An Old Fling

by Noel Birriel (16)

I really thought I got over him long ago
But again the memories and feelings start to flow.
Spending a few hours together was great
But were our actions covering up our love or hate?
The time we have been apart has been so long,
Please tell me again what went wrong?
I looked into his dreamy brown eyes
And thought again, is this fling going to be wise?
I think about his kisses and touch
I never really knew that I missed it that much.
If we begin to get close
I'll try to make it the most
To say commitment is the key
If what he wants is me....
If messing with my head is all that he'll do
My words will only say goodbye to you
What he'll do now will be compared to what he did then
How will I be able to trust him again....

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