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[Though, do bear in mind that this website, while still accurate, needs further updating BA-A-A-A-A-D - Borach, 11/16/2001]

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On Desire

** To hear first hand the thoughts on a Satyr's Desire - Borach, 07/22/1998
** Some more Thoughts About Desire - From Lady Arilyn, 02/14/1998

On Fae

** Concerning The Awakening - From Lady Arilyn, 02/14/1998
** On "Am I a Satyr?" - Borach, 02/14/1998
** On Glamour, Reverie, and Ravaging - Borach, 12/08/1998

On Satyrs

** For my own thoughts on Pan - Borach, 02/14/1998
** Regarding what the Love of a Satyr means - Borach, 07/13/1998
** Regarding a Satyr's Pain - Borach, 08/09/1998

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