Two Man Best Ball
Only three twosomes were able to make it to the Championship match to play in the annual two man best ball event.  The meager showing was appreciated by the attendees who shared in an unusually large purse this year.  The event was free and all they had to do was show up to collect the money.

1st Place

The pairing of Doug Perks and John Marusco won the first place prize of $140.00.  They turned in a great score of  a 75 (5 over), even though they were 4 over for the last four holes.

2nd Place

Team Frankenstein (Ron Jones and Mike Brychcy) tied for 2nd place but won the prize money because of the tie breaker.  A hefty $70.00 second place prize money was paid to the twosome thanks to the long balls hit by Mike.  These guys shot a respectable 77 (7 over).

3rd Place

Kevin Stevenson and Max (the tongue) McHenry tied for third place with Team Frankenstein but took a bogey on the number one handicap hole on the front nine which put them in third place.  Also shooting a respectable 77 (7 over), they lost a golden opportunity to win second outright by taking a double bogey on the 140 yard par three, the easiest hole on the course.