Welcome to my page on the Web. I retired from the US Navy in 1994, but put my uniform on for a November 1998 Veteran's Day ceremony put on by my son's Air Force Junior ROTC at his High School.

This page is designed to reflect my interests and to provide a handy jumping off spot for those areas that I regularly follow.

US NAVY LINKS: Though retired, I still try to keep up with what the present day warriors are doing. I do miss the Oceans I once traveled and the lands I visited.
  • US Navy Official site
  • : Jumping off spot for all things Navy.
  • USS Intrepid (CV/CVS-11)
  • :I made my midshipman 3rd Class summer cruise onboard the Intrepid in the early 1970's.
  • WWW Virtual Library: Navy and Maritime
  • : A good source of links
  • Naval Historical Center
  • : just what it says
  • United States Naval Institute
  • : A source of books and information on Naval Affairs and history
  • ComNavSurfLant
  • :Ships assigned to the Commander, Naval Surface Forces, Atlantic
  • ComNavSurfPac
  • : Commander, Naval Surface Forces, Pacific Fleet

    CAMPING LINKS: Down here in the south, the weather is great all year round for camping and hiking.

  • Kelty tents
  • : Packs, tents, and sleeping bags, a link to some quality camping equipment.
  • Moss Tents
  • : high quality tents....
  • REI
  • : Quality outdoor gear and clothing. Over 8,000 items online. If you can't find it at REI, it can't be found.
  • The OutDoor Store
  • : Another camping store. If you want it, they most likely have it.
  • Slumberjack
  • : Great sleepingbags, Bivys, mats and chairs..
  • Eureka Tents

  • WEATHER LINKS: Another benefit of living in the South is the moderate climate. However, we live close enough to the shore to worry about Hurricanes, and tornados are always in the vicinity of summer thunderstorms.

  • Hurricane tracking
  • National Hurricane Center: NOAA's National Hurricane tracking web-site
  • Tropical Hurricane Tracking and prediction site
  • Weather Radars: A site that has doppler and Nexrad weather radars from across the US