All of these links are for English Slayers fanfic.

Archives: the larger archives, useful in general. I make no claims for the quality of the fics here. Since there is no quality control, of course the quality will be inconsistent. You'll find terrible fics here, a vast amount of mediocre and repetitive ones, and a few gems.

Darkness Rising

Darkness Rising:  The most comprehensive Slayers fanfic archive. Regularly updated. 

Features:  fanfic by hundreds of authors. Summarized, catagorized. 

Other notes:  The cross reference feature is very useful. Use it if looking for specific types of fanfic. Archive contains lemons/yaoi/yuri, but with prominent warning labels. 



Writers' Guilds

Writers' Guilds. These contain romantic fanfiction focusing on certain couples. Three sections, devoted to specific couples, Gourrina (Lina/Gourry), Z&A Forever (Zelgaldis/Amelia), and Vexations (Xelloss/Filia and Valgaav/Filia). 

Noteworthy features:  has awards and membership sections. Also summarized, cross referenced. Contains lemons, but labeled. 



Purple Passion

Archive for Xellos/Lina fanfiction. Contains lemons, with prominent warning labels. 



Xelloss's Hall for 'Alternative' Tastes:  "The YAOI Gallery"

Archive for Slayers yaoi fanfiction. I have linked to the firewall. Obviously contains yaoi. Also contains lemons, but labeled. 



Crimson Flames & Sapphire Ice

Archive for romantic fanfiction focusing on the Zelgaldis/Lina couple. Lemons labeled. 

Individual Authors: These pages mainly feature one or two authors. These are ones which I personally have read and endorse. Fancomics are listed in their own section.

TwoFlower's Slayers Fanfic

Most definitely one of the best Slayers fanfic writers, period, IMHO. He writes satisfying Slayers continuation epics. Check out his Slayers Trilogy, Slayers Demiurge, and Slayers Starboard. . 



Slayers:  Beacon of Light in Darkness

Theria's site. She writes a variety of fanfic genres, from elseworlds to one-shots to continuations. I'm following her Slayers:  Ruins right now. (note:  she's clearly Z/L, so if you like/don't like that, your path is clear.)



The Queen of Swords's Slayers Fanfiction

Collected fanfic of the QOS. Mostly humor. Note is a section of a larger page, which I have linked elsewhere. 


A Flower Whose Name I Don't Know Yet

Fanfic series focusing on a romance between Sylphiel and a revived Copi Rezo. Pretty darn unique and well written. Very nice fanart as well. Note that this is a section of a larger page, linked elsewhere. 



More to come! As I track down the sites etc.

Fancomics: What it says. These are comics done by fans.

This comic is by Amethyst Angel. It's about the cast of Slayers putting on a production of Hamlet. Zel plays Hamlet. In black and white, original language English. Terrific art, extremely original. I personally recommend this highly.



To Copy a Dream

By Serena Doné. Features someone who seems to be Rezo, some original characters, Sylphiel, Vrumungun, and Xelloss. I like her art style. Interesting plot as well. Award winning!



More to come as well. Watch this space!