JamesScivally Family

Benjamin and Amanda Wiseman Scivally had son James Calvin Scivally.

After the death of Benjamin and Amanda. James,Amdrew, Mary and Martha were living with Daniel and Ruth.Daniel and his family and Seletta(James sister)and her husband George Bates move to Decatur,Wise County,Texas. In the Census 1870 in Decatur,Texas. Bates; George 29 b Tn;S 28 b Tn;A.E. 3 B Tn;J.E. 1 Tn. Scivally Jas 17 b Tn.;Martha 11; Mary 15; I don't know were Andrew was at that time but I know he was with them. The last Indian Attack in Texas was in Wise county. That is when James took Mary, Martha and Andrew back to Tn. James return to Texas and join the Texas Ranger to fight the Indians. James married Margaret (Mattie) Ann Martin in Decatur,Wise County,Tx.in 1877 I don't know when they move from Texas to Ok.I know they were living in Marrietta,Love County,Ok.because my grandmother was born in 9 Feb 1895.

More information on Martha Ann Martin go to the Martin page.

"Minutes West Oklahoma Conference" date 1920

"Mrs. J C. Scivally

Mrs Martha Ann Scivially, wife of Rev. J. C. Sivally, of this Conference, and daughter of Rev. M. L. Martin (for more about him go to my Martin page) was born Prentiss County, Mississippi, August 5th,1855. She,with her parents, moved to Texas in 1870.

On Nove 29th 1876, she was happily married to J. C. Scivally. Later Brother and Sister Scivally came to Indian Territory, now Oklahoma, and in 1884, Rev J. C. Scivally entered the intinerancy in Indian Mission Conference. From that good day to the day of her death- a period of almost thirty-six years-thi faithful, devoted wife of an intnerant Methodist preacher, together with her husband, went up and own this new land of their adoption, proclaiming a gospel of glad tidings to God's sometimes neglected poor.

Their work has largely been a frontier work. They lived on small salaries, having never seceived, in all these thirty-six years of ardent and exceptionally sucesful labor, as much as $1,000 for any single year's work. Their parsonages haver often been small and uncomfortable

Twenty years ago they were sent to a town within the bounds of what is now the Chickasha Districk- to a towbn now supporting one of our good stations. Their first night in this then frontier town was spent in a small log parsonage. It rained all that first night and Brother and Sister Scivally had to stand in the leaky room and hold the two ends of a quilt over their sleeping children to protect them from the downpour of rain.

She was mother of 10 children children, five of whom preceded her to the glory world. The other five- all members of their mother' church- have set their faces heavenward and together with their father- her husband- our dear Brother Scivally, are living in happy antication of meeting wife and mother, loved and lost a while, in the sweet by and by, in the city which hath foundations whose builder and maker is God

The end of earth's pilgrimage to this faithful servant God, came on the evening of Febuary 23rd,1920, in the parsonage at Vinson, Oklahoma, where for the three preceding years, with her husband, as pastor and wife, they had so successfully labored among the people of Vinson charge

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. W. Sims, assisted by Rev. R. L. Ownbey,in the home church at Vinson, on Febuary 24th at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, in the midst of the largest congregation ever assembled in that community,

"Minutes Oklahoma Conference" date 1932

"Rev. J. C. Scivally

In the passing of Rev. J. C. Scivally, which occurred at the home for a relative near Mangum, Oklhoma, on the morning of July 16,1932, the Methodist Church lost a circuit rider of the old type. He belonged to that robust class of men who laid the foundation of our Methodism in this state. He was not one of the first to come to the Indian Mission Confernce, for he did not appear until 1884, at which time he was admitted on trial at White Bead Hill.

For well nigh forty years the real pioneers had been penetration the hitherto crude and untouched settlements, and yer Brother Scivally began his work in fields unlike any we have today. The country was rough and roads were crudely laid out and rarley or never improved. The schools were of the most elementary type, and so such thing was know n as a man owning his home.

It was a story of the Old West to sit and hear him tell of the experences of himself and family in those earlier days. Most of us would hesitate long before we would willingly consent to be sent to the fields he regarded as a great priviege and opportunity.

Twelve years ago, this writher held funeral of his wife, and n the seventeenth day of July, 1832, assisted by his presiding Elder, Rev. E. A. Read and his Pastor, Rev. T. H. Ward and Rev R. B. Moreland and V. W. McNeeley, we held his funeral at Vinson, Oklahoma, and laid his body to rest beside that of his wife in cemetery at Vinson.

He was born in Tennessee February 4,1852 and at his death was slightly more than eighty years and five months old, and here we pause until the dawn of another day.

J. W. Sims"

*James and his wife were buried in CAVE CREEK CEMETERY 22 miles from Mangaum,Greer County, Ok.Near Vinson,Ok.

*On the Grave is says Rev James C and Martha Ann. He dates 1853-1932 and hers 1855-1920. THEIR LIVES LIVE ON. But on their grave now said her name was Margaret but on the old grave it was Martha.


James and Martha Ann Martin Scivally children

1) James Hardy b 1886 ; d 20 July 1966;m'd on 3 Feb 1907 Rutha Rains b 26 Aug 1885;d 24 Mar 1858

2) Meszeppa Guy b 1889

3) Andrew b ? died at the age of 18

4) Eunice b 1893; d ? m'd Henry A Crowley

5) Oscar b 1884

6) Margaret Ural b 1895( she was my grandmother); Emmett Watts( look under Watts page). born 9 Feb 1892 in Marrietta, Love County, OK. she died in Van Nuys Ca.,1 Feb 1977. They had seven children. For all the rest of the children look under Watts.

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LaVena b 08 May 1914 in Duke, Jackson County, Ok. LaVena married John Green( Look under Green page) on 15 Aug 1936. La Vena died 2 May 1996 in Van Nuys, Ca. John died 19 Sept 1995 in Van Nuys, Ca.

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On 28 May 1937 they had daughter name Jimmie Lou m Billy Black then Charles Lambright then John Palasano. Jimmie and Bill had daughter Darla kay. Darla has a daughter name Catlyn. Darla lives in Ca and Jimmie and John live Davis. Jimmie was born in Mangum, Ok.

*John and LaVena had another daughter name Janet(me)on 03 Dec 1946 in Van Nuys, Ca. Janet married James Dumirtu Ariciu on 11 Oct 1974 in Ca. We have two son. Jason Edward on 12 Oct 1981 and Gabriel(Gabe)James on 24 May 1984. We now live Ava,Mo. sent 1990.

While look in Greer Co OK for Munkres look who I found

11. Wiseman, A. J. Mangum this man is James C Scivally uncle. His mother Armanda Wiseman Scivally brother. I never knew he was there

SCIVALLY, Annie L. 24 Oct 1908-19 Jul 1990, S-7 R-26

Haskell County, Oklahoma - STIGLER CEMETERY

Scivally, B.M. ; Feb 29 1853 - Feb 27 1929

Scivally, Elizabeth ; May 2 1863 - Jul 7 1931

Johnston, OK - Earl Cemetery - Mannsville Ok

COULTER, James D.- - Mar. 6, 1885 - Apr. 4, 1889 Son of J.M. & S.J. Coulter I wonder if this could be Coulter family member?

SCIVALLY, Andrew H. - Feb. 6, 1881 - Apr. 1-5, 1899 Son of J.C. & M.A. Scivally

Oklahoma County, OK - Britton Cemetery

12 24 SCIVALLY, Infant daughter July 16, 1938 July 16, 1938 12 24

SCIVALLY, Willie Katherine Nov. 17, 1930 Nov. 18, 1930

Owasso, Tulsa Co. Ok - Fairview Cemetery, Block E


7 SCIVALLY Edith Apr 5 1922 E-11 N-S 7 SCIVALLY Eugene May 31 1919 Nov 9 1988 E-11 N-S

Oklahoma - Carter County

Burials in Carter County, Oklahoma

SCIVALLY ANGIE 1879 1936 19 W B 1873 1948

ROSE HILL CEMETERY, Ardmore, Carter County Oklahoma

SCIVALLY, BERNICE MARION 12 DEC 1898 19 FEB 1969 44 DORIS 1902 1960 44 EARL FAULKNER 4 JAN 1894 6 APR 1894 44 FRANK 1872 1915 44 GERALDINE RINER 13 DEC 1870 7 NOV 1952 44 HARRY H 1876 1971 44 KATHRINE L 7 DEC 1913 27 MAR 1978 44 LOUIS F 17 FEB 1901 13 JUN 1971 44 ROBERT F 7 FEB 1913 4 MAR 1978 44 Oklahoma, Love County, Burials

SCIVALLY JAMES H 2 SEP 1886 20 JUL 1966 20, My cousin

JAMES VERNON 15 OCT 1930 1 NOV 1931 20 My cousin

M CLOVIS 6 NOV 1907 15 JUL 1988 20 My cousin

ROBERT LYNN 9 AUG 1961 27 JUN 1982 20 my cousin

RUTH ANN 26 AUG 1885 24 MAR 1958 20 My GreatAunt

Marshall County, Oklahoma: Index of Marriages: 1907-1912: Sorted by Groom

SCIVALLY, M.G. BROWN, WILLIE 89 November 26, 1907 - June 8, 1912 Vol. 1

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