Yes on this page we shall be exploring the inner thoughts that control my mind.

Well at least something strange ideas might appear here, for example screaming daemons, which if I had not foolishly promised to hide, I could produce photographic evidence of the way to spot them, but as I did that is Nick let of a close shave with the men in white coats.

Of the things in this life that I enjoy one has to be crap television or as it is better know CULT television. This can range from anything from Prisoner (formally prisoner cell block H) all the way to the insane world of Monkey. I myself go for the more strange and Monkey is the prime example of this. So much so that I have decided to dedicate a small collection of pages just to it. Simply click here to enter a world of cloud riding monkey gods.

It would seem that for something to be cult it needs to fill several very important criteria such as the following.

  1. No good story at all
  2. Special effects that could be done better by five year old
  3. Overly cheesy incidental music
  4. Extra cultiness can be achieved by the use of terrible dubbing or subtitles.
  5. It must be filmed on a camera that was invented before they learnt to focus images properly
  6. And finally and probable the most important is it have to be shown very late at night when the only people who watch are either students or people on drugs.

If you can create a program that can follow these guide lines cult status will surely come you way.

Enough of this line of thought on to other matters.

I picked this picture up of some page i visited a while back and thought it looked a little odd at the same time as being quite interesting so i thought i would but it in for others to enjoy. Whiles i was at the very same site I also came across this choice picture. Probably good enough to offend a few strict christians (well we can but hope).

Alas I cant remember where it was that i got them from but i do think wherever it was it is probably worth going back to take a further look so if YOU can tell me where they came from do mail me and tell me.

Further proof that I am insane: take a look at this picture and see if it look like the actions of a sane individual

Household fire can be fun

Ahh that is better not i think you should take a list of things that you probably will never want to know. If you should have something quite as dull it add mail me and I will if I can be bothered. Go here do sleep