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You've taken the first step in being able to understand and better utilize your personal computer.

Now lets get you out of the STONEAGES !


When you first get your computer, your very excited! But that excitement soon turns to frustration! Before long you find yourself wondering aloud,"What's wrong with this piece of garbage!?"

Well in most cases, there's nothing wrong with your pc.

Deep down inside, you must know the problem is a simple lack of knowledge. Knowledge that is now easily obtainable.

That's where HIIQ32 PC BASICS comes in.

What we do!

At your request, we send out a qualified professional to teach you how to interact with your PC in a simple to understand tutorial on the basics of using your PC.

When our representative leaves your home, you'll be able to get pictures,sounds,movies,music,and a whole lot more off the internet.And he'll arm you with the necessary tools to enable you to listen to and see them! Not to mention, how to store and find them in an organized and easy to use fashion.

We'll also hook you up with an assortment of interesting and fun web sites.

There's also alot of cool personalizing you can do with your PC that you may not even know about! Like having any sound you want in place of the ones that come with your PC! Instead of "Goodbye",When you go off line, you can hear Arnold Shwartzenegger saying, " I'll be back"! And there's a whole lot more!

Average visit is approximately 1-2 hours.


For a limited time, we are building free web sites for our customers. When the representative comes out to your home,he'll work out the details of your website, and when it's completed, you'll receive your very own URL (Internet Address) to be able to view your website from any internet connected computer!

Your Cost

Just $29.99 to obtain a strong understanding of these important PC Basics, along with a month of free Email questions answered.(Additional months $5.00 per month purchased at time of our visit.)

Don't forget to ask for your free web site!

When sending Email Questions, please enter "PC Basics QA" in the subject line of your message, before sending.

Contact us!

If any of this sounds useful to you, and you feel our services could be of use, E-Mail me at pc.basics@verizon.net

Our goal is to work out your tutorial package for your PC learning needs, in an easy to afford manner.

If you'd like to set up an appointment over the phone, leave a message giving the time and day you would like someone out,along with a phone # you can be reached at.

I am Ira Ellis. I am a registered MCSE: (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and can be reached at (215) 342-3903.

I look forward to helping you, and thanks for checking us out!

See ya soon


Philadelphia PA and surrounding areas only! Also: Windows operating systems only.

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