Confederate Leaders and Units

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Organization of the Confederate Army of Tennessee

Commanding Officer- Joseph E. Johnston

W.J. Hardee's Corp                       J.B. Hood's Corps                      J. Wheeler's Cavalry Corp's

                        Cheathams Division                      Hindman's Division                      Martin's Division

                        Cleburne's Division                       Stevenson's Division                    Kelley's Division

                        Walker's Division                          Stewart's Division                       Hume's Division

                         Bate's Division                 


        Confederate Army of Tennessee
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Hardee's Corps:  Lieutenant General W.J. Hardee

        Cheatham's Division:  Major General B.F. Cheatham
                Maney's Brigade:  Colonel G.C. Porter
                        1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        4th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        6th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        9th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        27th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        41st Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        50th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        24th Tennessee Battalion Sharpshooters
                Strahl's Brigade:  Brigadier General O.F. Strahl
                        4th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        5th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        19th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        24th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        31st Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        33rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                Wright's Brigade:  Colonel J.C. Carter
                        8th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        16th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        28th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        51st Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        52nd Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                Vaughn's Brigade:  Brigadier General A.J. Vaughn
                        11th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        12th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        13th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        29th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        47th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        154th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
        Cleburne's Division:  Major General P.R. Cleburne
               Polk's Brigade:  Brigadier General L.E. Polk
                        1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment
                        15th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
                        5th Confederate Infantry Regiment
                        2nd Tennessee (Provisional ) Infantry Regiment
                        35th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        48th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                Govan's Brigade:  Brigadier General D.C. Govan
                        2nd Arkansas Infantry Regiment
                        5th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
                        6th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
                        7th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
                        8th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
                        13th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
                        19th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
                        24th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
                        3rd Confederate Infantry Regiment
                Lowery's Brigade:  Brigadier General M.P. Lowery
                        16th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        33rd Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        45th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        32nd Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                        45th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                Smith's Brigade:  Brigadier General H.B. Granbury
                        7th Texas Infantry Regiment
                        Consolidated Force-
                                6th Texas Infantry Regiment
                                15th Texas Cavalry Regiment (dismounted) 
                        17th Texas Cavalry Regiment (dismounted)
                        18th Texas Cavalry Regiment (dismounted)
                        24th Texas Cavalry Regiment (dismounted)
                        25th Texas Cavalry Regiment (dismounted)
        Walker's Division:  Major General W.H.T. Walker
                Jackson's Brigade:  Brigadier General J.K. Jackson
                        1st Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        5th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        47th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        65th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        5th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                        8th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                        2nd Georgia Sharpshooter Battalion
                Gist's Brigade:  Brigadier General S.R. Gist
                        46th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        8th Georgia Infantry Battalion
                        16th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
                        24th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
                Steven's Brigade:  Brigadier General C.H. Stevens
                        25th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        29th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        30th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        66th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        1st Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters
                        26th Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters
        Bate's Division:  Major General W.B. Bates
                 Lewis's Brigade:
                        2nd Kentucky Infantry Regiment
                        4th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
                        5th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
                        6th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
                        9th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
                Tyler's Brigade: 
                        4th Georgia Sharpshooter Battalion
                        37th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                         10th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                         15th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        20th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                         30th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        37th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
         Finley's Brigade:
                        Consolidated Force
                                1st Florida Cavalry Regiment (dismounted)
                                4th Florida Infantry Regiment
                        1st Florida Infantry Regiment
                        3rd Florida Infantry Regiment
                        6th Florida Infantry Regiment
                        7th Florida Infantry Regiment
Artillery:  Colonel M. Smith
        Hoxton's Battalion:
                Fowler's Alabama Battery- 4-12pdr Napoleons
                Marion Florida Battery- 2-6pdrs and 2-12pdrs
                Turner's Mississippi Battery- 4-12pdr Napoleons
        Martin's Battalion:
                Bledsoe's Missouri Battery- 2-12pdr Napoleons
                Ferguson's South Carolina Battery- 2-6pdrs
                Howell's Georgia Battery- 2-6pdrs
        Hotckiss' Battalion:
                Calvert's Arkansas Battery- 2-12pd Howitzers and 2-pdr guns
                Semple's Alabama Battery- 4-12 pdr Napoleons
                Warren's Mississippi Battery- 4-12pdr Napoleons
        Cobb's Battalion:
                Cobb's Kentucky Battery- 4-12pdr Napoleons
                Johnston's Tennessee Battery- 4-12pdr Napoleons
                Washington's Louisiana Light Artillery- 2-6pdrs and 2-12pd Howitzers
Hood's Corps:  Lieutenant General J.B. Hood

        Hindman's Division:  Major General T.C. Hindman
                Deas' Brigade:  Brigadier General Z.C. Deas
                        19th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        22nd Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        25th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        39th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        50th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        17th Alabama Battalion Sharpshooters
                Tucker's Brigade:  Brigadier General W.F. Tucker
                        7th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                        9th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                        10th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                        41st Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                        44th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                        9th Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters
                 Manigault's Brigade:  Brigadier General A.M. Manigault
                        24th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        28th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        34th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        10th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
                        19th South Carolina Infantry Regiment
                 Walthall's Brigade:  Brigadier General E.C. Walthall
                        24th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                        27th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                        29th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                        30th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                        34th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
        Stevenson's Division:  Major General C.L. Stevenson
                Brown's Brigade:  Brigadier General J.C. Brown
                        3rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        18th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        26th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        32nd Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        45th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
                        23rd Battalion Tennessee Infantry
                Reynold's Brigade:  Brigadier General A.W. Reynold's
                        58th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
                        60th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
                        54th Virginia Infantry Regiment
                        63rd Virginia Infantry Regiment
                Cummings' Brigade:  Brigadier General A.Cummings
                        34th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        36th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        39th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        56th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                Pettus' Brigade:  Brigadier General E.W. Pettus
                        20th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        23rd Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        30th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        31st Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        46th Alabama Infantry Regiment
         Stewart's Division:  Major General A.P. Stewart
                Stovall's Brigade:  Brigadier General M.A. Stovall
                        40th Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        41st Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        42nd Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        43rd Georgia Infantry Regiment
                        52nd Georgia Infantry Regiment
                Gibson's Brigade:  Brigadier General R.L. Gibson
                        1st Louisiana Infantry Regiment (regulars)
                        13th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
                        16th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
                        19th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
                        20th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
                        25th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
                        4th Louisiana Infantry Battalion
                        14th Louisiana Sharpshooter Battalion
                Clayton's Brigade:  Brigadier General H.D. Clayton
                        18th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        32nd Alabama Infantry Regiment
                         36th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                         38th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        58th Alabama Infantry Regiment
              Baker's Brigade:  Brigadier General A. Baker
                        37th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        40th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                        42nd Alabama Infantry Regiment
Artillery:  Colonel R.F. Beckham
       Courtney's Battalion:
                 Dent's Alabama Battery- 1-12pdr
                 Garrity's Alabama Battery- 2-6pdrs and 2-12pd Howitzers
                 Douglas' Texas Battery- 1 light 12pdr and 2-10pdr Parrots
      Eldridge's Battalion:
                 Fenner's Louisiana Battery- 2-12pdr Howitzers and 2-6pdrs
                 Eufaula Alabama Battery- 3-3" rifles
                 Stanford's Mississippi Battery- 4-12pdr Napoleons
     Palmer's Battalion:
                 Cherokee Georgia Battery- 4-12pdr Napoleons
                 Carnes' Tennessee Battery- 3-12 pdr Napoleons
                 Stephen's Georgia Battery- 4-12pdr Napoleons

Wheeler's Cavalry Corps:  Major General J. Wheeler
        Martin's Division:  Major General W.T. Warton
                Morgan's Brigade:  Brigadier General G.T. Morgan
                        1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment
                        3rd Alabama Cavalry Regiment
                        4th Alabama Cavalry Regiment
                        51st Alabama Cavalry Regiment
                Iverson's Brigade:  Brigadier General A. Iverson
                        1st Georgia Cavalry Regiment
                        2nd Georgia Cavalry Regiment
                        3rd Georgia Cavalry Regiment   
                        4th Georgia Cavalry Regiment
                        6th Georgia Cavalry Regiment   
        Kelly's Division:  Brigadier General J.H. Kelly
                Allen's Brigade:  W.W. Allen
                        3rd Confederate Cavalry Regiment
                        8th Confederate Cavalry Regiment
                        10th Confederate Cavalry Regiment
                        12th Confederate Cavalry Regiment
                Dibrell's Brigade:  Colonel G.G. Dibrell
                        4th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
                        8th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
                        9th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
                        10th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
                        11th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
        Hume's Division: Brigadier General W.Y.C. Humes
                Hume's Brigade:  Colonel J.T. Walker
                        1st Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
                        2nd Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
                        4th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
                        5th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
                        9th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment
                Harrison's Brigade:  Colonel T. Harrison
                        3rd Arkansas Cavalry Regiment
                        8th Texas Cavalry Regiment
                        11th Texas Cavalry Regiment
                Grigsby's Brigade:  Colonel J. Warren Grigsby
                        1st Kentucky Cavalry Regiment
                        2nd Kentucky Cavalry Regiment   
                        9th Kentucky Cavalry Regiment
                        Allison's Tennessee squadron
                        Dortch's Kentucky Cavalry Battalion
                        Hamilton's Tennessee Cavalry Battalion
                Hannon's Brigade:  Colonel M.W. Hannon
                        53rd Alabama Cavalry Regiment
                        24th Alabama Cavalry Battalion
                        Ferrell's Georgia Battery
                        Huwald's Tennessee Battery

Artillery Reserve: Lieutenant Colonel J.H. Hallonquist
                Palmer's Battalion:
                        Lumsden's Alabama Battery- 4-12pdr Napoleons
                        Anderson's Georgia Battery-
                        Havis' Georgia Battery- 1-20pdr Parrot and 2-12 pdr Howitzers
                Waddell's Battalion:
                        Alabama Battery
                        Bellamy's Alabama Battery
                        Barret's Missouri Battery- 2-6pdrs and 2-12pdr Howitzers
                William's Battalion:
                        Jefferson Mississippi Battery- 4-12pdr Napoleons
                        Jeffress' Virginia Battery- 4-10pdr Parrotts
                Barbour Alabama Battery- 2-6pdrs and 2-12pdr Howitzers

            Cantey's Brigade:   Brigadier General J. Cantey
                    17th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                    29th Alabama Infantry Regiment
                    37th Mississippi Infantry Regiment
                    Alabama Sharpshooters Battalion

Engineer Troops:  Major S.W. Presstman
            3rd Confederate Engineers, Company A
            3rd Confederate Engineers, Company B detailed to Cheatham's Division
            3rd Confederate Engineers, Company C detailed to Stewart's Division
            3rd Confederate Engineers, Company D
            3rd Confederate Engineers, Company F detailed to Cleburne's Division
            3rd Confederate Engineers, Company G detailed to Hindman's Division
            Sappers and Miners

       Benjamin Franklin Cheatham-(1820-1886)   Serving throughout the Civil War in what would become the Confederate Army of Tennessee, Tennesseean Benjamin F. Cheatham proved himself to be a highly capable commander at brigade through corps level.  A farmer, he has served as a captain in the 1st Tennessee and as the colonel of the 3rd Tennessee during the Mexican War.   Active in the state militia during the interwar years, he was on of the state's senior officers during the period before it merged its forces into the Confederate Army.   He led a division at Belmont and Shiloh, where he was wounded, and during the defense of Corinth, Mississippi.  Having been promoted to Major General before Shiloh, he fought as a division commander temporarily in charge of the wing at Perryville and later at Murfreesboro.  After participating in the Tullahoma Campaign he fought in the Confederat victory at Chickamauga.  Absent at Chattanooga(the one major action of the army that he missed) he returned for the Atlanta Campaign.(Taken from the Confederate Military History)

    Brigadier General George Maney-  Brigadier General George Maney was one of the most gallant officers of Tennessee.  Before Tennessee had decided the question of secession, he was ready to serve her in the field if his services should be required.  Espousing the cause of the South with all his heart, he was appointed Colonel of the First Tennessee infantry on May 8, 1861.  In July he was sent to Staunton, Va., and in the brigade of General S.R. Anderson was ordered to report to General Loring in northwest Virginia. He served in the Cheat Mountain campaign, and was sent with General Anderson's  command to join General Stonewall Jackson at Winchester, Va. in December, 1861.  His regiment was part of the  force with which Jackson marched against Bath, Hancock, and Romney in January, 1862.  In February 1862 after the fall of Forts Henry and Donelson, he made an earnest appeal to the Richmond government to send himself and his regiment to assist in the defense of Tennessee.  This request was granted, and he was placed on command of the Second brigade, Cheatham's division of Polks corps of the army of the Mississippi.  He led this command at the battle of Shiloh with such ability that on the 16th of April, 1862, he was commissioned Brigadier General.  In this, his first battle in command of a brigade, General Cheatham reported that he led a charge in person with dashing gallantry, "one of the most brilliant, as it was cerainly one of the most decisive, movements of the day."  His brigade consisted at first of the First, Fourth, Sixth, Ninth and Twenty-Seventh Tennessee regiments of infantry, Major Maney's battalion of Tennessee infantry, and Captain Melanchthon Smith's battery of light artillery.  The Forty-first and Fiftieth Tennessee regimentts of infantry were afterward added to this brigade. At the battle of Perryville, also at Murfreesboro, Chickamauga and Missinary Ridge.  Through the marching, digging and fighting of the long death-grapple known as the Atlanta campaign, Maney's brigade was still conspicuous, and among the most trusted of the soldiers of Johnston and Hood.  Throughout the war there was not more faithful soldier of the Confederate States than General Maney.  Attentive to every detail, a good disciplinarian, careful of the wants of his men, skillful and courageous in battle, implicitly relied upon by his division and corps commanders, he ranked among the best of the many excellent Brigadier Generals of the Army of Tennessee.(source- Evans, Clement, ed. Confederate Military History, Vol. VIII)

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