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At dt's, you'll find an alternative perspective on life that attempts to transcend superficial appearance to appreciate the 'reality' that exists beneath. I suppose that the starting point for any reality cracking is a rejection of the offered explanation or presentation. We must realise that something is not quite right - that someone's trying to fool us for their own purposes - that they want us to believe certain things so that we can be manipulated. Nobody likes to be made a fool, but we all are, every day, or at least we're taken as fools every day - and that's where reality cracking comes in. It's when we refuse to be treated as fools and start to analyse and understand our world for ourselves rather than accept without question the nonsense that we're offered. We get deeper.

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I offer no apologies for my beliefs. I am fundamentally opposed to the social organisation known as Capitalism - Capitalism oppresses the majority for the benefit of a very small minority. I believe Capitalism to be responsible for the horrific pollution, environmental damage and climatic change that is killing our beautiful planet. I further believe that, eventually, Capitalism will have to give way to alternative forms of social organisation if we are to survive as a race and as a planet. I sincerely hope that by reading these pages you will appreciate that these beliefs are considered rather than dogmatic responses.

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