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"Changes" Humor:


Humorous and Unusual Real Church Names

Honestly, we are not making up these names.


Tower of Babel Bible College, Application Form

"Our motto: Shall we sin that grace may abound? Shall we ever!"

Death By Obfuscation, "Just What Do You Mean, "What Do I Mean?"?"

Church-onics: Religious Terminology, "Unveiled, At Last!"

The First Epistles of Bubba the Phishbite to the Usa-ians and Them-alonians


The Book of Cleatus

Deacon Cleatus Goes To Preachin'!

Humor Links:

The following includes sites with articles that made us laugh. Some of the material is just simple fun. Some of the material is satire and some reflects very strong feelings about personal experiences and former fellowships. Inclusion here should not be taken as endorsement or even agreement with everything found at these sites.
In our opinion all of these site have articles that point out human follies common to all of us. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, then we are probably taking ourselves too seriously.

Whirlwind Tours (A scenic Biblical tour with tongue in cheek.)

So entertaining, you may want to go back again.

And Adam Knew Eve,
A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible, by Ronald L. Ecker

"The biblical Hebrews . . . had . . . a "preoccupation with procreation." . . . many of the stories and other passages in the Bible involve sex, and [that's] why many of these, unheard of in sermons and Sunday school lessons, remain little known among laity.

The purpose of And Adam Knew Eve is to inform as well as hopefully to entertain, by gathering from the biblical text all sexually related stories, concepts, and laws, and presenting them, concisely but with attention to context, in convenient dictionary form. Sexually related material comprises overall such a significant portion of scripture that some knowledge of it is essential both in appreciating the Bible as a whole and in understanding the difference in attitude toward sex to be found between the Old and New Testaments."

"Armageddon Okies by Gary Busselman"
A humorous look at life as a JW, but former members of several other groups will recognize
the characters and attitudes from their own experiences. Entertaining and informative.

"What Religion is the Best Religion?" "Consumer Report"
by Fade To Black Magazine

"Welcome to the Sheep Comics!" (Humorous comics with a sharp point.)

"Join one lamb's adventures in the corporate church as
he searches for the truth about the Great Shepherd."
New episodes one to three times a month.

"Churches ad hoc" (Unusual pictures worth more than a thousand words.)

Unique pictures of church buildings in humorous, ironic and embarassing compositions. Don't miss "Angus Dei", "Tower of Babble", and "The Pope's Answer to Luther".

"CARDINAL LAW and the Catholic Church Pedophile Cover-up FOLLIES!"

"The Vatican and the Sex Scandal!"

"Pedophile Priests Greeting Card EXTRAVAGANZA!"
Click on any cartoon to send a PEDOPHILE PRIEST GREETING CARD!

Daryl Cagle's Pro Cartoonists Index Home Page with three collections on the sex scandal.
Professional editorial cartoonists look at the abuse and coverup as only they can.
(Highly recommended!)

The Door, "The world's pretty much only religious satire magazine."
(News, satire and stuff for sale.)

"Landover Baptist Church"

"The Largest, Most Powerful Assembly of Worthwhile People To Ever Exist.
The Unsaved Are Not Welcome"
(Religious news. Extreme satire. Perhaps misunderstood by some to be an anti-religious site,
but the target is corporate religionism, hypocrisy, and self-righteousness.
A large site, updated often. If you are easily offended, don't go.)


"Everything You Wanted To Know About The LDS Church But Were Afraid To Laugh!!!" (?)
A "humorous, irreverent, and satirical look at the teachings and leaders".

"Latter Day Lampoon"
". . . a group of people who believe that humor and reason are the primary components of spirituality and that organized religion contains little of either."

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