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Man has been fascinated by the idea of travelling through time and space, of discovering different cultures, far and near, that are unknown to him.
Umbria offers the right blend of culture, entertainment, discovery and relaxation.
Here the 'plein air' turist is really welcome.
Time seems to have stopped and the season's flow is still scanned by the fields and the hills all around changing their Colours.
Set in a silent landscape with a cluster of medieval villages, where good food and handicrafts can be found , Umbria is a dream come true.
The countryside spangled with villas, estates and farms, the hills with their typucal Umbrian shapes and colours; the smal vuillages that chelter their palaces, their alleys and their typical glimpses.
The scenes that enchanted travellers in other times, as they went from Perugia to Assisi, Gubbio, Orvieto, will enchant you as well.
In its territory, also known as 'Italy has a green heart Umbria', are produced many reds, whites and rosÚs world famous wines. One name springs to the mind: the great Sagrantino. Wines cannot be forgotten, since the above specialities offer their best when accompanied by the wellknown Grechetto and the Orvieto Classico.
The gastronomical tradition offers a range of simple and tasty dishes, some of which have very remote origins. These dishes vary from vegetable soups, to home made pastas, game and seafood, all of them enriched by the particular taste of the excellent 'extra vergine' olive oil produced by the local farm. Various happenings, firs and religious feasts make the cultural an social life of Umbrian richer. Shops, artisan's workshops, wine libraries and farm give you the possibility of buying typical and genuine products.
Umbria is just as unique today as it was in the past.

How to reach the province of


MOTORWAY 'Del sole' - A 1 - (Firenze-Roma)