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Snapshots of the Season:

Jason Frontino Christmas 2007

What's New at the Frontino House? by Marc Frontino

We are expecting our new arrival sometime around January 11th, 2008 and according to the sonogram technician she has a lot of hair. The room is all setup waiting for her arrival. Check back soon for the revealing of her name.

Christmas was great this year because it was the first Christmas that Jason was able to understand the concept of Santa. His favorite gifts were a Hot Wheels Garage and a kitchen set which he hasn't stopped playing since Mom and Dad spent hours Christmas night putting them together. Jason now almost 3 is a chatter box and loves to talk all day. As you can see by his picture below one of his best friends is Teddy, a loveable teddy bear given to me and Kathleen by Uncle Sal a few years back.

What's New at the Ruck House?
by Lisa Ruck

What's New at the Verni House?
by Thomas Verni

What's New at the Quarant House?
by Donna Quarant

What's New at the Becker House?
by Patti Becker

What's New at the Marullo House?
by Peter Marullo

What's New at the Gueli House?
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What's New at the Adragna House?
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What's New at the Costa House?
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