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Under the Prairie Sky…

In a small town, Amidst Fields of Wheat.

Main Street…   Turn of the Twentieth Century

To the home-page of the Buffalo Historical Society, Inc.  We are a 501 c (3) non-profit, volunteer organization; dedicated to the preservation of our state and local history.  We are located in the small town of Buffalo, Cass County, North Dakota - population 204!

'BIGGEST' little town on the Prairie

Celebrating 122 years in 2002

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Well over one-hundred years have passed since the first pioneer settlers pushed their way through, the lush grass of the Red River Valley,
to develop one of the richest agricultural districts on the earth. 
Our people have always been agricultural in their pursuit and the Red River Valley has been rightly called the bread basket of the world. 
It is a land of plenty and in every house there is "bread enough and to spare".

   Our forefathers built homes, farms and businesses upon the vast Dakota
prairie.  At an early date, they felt an intellectual and a moral need. 
Schools were built and served as centers of community activity. 
Christian ministers, of various denominations, came and heroically
administered to the needs of the people.

   The spirit which impelled these men and women to carry on in spite of danger and untold hardships in a land that can be unforgiving was truly remarkable,
and responsible for many of the benefits we all enjoy today. 
May each of us receive as a natural heritage something of their indomitable spirit, that we may more deeply appreciate and more fully enjoy the tenure of this land.

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