1911--aged 80 yrs.& 5 mo.--w/o V. Martin--d/o James (b.Ind.) & Nancy (Hooper) (b. Pa.) Beaman--two stones--ref. Chapmans History of Fulton County Il. 1879--d.c.

Martin--Hannah--b. Jul.22,1852--d. Oct.2,1852

Martin--Manning--b. Mar.12,1869--d.___--s/o Vandoros Martin

Martin--Oskar--b. May 10,1865--d.Jun.20,1865

Martin--Semantha--b. Apr.12,1856--d. Jul.19,1872

Martin--Sylvester--b.Oct.1,1862--d. Jul.17,1903--aged 39 yrs.9 mo.& 17 ds. (married)--s/o Vandoros & Diana (Beaman) Martin--ref. Chapman History of Fulton Co. IL. 1879--d.c.

Martin--Thomas--d. Oct.25,1866--aged 67 yrs. 8 mo. & 3 ds.

Martin--Vandoros--b. Aug.1820 Zanesville Ohio--d.___--h/o Diana (Beaman)--s/o Thomas (b. Md.) & Anna (Blaine) (b.Pa.)--married Diana 1851--ref. Chapman History of Fulton County Il. 1879

Miller--Robert Jewett--b. Jun.30,1865 Ind.--d. Jan.31,1927--h/o Claudee Mae (widower)--s/o Lewis & Minerva (___) Miller--both parents b. KY.--no stone found in 1996

Morton--___--b. Jun.16,1853--d.___ (only info)

Moslander--Edith C. --b. Jan.3,1910--d. Jan.6,1911

Moslander--Joseph--b. Feb.25,1900--d. Apr.10,1902

Moslander--Silva B.--d. Nov.19,1889--aged 18 yrs. & 1 mo.--w/o Charles E. Moslander

Musselman--George W.--d. Jul.8,1858--aged 1 yr. 7 mo. & 21 ds.--s/o G. & S. Musselman

Musselman--Sarah A.--d. Nov.29,2876--aged 58 yrs.4 mo. & 26 ds.--w/o George Musselman

McCausland--David N.--b. May 2,1843--d.___--Vet. Civil War Private Army--ref. Ill. Vet Records

McCausland--Jennie M.--d. Oct.6,1895--aged 12 yrs.& 8 mo.--d/o D.&S. MCCausland

McCausland--Sarah--b. Aug.1,1849--d. Dec.19,1898

McHugh--Nancy--d. Jan.9,1859--aged 27 yrs--w/o Hugh McHugh

McKee--Infant--d. Jun.8,1858--aged 1 day--child of J. & M. McKee

Newberry--Jonathan "Father"---d. Sep.11,1888--b. Oh.--aged 71 yrs. 1mo. & 16 ds.--d.c. reads "School Teacher"--d.c.

O'Donel--Infant Female--d. Jan.30,1910--aged 12 hours--no stone 1996--d.c.

O'Donel--Infant Male--d. Nov. 3,1902--aged 2 hours--no stone 1996--d.c.

O'Donnell--John --b. Nov.1,1840--d. Aug.30,1900

O'Donnell--Lydia (Brewer)--b.Nov.14,1842 Ind.--d. Jan.4,1925--aged 82 yrs. 1 mo. & 20 ds.--w/o John O'Donnell--c/o Ceban Brewer--d.c.

Offord--Elizabeth J.--d. Feb.4,1871--aged 38 yrs.2 mo. & 7 ds.--w/o W.Offord

Offord--William --d. May 18,1879

Offord--William M.--d. Nov.23,1854--aged 7 yrs. 10 mo. & 29 ds. --s/o William & Elizabeth(---) Offord

Ogden--Andrew J.---b. Apr.22,1831 Oh.--d. Jan.14,1909--d.c

Ogden--Charles---b. Dec.25,1880--d. May 8,1961--h/o Dora L. (Tippey) --s/o Clinton & Pricilla (Punneo) Ogden.--d.c.

Ogden--Dora L. (Tippey)--b. Dec.31,1883--d. Sep.3,1972 (widow)--w/o Charles Ogden--d/o W. Scott Tippey & Mary (Thomas)--d.c

Ogden--John D. "Brother"--b. Mar.17,1854 Oh.--d. Jan.9,1929 (single)--s/o Andrew J. & Mary L. (Curless) Ogden --d.c.

Ogden--Mary L. (Curless)--b. Apr.3,1832--d. Jan.17,1895--w/o Andrew J. Ogden--d/o John W. Curless & Phoebe (Rumery)

Ogden-- Nancy "Sister"--d. 1857--stone says buried at Bluff City.Il.

Ogden--Phobea C. "Sister"--b. Jun.26,1869--d. Mar.6,1960 (never Married.)--d/o Andrew & Mary Louise (Curless) Ogden--d.c.

Parks--Maggie M.--b.1902--d._____

Parks--William Edward--b. Nov.13,1901--d. Dec.29,1951--h/o Maggie--s/o Manford & Lottie (Crapo) Parks--d.c.

Parminter--Isaac H.--d. Mar.1871

Parminter--Jerome R.--d. Sep.27,1867--aged 9 yrs.7 mo. & 4ds.--s/o S. & M. Perminter

Pernimter--Sarah M. --d. Nov.14,1872--aged 7 yrs. 8 mo. & 6 ds.--d/o S. & M. Perminter

Patchen--Cinthia--b. Sep.26,1841--d. Jan.9.1924--w/o William Patchen

Patchen--Emma --b. Sep.20,1860--d. Mar.8,1861--d/o William & C.C. Patchen

Patchen--Scott--d. Apr.17,1867--aged 7 yrs. 9 mo. & 17 ds. --s/o William & C.C. Patchen

Patchen--William--b. Dec.31,1831--d. Apr.13,1896

Phalen--Clyde--b. Dec.22,1911--d. Mar.30,1912--s/o William & S.E. Phalen

Phalen--Hiram--b. May 19,1898--d. Aug.30,1898--s/o William & S.E. Phalen

Phalen--Infant--b. Feb.4,1896--d. Mar.10,1896--child of William & S.E. Phalen

Phalen--Jeanette--b. Jan.22,1929--d. Aug.19,1933--d/o Melvin & Clela(Welker) Phalen--d.c.

Phalen--Leo Eugene-- b&d.Jul.29,1934--s/o Melvin L. & Clela (Welker) Phalen--d.c.

Phalen--Nellie--b. Apr.*,1897--d. Aug.2,1897--d/o William & S.E. Phalen

Ralston--William R.--b. Feb.20,1844-1845 Brown Co. Oh. --s/o A.J. & Nancy Jane (Penny) --stone ready b. 1845--d.c.

Ratcliff--Carrie Jane (Edlen)--b. Jan.9,1887--d. Mar.22,1952--d/o Thomas & Mary (Leonard) --(stone reads Ratcliff, Carrie Wilson)--d.c.

Ratcliff--Larry Devere--b.Oct.12,1947--d. May 5,1985--s/o Lyle & Anna (Hopping) Vet. U.S. Army Vietnam

Redfern--Melissa (Edlin)--b. Jun.16,1874--d. Apr.15,1944--w/o George Redfern--d/o James & Ellen(---) Edlin--no stone in 1996---d.c.

Richardson--John---d. Feb.7,1863--aged 8 days--s/o J. & S.S. Richardson

Rodgers--C. Hensiey--b.1863--d. 1916--h/o Isadora

Rodgers--Isadora--b. 1871--d.___

Russell--John E. --b. 1915--d. 1985

Russell--Shirley M.(Farwell)--b. 1934--d.____--w/o John Russell--w/o # 1 Richard Hamm ( b. Browning Cem.)

Saffer--Armanda Belle--d. Nov.9,1862--aged 1yr. & 9 mo.--d/o J.T. & N. Saffer

Saffer--Emma--d. Jul.14,1864--aged 8 mo. & 15 ds.--d/o J.E. & C. Saffer

Saffer--Francis E.--d. Feb.2,1858--aged 33 yrs. 4 mo. & 18 ds.--w/o J.F. Saffer

Saffer--George W.--d. Jul.11,1858--aged 4 yrs. 4 mo. & 22 ds.--s/o J.T. & N. Saffer

Saffer--George T. --d. Aug.20,1864--aged 7 days--s/o J.P. & C. Saffer

Saffer--John M. --d. Mar.12,1863--aged 3 yrs. 5 mo.&18 ds.--s/o F. & F. Saffer

Salisburry--Levi--d. Dec. 21,1896--aged 73 yrs. 1mo. & 21 ds.

Samuels--Emma (Foutch)--d. Nov.11,1910--aged 20 yrs. 5 mo. & 25 ds.--d/o Charles & Malinda (Martin) Foutch--no stone found in 1996--d.c.

Severns-- Clayton R. --d. Feb.27,1875--aged 4 yrs.6 mo. & 25 ds.--s/o J. & R. Severns

Severns--John L.--d. Mar.7,1877--aged 2 yrs. 11 mo. & 18 ds.--s/o J. & R.E. Severns

Severns--Rebeca E.--d. Nov.19,1874--aged 34 yrs.--w/o John Severns

Shaneyfelt--Anna (Bassett)--b. 1868--d.1924--w/o James Shaneyfelt

Shawgo--David--b. Apr.23,1847--d. May 1,1931--h/o Phebe--s/o George & Julia (Evans) Shawgo--d.c.

Shawgo--Eletha J. (Bunnell)--b. Jul.19,1853 Conn.--d. Mar.4,1921--d/o Charles & Mary (Little) Bunnell--Parents both b. Conn.--w/o Isreal M. Shawgo--d.c. reads Eleatha

Shawgo--Herbert Carrol--b. Jun.16,1918--d. Dec.17,1923--s/o Frank & Edna (Schaffer) Shawgo--d.c.

Shawgo--Isreal M.--b. Oct.16,1843 OH.--d. Apr.24,1921 (widower)--s/o George & Julia (Evans) Shawgo--d.c.

Shawgo-- James A.--d. Apr. 28,1882--aged 2 yrs. & 8 mo.--d.c.

Shawgo--Phoebe Jane (Curless)--b. Nov.11,1852--d. Oct.13,1927(married)--d/o James & Caroline (Leonard) Curless--d.c.

Shook--George L.--d. Sep.3,1862--aged 9 mo. & 23 ds.--s/o L. & M.J. Shook

Shook--George T.--d. Apr.25,1857--aged 4 mo. & 2 ds.--s/o J.M. & M.E. Shook

Shook--J.M.--d. Oct.10,1874--Corpl. Co. E. 27th Inf. Civil War.--ref. Ill Vet records--Betty Gibboney records (ref. Zola Hardy) Lewistown Il.

Shook-- John A. --d. May 25,1857--aged 7 yrs. & 21 ds.--s/o J.M. & M.E. Shook

Shore--Lawrence D.--b. 1904--d. 1970

Slaight--Infant Male--d. Mar.31,1912--aged 13 ds. --s/o Frank & Lillie (Martin) Slaight--no stone in 1996--d.c.

Smith--Eunice (Leonard)--d. Sep.9,1893--aged 53 yrs. 8 mo.& 4 ds.(b. Brown Co. OH.)w/o Mordecaik H. Smith--d.c. reads Ennis--ref 1974 cem. book--d.c.

Still--Maria--d. Sep.16,1871--aged 34 yrs. 1mo. & 24 ds.--w/o Solomon Still

Still--Solomon---d. Jun.7,1876--aged 45 yrs. 1 mo. & 7 ds.

Thomas--Clarence Owen--d. Feb.21,1909 --aged 3 mo.&15 ds.--d. Isabel Twp.--no stone found in 1996

Thomas--David O. --d. Sep.3/4, 1889--aged 32 yrs.--(married)--stone reads 28 yrs.9 mo. &23 ds.

Thomas--Herbert Arthur--b. May.1,1931---d. May 6,1931--s/o William & Electa Thomas

Thomas--John --d. Jun.21,1895--aged 62 yrs.9 mo.& 19 ds.--h/o Mary Jane (Brewer)

Thomas--Mary Jane (Brewer)--d. Jan.23,1892--aged 54 yrs. 7 mo. & 7 ds. w/o John Thomas

Thomas--Maurice William--b.&d. May.17,1930--s/o Will. H. & Electa Thomas --no stone found in 1996

Thomas--Roda J.--d. Mar.24,1858--aged 10 mo. & 10 ds.--d/o J. & M.J. Thomas

Thompson--Glenn--d. Dec.25,--aged 14 yrs.--no marker --ref. 1974 cem. book--no stone in 1996

Tippy--Allen--d. Apr.26,1885--aged 19 yrs.2mo.& 26ds.(single)--d.c.

Tippy--Abram--d. Apr.27,1885--Williamson Co. ILL.--aged 57 yrs.& 5 mo.--(married)--(see Tippy Abraham in Chapmans Hist. of Fulton County IL.)

Tippey--Charles P.--b. Sep.22,1871--d. Jun.20,1939--h/o Minnie (Thomas) --m. 13.Jan.1898 Hannibal MO.--s/o Henry & Libble (Haines) Tippey--ref Wifes obit and d.c.

Tippey--Clyde--b.Aug.25,1888--d.Aug.4,1889--s/o M.D. & I.M. Tippey

Tippey--Edward L.--b. 1899--d. 1927--s/o Charles & Minnie A. (Thomas) Tippey

Tippy--Infant Dau.--d. Apr.18,1876

Tippey--James W.--b. 1839--d. 1923--Co.B. 85th Ill. Inf. Civil War

Tippey--James W.--b. Nov.15,1850--d. Feb.3,1916--s/o Abram & Sarah (Sands) Tippey --(widower) --inf Cleve Tippy--Vet Co. B. 85th Ill. Inf. --ref. Vets records

Tippy--Leander--d. Oct.15,1873--aged 2 yrs. 10 mo.& 27 ds.

Tippy--Lizzie--d. Apr.27,1884--aged 19 yrs. & 11 mo.--w/o H.L. Tippy--d.c. reads Eliz d. Apr.25,--aged 20 yrs.

Tippey--Marcus--d. Apr.23,1892--aged 26 yrs. 3 mo. & 7ds.

Tippy--Maria (O'Donnell)--b. Dec.2,1868--d. Jan. 26,1896--aged 27 yr. 1mo. & 24ds.--w/o James

Tippy--Martha Adaline (Leonard)--b. Dec.13,1859 Ohio--d. Apr.8,1928--w/o James W.Tippy-- (widow)--d/o James & Lizzie (Peters) Leonard--no stone in 1996--ref d.c.

Tippey--Maey Isabel (Thomas)--b. Jan.4,1864--d. Feb.6,1947--w/o Winfield Scott Tippey--d/o John & Mary Jane (Brewer) Thomas.--parents both b. IND.--ref d.c.

Tippy--Melvina --d. Oct.21,1864--aged 7 yr.--d/o A. & S. Tippy

Tippey--Minnie A. (Thomas)--b. Apr.10,1880--d. Nov.24,1979--w/o Charles P. Tippey--m. Jan.13,1898 Hannibal MO.--(widow)--ref Obit & d.c.

Tippey--Rebecca--d. Jan.31,1876--aged 38 yr.--w/o S. B. Tippey

Tippey--Rosa (O'Donald)--b. Sep.30,1873--d. Mar.7,1896--w/o Warren Tippey--d/o John & Lydia (Brewer) O'Donald/O'Donnell--ref Don Barnett, Canton IL. & d.c

Tippy--Roy E.--d. Jul.21,1888--aged 1 yr. 3mo. &3 ds.--s/o H.L. & S. E. Tippy

Tippey--Sarah--b. Sep.9,1824 Ohio--d. Dec.2,1908--aged 84 yr. 2mo. &23 ds.--w/o Abram Tippey--d.c.

Tippy--Sarah Parthena--d. Jun.29,1862--aged 3 yr.3 mo. &2ds.--d/o A. & S. Tippy

Tippy--Sterling Berry--b. Dec.12,1838--d. Apr.15,1925--h/o Maria--no stone in 1996

Tippy--Warren--b. Jun.12,1868--d. Jun.16,1895

Tippey--Winfield Scott--b.Jun.30,1856--d.May 12,1941--h/o Mary I. (Thomas)--s.o Abram (b.Williamson Co. Il.) & Sarah (Sands)(b. Ohio) Tippey--d.c.

Tivis--Ellen--d. Mar.1870--w/o J.W. Tivis--ref 1974 Cem. book.--book reads 37 yr.

Walraven--Freda Helen-- d. Sep.6,1912--aged 1 yr. 1mo. & 26 ds.--d.o Roy & Mary (Clear) Walraven--no stone

Walraven-- Harley Nellie--b. 1898--d. 1919

Walraven--James--b. Jul.30,1850 Ohio--d. Aug.18,1913--s/o Samuel R. & Sarah (Shores) Walraven--both parents b. Ohio--inf. Mary E. Walraven.--d.c.

Walraven-- Mary Ellen(Wright)--b. Oct.10,1859--d. Jan.1,1948--w/o James E. Walraven--d/o Phillip & Martha (Warner) both parents b. IND.--ref d.c.

Wallraven--Sylvia Bell--d. Jan.21,1904--aged 16 yr. 4mo. & 28ds.--no stone 1996--ref. d.c.

Warner--Catherine--d. Sep.24,1858--aged 11 mo. & 22ds.

Warner--David--d. Apr.15,1862--aged 16 yr. 2mo. & 24ds.--s/o S. & S. Warner

Warner--George A.--b. Feb.25,1850 Harrison County Ohio--d. Sep.10,1893--s/o samuel & Sarah (Carter) Warner--h/o Lucinda (Masters/LeMasters)--m. 1871--ref Chapmans History of Fulton County IL. 1879

Warner--Infant--d. Sep.3,1861--aged 10 ds. --d/o S. & S. Warner

Warner--Infant--d. Mar.29,1878--aged 2 ds.--d.c.

Warner--Infants --d. Aug.15,1871--dau's/o George & L. Warner

Warner--Phillip--d. Sep.5,1858--aged 14 yr. 5mo. & 7ds. --s/o S. & S. Warner

Warner--Sarah--d. Sep.13,1861--w/o S. Warner

Wherley--Frances Lee Ellen--b. May 3,1917--d. Jan.27,1966 Peoria Ill.--d.c. --never married--d.o Harry & Lela Mae (Wilson) Wherley

Wherley--Harry Ervin--b. Jun.8,1890--d. Aug.10,1961--h/o Lela (Wilson)--s/o Charles Conrad & Lana (Stauffer) Wherley--d.c.

Wherley--Lela Mae(Wilson)--b. 1890---d.______ w/o Harry E. Wherley

Williams--Maranda--b. Mar.23,1834--d. Nov.27,1866

Wilson--Abbie G.--d. Aug.11,1902--aged 20 yr. & 15ds.--(single)--no stone 1996

Wilson--Frank"Frankie"--b. Apr.21,1888--d. Feb.20,1904--aged 15 yrs. 11 mo.--d.c.

Wilson--Infant Female--b.&d. Mar.24,1933--d/o Ernie & Mary (Deary)Wilson--no stone found in 1996

Wilson--John Clifford--b. Jul.18,1925--d. Oct.2,1925--s/o Ernest & Mary (Deary) Wilson--no stone in 1996--d.c.

Wilson--John William--b. Aug.30,1885 ?--d. Jun.23,1929--aged given on d.c. 70 yrs. 9mo.& 23ds.--(married)--no stone in 1996--d.c.

Wilson--Joseph W.--d. Dec.31,1861--aged4 yr. 10mo.& 22ds.--s/o T.W. & M.A. Wilson

Wilson--Josie Deweese--b. Feb.14,1897--d. Feb.8,1904--aged 6 yr.11 mo.& 25 ds.--on stone with Frankie--stone reads "Jossie"--d.c.

Wilson--.Lucinda (LeMaster)Warner--b. May 21,1852--d. Oct.29,1914--w/o #1 George Warner--w/o #2 ____Wilson--ref Betty Gibboney, per Marion Linebaugh, Lewistown IL.

Wilson--Martha (DeWeese)--b. Dec.11,1839--d. May 19,1891--w/o T.W. Wilson

Wilson--Mary--d. Mar.20,1863--aged 68 yr. & 5 mo.--w/o Joseph Wilson

Wilson--Roscoe--b. Nov.1,1883--d. May 5,1917--ref cem. book

Wilson--Selah Edwin--b. Jun.18,1914--d. Mar.9,1926--s/o Ernest & Mary (Deary) Wilson--d.c.

Wilson--Thomas Wesley--b. Mar.28,1835 Harrison Co. IND.--d. Mar.28,1921--h/o Martha (DeWeese)--s/o Joseph & Mary M. (Rogers) Wilson--m. in IND.--ref. Chapmans History of Fulton County IL. 1879--d.c.

Wrestler--Arminda J.--d. Jul.11,1871--aged 1 yr. & 14 ds.--d/o L. & S. Wrestler

Wrestler--Dorothy B.--b. Feb.22,1923--d. ____ w/o Frank C. Wrestler

Wrestler--Emma Belle (Porter)--b. Aug.29,1881--d. May 25,1938--w/o Orange Wrestler--d/o William & Anna (Azbell) Porter--d.c.

Wrestler--Frank C.--b. May 24,1922--d.___

Wrestler--George L.--d. Jan.14,1880--aged 1 yr. & 9 ds.--s/o M.S. & C.E. Wrestler--d.c. reads d. Jan.14,1879--aged 1 mo.10 ds.

Wrestler--Grover C.--b. 1892--d. 1978

Wrestler--Henry Lafayette--b. Jul.9,1862--d. Jul.31,1936--h/o Mary E.--s/o Washington & Sarah (Warner) Wrestler--both parents b. Ohio. d.c.

Wrestler--Juanita Bell--b. Feb.24,1912--d. Oct.31,1914--aged 1 yr. 7 mo. & 19 ds.--no stone in 1996--d.c.

Wrestler--Laura A.--d. Jul.10,1874--aged 11y & 25 ds.

Wrestler--Lydia S. d. Feb.20,1885--aged 20 yr.& 5 mo.--d/o W.L. & S.J. Wrestler

Wrestler--Marcus--b. Jun.12,1883--d. Jun.6,1889--s/o M.S. & C.E.Wrestler

Wrestler--Margaret J. ---d. Nov.18,1852--aged 7 mo. & 8 ds.--d/o M.J. & J. Wrestler

Wrestler--Martha M.--d. Nov.2,1853--aged 6 yr. --d/o M.J. & J. Wrestler

Wrestler--Mary E.--b. 1875--d. Mar.16,1896--aged 20 yr. 10 mo. & 20ds.--(married)---ref. d.c.

Wrestler--Nelson C.--b. 1880--d. 1954

Wrestler--Orange--b. May 8,1879--d. Feb.16,1935--h/o Belle--s/o Lydia ( ____) Wrestler--ref. d.c.

Wrestler--Sarah J.--b. Jan.2,1827--d.___ w/o W.L. Wrestler

Wrestler--Stella (Batterson)--b.1898--d.1994--w/o Grover C. Wrestler--m. Jun.16,1919

Wrestler--Thora Alberta--b. Mar.14,1920--d. May 26,1920--d/o Grover C. & Stella (Batterton)--no stone in 1996--d.c.

Wrestler--Thorton T.--d. Sep.26,1858--aged 2 yr. 11 mo. & 6 ds.--s/o W.L. & S.J. Wrestler

Werstler--Washington L.--b. Feb.13,1825--d. Dec.20,1899--ref. cem. book 1974--reads "Founder of Hickory Cemetery"

Wright--Eldora Jean--b.&d. Apr.17,1928--d/o Lewis & Ida (Clear) --no stone in 1996--ref d.c.

Wright--Isom--d. May 16,1860--aged 4 yr. 3 mo. & 29 ds.--s/o P. & M.E. Wright

Wright--Martha E.--b. Jun.10,1838--d. Dec.15,1896

Wright--Nelson--b. Nov.12,1874 Ill.--d. Aug.20,1944 Provo, Utah--s/o Phillip & Martha (Warner) Wright--ref H.F.H.

Wright-- Philip--b. Oct.23,1835--d. Jun.10,1905

Wright--Rosa (Shores)-- b. Dec.1879--d. Apr.30,1913--w/o Nelson Wright

Zellers--J. Nett--d. Oct.4,1863--aged 9 mo.--d/o F.F. & S.E. Zellers

Zellers--Sarah E.--d. Mar.19,1875--aged 40 yr. 11 mo. & 22ds.--w/o F.F. Zellers

Zellers--Virginia C.--d. Jun.18,1872--aged 3 yr. 11 mo.& 11 ds. d/o F.F. & S.E. Zellers.

_____--Infant--d. Jan. 30,1910--aged 12 hours.

The following burials are believed to be in the Cemeteries in Kerton Twp. Fulton County Il.

Ackerson--John A.--d. Dec.20,1878--aged 10 yr. 1 mo. & 12 ds. ----died in Astoria Twp. Hickory Twp. might be Hickory Cem.--d.c.

Atwater--____--d. Apr.6,1882--aged 12 da. lived in Kerton Twp. Summum DR. d.c.

Bolgner?--Calvin--d. Sep.7,1887--aged 16 yr.--Lived in Kerton Twp.--d.c.

Collins--Taler or Faler--d. Aug.11,1902--no cem given d. Kerton Twp.--Summum IL Undertaker--d.c.

Dowling--Bridget--d. Feb.12,1878--aged 2 yr.--Kerton Twp. d.c.

Fawson--Sarah--d. Apr.23,1887--lived in Kerton Twp.--(see Lawson)--no cem. --d.c.

Head--W.D.--d. Jun.30,1888--white male--b. KY--(Blacksmith)--no more info--d.c.

Hukie--Rachel W.--d. May 16,1878--aged 46 yr. 6 mo.--b.Ohio--(married)--no more info--(farmer)--d.c.

Lawson--Sarah--d. Apr.23,1887--lived Kerton Twp.--(see Fawson)--no cem.--d.c.

Linebaugh--Earle--d. Apr.20,1908--aged 18 yr. & 17 ds---b.&d. Kerton Twp.--burried Price Cem.(Price Cem. is in Hickory Twp. Schuyler County IL.)--d.c.

Lovell--James W.--d. Jul.7,1878--aged 1 yr.3 mo.& 12 ds.--Kerton Twp.--Undertaker at Bluff City Schuyler County IL.