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Para os visitantes brasileiros: Estamos fazendo uma Rage Burns bem mais completa agora, refizemos toda a página, porém, tudo foi escrito em inglês, nada em português. Mas isso não é definitivo, pois em pouco tempo teremos uma versão exclusiva para os de língua portuguesa.

Rage Against The Machine

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The main interest of Rage Burns is release the Rage Against The Machine and all their stuff, like lyrics, sounds, videos, history, tabs, movements... and to make othes RATM sites became known. It's to make the RATM fan satisfied. The Rage Burns is now a site totally non-commercial. We don't have links to stores (CD, posters, T-shirts) or something with commercial interest anymore. Some time ago, there isn't this in our minds, but we noted that was a big contratiction selling those things at same time we were raging against this machine we live. We are interested in your visit. Our biggest interest is publicise the band and their ideas. Then you see our material, if you want to look for some products, look for it in other sites, because we don't have none kind of product anymore.
Rodrigo Pavão, Rage Burns

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